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WEB-10484 (Feature)

AngularJS Plugin: ng-repeat features

WEB-10158 (Usability Problem)

Difference using "Open in browser" vs browser icon

WEB-10967 (Bug)

WebStorm EAP 8: Throws exception when commenting out HTML containing AngularJS bindings

IDEA-117325 (Bug)

Coloring of variable disappears when variable reassigned a value inside an if(){}

IDEA-116401 (Bug)

Terminal can't handle non-latin (e.g. cyrillic) letters

WEB-11207 (Bug)

Patch to 8.0 build 134.1361 fails on Win 8.1

WEB-9169 (Bug)

Map help ID for Settings | Handlebars/Mustache

IDEA-121634 (Bug)

Live Template: template is broken with 3+ variables and leading space

IDEA-89020 (Bug)

Disappears value of the variables standing next in Live templates

IDEA-120951 (Bug)

New build failed to start

WEB-11247 (Bug)

Grunt: invalid symbols in console

WEB-10483 (Bug)

AngularJS plugin good code red "as app"

WEB-11231 (Bug)

Issues with @typedef in WebStorm 8 EAP

IDEA-121803 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException: Illegal pattern character 't' at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.compile

IDEA-121628 (Exception)

Fragment editor: typing causes Throwable at CompletionAssertions.assertCommitSuccessful()



WEB-11202 (Bug)

CSS: Parse @charset declaration



WEB-11203 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: leading point in chained calls is not recognized

WEB-11204 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: expansion inside array



WEB-9948 (Feature)

Dart: highlight deprecated functions in Editor

WEB-10178 (Feature)

Dart: Missing option to run Pub Get

WEB-10408 (Feature)

Highlight escape sequences inside String literals

WEB-10160 (Feature)

Dart plugin Spelling corrector

WEB-10227 (Feature)

Make Dart plugin compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 13 Community Edition

WEB-9949 (Bug)

Dart: remove interface from completion

WEB-10190 (Bug)

Dart Command Line Launcher not working

WEB-10216 (Bug)

Good code is red: default value for named function parameter

WEB-10506 (Bug)

Dart inspection return false positive

WEB-10460 (Bug)

Dartium browser startup options

WEB-9589 (Bug)

Dart Plugin - Commenting code is buggy

WEB-8071 (Bug)

Dart comment auto indentation is broken.

WEB-11113 (Bug)

[DART] "void" return falsely type reported as unexpected

WEB-10629 (Bug)

Format for Dart fails for @observable

WEB-10626 (Bug)

Dart: Cannot navigate to other classes

WEB-9925 (Bug)

Dart: TODO tooltip is shown twice

WEB-10840 (Bug)

Dart built-in identifiers may be used both as a keywords (if met at their syntactic place) and as identifiers, should be highlighted accordingly

WEB-10606 (Bug)

Dart inspection report false negative

WEB-10018 (Bug)

Nested comments in Dart are not supported

WEB-7429 (Bug)

Autoformat of doc comments

WEB-10427 (Bug)

Ask for Dartium location if it is not found in the standard place

WEB-7752 (Bug)

No Dart SDK support for Java projects

WEB-10539 (Bug)

Dart: Error on Map literals with int keys

WEB-10666 (Bug)

Dart editor shows wrong error if using Dart "call" functionality in combination with constructor

WEB-10523 (Bug)

Generator for getter add parens in Dart

WEB-9953 (Bug)

Dart: types completion is broken in some cases



WEB-10187 (Feature)

Add JSON console inspection in JS debugger.

WEB-2093 (Feature)

adding user web browsers

IDEA-121589 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoints dialog: breakpoint categories should be present in a fixed order

IDEA-121642 (Cosmetics)

Breakpoints dialog: closing "Disabled until" hides preview

IDEA-105047 (Task)

Map help button and F1 of the Breakpoints dialog

IDEA-121505 (Bug)

Breakpoint properties popup: More link does not work if over tool window splitter

IDEA-121675 (Bug)

Nashorn: Debug: RunToCursor is always disabled when js file is active

WEB-10367 (Bug)

JavaScript Debugging in Firefox hangs PhpStorm

IDEA-121711 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: cannot select items in Field Watchpoints section

IDEA-121392 (Bug)

Breakpoint popup: click aside popup loses Suspend = Yes value

IDEA-121151 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: Group by Package / File shows exception items in wrong branch

IDEA-121390 (Bug)

Breakpoints: mute on / off: breakpoint appearance updates only on focus change

IDEA-121738 (Bug)

Shift-click in gutter doesn't create 'no suspend' breakpoint anymore

IDEA-121384 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: for method breakpoint created in dialog new branch is created

WEB-11122 (Bug)

LiveConsole: do not hide input/output

WEB-9968 (Exception)

Dart: ClassCastException when debugging web application in Dartium



IDEA-12609 (Usability Problem)

Equal change in local and remote should not be a conflict and can be merged automatically.

IDEA-121371 (Cosmetics)

Use sentence case in Diff viewer

IDEA-103517 (Bug)

Diff: do not show error mark for added pictures for Diff invoked from History Tab

IDEA-82129 (Bug)

Hard to use merge dialog because changed text segments are not matched

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-121444 (Performance Problem)

Find in path is slow

IDEA-121609 (Bug)

Cannot find '+' + using Find in Path



WEB-8288 (Bug)

Navigate | Related File : Includes stylesheet but ignores scripts if located inside IE conditional comment

IDE Configuration


IDEA-84705 (Usability Problem)

Live Template: should be possible to reset the changes made in default templates

IDEA-71048 (Bug)

Version Control History: Wrong DateTime Format



IDEA-121632 (Bug)

DomStubBuilder#getStubVersion does not use DomFileDescription#getStubVersion



WEB-11189 (Bug)

JSDoc: Non-nullable @typedef properties not resolved

WEB-11188 (Bug)

PyCharm 3.1.1 no longer errors on an invalid require path

WEB-11190 (Bug)

JSDoc: non-nullable property from named type not suggested by completion

WEB-11148 (Bug)

AngularJS: Unresolved paths to templates from $templateCache

WEB-11094 (Bug)

Regular hangs in 13.1.01 64bit using Node + SCSS project

WEB-11241 (Bug)

JavaScript - Typo notice on object key when given an anonymous function

WEB-11170 (Bug)

module.exports gives "identifier expected" error in ES6 mode in node.js project

WEB-11239 (Bug)

Json highlighting absent in 134.1445

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-10654 (Feature)

AngularJS: Support for angular-ui-router

WEB-11111 (Bug)

AngularJS: some directives are not recognized as allowed

WEB-11152 (Bug)

AngularJS: Parsing failure

WEB-11179 (Bug)

AngularJS interpolated bindings with underscore are shown as errors

WEB-10602 (Bug)

AngularJS: do not cache attributes and values

WEB-10611 (Bug)

AngularJS: remove ng-include events from the completion

WEB-10981 (Bug)

AngularJS: ngro : define an otherwise condition : missing {

WEB-10982 (Bug)

AngularJS: directives with ':' not allowed.

WEB-10984 (Bug)

AngularJS: Expressions in inline styles are shown as errors

WEB-10986 (Bug)

AngularJS: img tag with ng-src

WEB-10979 (Bug)

AngularJS: data- prefix is not working for directives

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8458 (Bug)

Wrong inspection error on implemented interface methods

WEB-11181 (Bug)

TypeScript functions are reported as unused

WEB-10607 (Bug)

Wrong Javascript inspection warning: "Variable might not have been initialized"

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-9882 (Feature)

Handlebars: auto-complete closing tag on entering '{{/'

WEB-10074 (Bug)

Handlebars/Mustache: NPE on inserting line/block comments in some languages



WEB-11187 (Bug)

LESS interpreter still marks ~ character as an error

Language Injection


IDEA-115491 (Usability Problem)

Fragment editor > Save as: provide default directory

IDEA-115490 (Usability Problem)

Fragment editor > Save as: forbidden default name

IDEA-121635 (Bug)

Injected fragment editor fails with \r\n in text



IDEA-118837 (Feature)

Terminal should handle shortcuts before IDEA

IDEA-118832 (Bug)

unicode character is incorrectly displayed in terminal

IDEA-118841 (Bug)

256-color support in terminal

IDEA-112321 (Bug)

Support for closing Terminal tabs through middle click

IDEA-120131 (Bug)

(OS X) Terminal is missing $LANG



WEB-11197 (Feature)

Scan the whole project for TypeScript classes

WEB-11157 (Bug)

Reformat code uses wrong indentation in TypeScript interface after /** */ comment

Unit Tests


WEB-9784 (Usability Problem)

There is no difference 'Run karma.conf.js' and 'Run karma.conf.js with Coverage'

WEB-10643 (Bug)

Karma tests can not be debugged

WEB-11010 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: escape RegExp special characters on creating step definition

WEB-10347 (Bug)

Karma and source changes with file glob pattern

WEB-10274 (Bug)

Can't run karma tests with coverage using karma-coverage 0.1.4

WEB-11067 (Bug)

Karma Plugin broken because of missing intellijCli Node module

WEB-10010 (Bug)

Karma Server failure - WebStorm 7 & Jasmine

WEB-11093 (Bug)

Code Coverage not picked up for karma in WebStorm 8 EAP

WEB-11055 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: RC: no arguments are applied

WEB-10034 (Bug)

Karma and source changes

WEB-11080 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: if number is a part of word do not generate argument in step definition

WEB-11064 (Exception)

Cucumber-js: Disposal exception on project closing

User Interface


IDEA-98746 (Usability Problem)

Annoying editor tab tooltips

IDEA-116760 (Bug)

Mousing over "tool popup" button causes funny behavior

IDEA-121582 (Exception)

UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library 'notify'

Version Control


IDEA-117157 (Feature)

VCS Log: Allow to filter by several branches (connected with OR)

IDEA-110943 (Bug)

Apply Patch: Bogus "-" at the end of new file

Version Control. Git


IDEA-119238 (Bug)

Git: Amend Commit: load multi-root messages regard to updated check-boxes

IDEA-121555 (Bug)

Can't use "Open on GitHub", "Rebase my GitHub fork" and "Create Pull Request" when a project cloned from GitHub Enterprise

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-109794 (Feature)

Should be possible to push mercurial bookmark

IDEA-121096 (Feature)

The ability to delete Mercurial bookmark

IDEA-120440 (Usability Problem)

Can't enable version control integration for project ('Project Root' undefined)



IDEA-121403 (Bug)

Live Template: "Surround with tag" should not be applicable while editing XmlAttribute(Value)



WEB-11212 (Feature)

Spy-js: make document nodes from the same page to be displayed under main document node

WEB-11153 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: disable "Refresh page" action for not traced documents

WEB-11182 (Feature)

Spy-js: use high precision timer where available

WEB-10557 (Bug)

Spy-js: IE: Cannot switch to old mode error

WEB-11144 (Bug)

Spy-js: Events: should always inform about execution time

WEB-11228 (Bug)

Spy-js: Events: unstable inactive marker

WEB-11139 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid "Error in worker while parsing..." error for valid files

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