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IDEA-118159 (Feature)

"Search Everywhere" inconsistent api on ItemPresentation

IDEA-116071 (Bug)

Field can be final inspection change

IDEA-117835 (Bug)

Some IntelliJ IDEA icons are fuzzy on MacBook Pro with Retina

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-117649 (Bug)

"Locate Duplicates" action seems to not work with "Class Hierarchy" custom scope.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-116006 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse code style import: import the same xml does not pick up changes until manual synchronization

IDEA-114952 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse code style import: would be nice to remember imported file location

IDEA-116940 (Bug)

@formatter:off still generating braces

IDEA-96723 (Bug)

Java Rearranger deletes blank lines in field declarations

IDEA-118264 (Bug)

Rearrange Entries stopped working in Intellij 13



WEB-10216 (Bug)

Good code is red: default value for named function parameter

IDE Configuration


IDEA-118292 (Usability Problem)

Confusing custom config/system path configuration in (${idea.config.path} is not expanded)

IDEA-118111 (Bug)

Can't close IDEA 13 (Ubuntu linux)



WEB-7157 (Bug)

Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused



WEB-9517 (Bug)

Npm: Error loading package list

Unit Tests


WEB-10034 (Bug)

Karma and source changes

WEB-10387 (Bug)

Mocha console log statements are not correctly aligned to their encasing tests

Version Control


IDEA-115901 (Usability Problem)

VCS-Log: Save view selection on refresh

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