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RUBY-12993 (Bug)

Quick Fix puts a new created sass file to the not corresponding place



WEB-9876 (Usability Problem)

Fuzzy search is still colliding with completion

WEB-9863 (Bug)

::backdrop pseudo-element show as erroneous in both CSS and LESS files

WEB-9877 (Bug)

Reformat breaks CSS with capital units

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-115756 (Task)

Caret is moved on the start of line after formatting, if positioned not on the end of line



PY-10927 (Bug)

Terminal Cursor Blink Option

PY-11179 (Bug)

Closing tab "Terminal" crashes IDE on Windows

PY-10872 (Bug)

Terminal: find a suitable font when printing a character

PY-11011 (Bug)

Terminal pops up with wrong shortcut

PY-11207 (Bug)

Cannot start SSH session

PY-10353 (Bug)

SSH Terminals open/jump to a single project

PY-10548 (Exception)

Terminal: on trying to open termianl on windows: ULE at com.sun.jna.NativeLibrary.loadLibrary



WEB-9603 (Bug)

Dart const symbol new syntax '#' show as error

WEB-7906 (Bug)

Filter multiple copies of the package folder in DART

File Watchers


WEB-9890 (Bug)

Pseudo classes completion doesn't work



IDEA-115986 (Exception)

ctrl+shift+n not found files: IOOBE in com.intellij.util.indexing.IdFilter$2.contains



WEB-3973 (Bug)

"Unused JavaScript / ActionScript local symbol" should have option to ignore parameters



WEB-9872 (Bug)

compiles fine with nodejs lessc but not with IDEA (sad)

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-17551 (Usability Problem)

Sort in Excluded Paths doesn't merge empty local and deployment path to their groups



WEB-9886 (Bug)

Compass: quick doc is shown incorrectly for multiline comments

WEB-9798 (Bug)

Quickdoc for pseudo elements doesn't work in SASS and LESS completion

WEB-9854 (Bug)

Compass integration miss functions from urls.rb

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