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WEB-6199 (Bug)

Double click to select hex color value

WEB-8772 (Bug)

Reformat Code Breaks CSS When Using @MEDIA

WEB-4825 (Bug)

CSS dialects configurable shows same folders two times if modules are nested

WEB-6987 (Bug)

Formatting of css calc(...) removes the space after the + or -

WEB-6323 (Bug)

CSS autoformat breaks the imageset

WEB-8735 (Bug)

Autoindent broken in at-rules

WEB-234 (Bug)

Dashes should be included as part of the word when double-clicking in CSS

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-88210 (Feature)

"Remember" the global code style selection for each project

Code Navigation


IDEA-111885 (Feature)

Go to line number < 1



WEB-7579 (Bug)

Invalid "unresolved variable" error in coffeescript

WEB-8009 (Bug)

Duplication intention: Replace single-quoted string with double-quoted string.



WEB-8816 (Bug)

Breakpoints are not recognised during nodejs debugging if sourcemap sources URLs specify 'file://' protocol

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-111634 (Bug)

Bring back code selection

File Watchers


WEB-7161 (Feature)

Add /FileParentDir and /FilePath macros that use Unix path separators

WEB-8709 (Exception)

Dart: File Watcher: avoid exception on updating SDK

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-111801 (Usability Problem)

FindInPath with focus in "Find window" has Scope "Directory" preselected.

IDEA-111942 (Bug)

Replace: mnemonics prevent @ sign.

IDEA-111833 (Bug)

Search entry in analyze stack trace inserts text backwards



WEB-8773 (Feature)

Bootstrap template: change the Github URL of the project to the new one

WEB-8334 (Usability Problem)

Wrong caret position using Emmet inside JS string

WEB-6862 (Bug)

WebStorm, link marked "Cannot find resource" but link is found

WEB-8568 (Bug)

Angular templates no longer correctly syntax-hilighted



RUBY-14081 (Bug)

Support different colors for braces and parenthesis

IDE Configuration


IDEA-111514 (Usability Problem)

Focus on filter text field in Add Action to Quick List window

IDEA-111927 (Usability Problem)

PluginManager: CTRL+C should copy selected plugin's name from list



IDEA-111691 (Bug)

While updating from EAP 13.0 to the most recent EAP IDEA failed to start



IDEA-97264 (Feature)

IntelliLang support for "Path to File" language



IDEA-111937 (Exception)

RCE at com.intellij.javaee.oss.jetty.server.JettyLocalEditor.applyEditorTo



IDEA-111925 (Exception)

Tomcat run configuration: CE at JavaeeRunSettingsEditor.getPort() on editing

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-112067 (Usability Problem)

Type text is hardly visible in autopopup selection

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-111652 (Usability Problem)

Make Window 'Select Methods To Propagate Parameters' maximizable

IDEA-111902 (Bug)

Refactor/Rename for package with 'rename directory' option removes the empty subpackages

IDEA-111904 (Bug)

In-place extract popup changes its position in Editor after AppCode window has moved



WEB-8591 (Bug)

JavaScript libraries: invalid download path for several typescript stubs

WEB-8758 (Bug)

JSDoc: @returns considers primitives as objects

WEB-8608 (Bug)

jQuery.on(): Missed argument for parameter one

WEB-8592 (Bug)

JavaScript libraries: "Invalid library name" error for predefine lib name

WEB-2290 (Bug)

module.exports breaks inheritance

WEB-7260 (Bug)

support for a special type of JSDoc rest parameter

WEB-8705 (Bug)

Doc comments or empty block comment shows as error in Json files

WEB-8702 (Bug)

JSDoc "@throws" tag should not require a type

WEB-8667 (Bug)

JSDoc: @returns excess types

WEB-8655 (Bug)

Parser trips over `new function...method()`

WEB-8642 (Bug)

JSDoc: @typedef does not work with @name

WEB-8737 (Bug)

Files within directories which belongs to disabled libraries are not excluded from completion

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8607 (Bug)

JSON validation inspection doesn't work

WEB-8782 (Bug)

Closure Linter: possiblity to pass real path of a file via argument

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-8829 (Bug)

EJS: Refactor - Move/Rename should update include statement correctly

WEB-8644 (Bug)

Comment Shortcut not working in EJS files... CMD-Forwardslash (tick)



WEB-8703 (Feature)

LESS: Double click on @import entry in Structure View should open that file

WEB-5778 (Bug)

Selection by double click on LESS variable should include the "@" character

WEB-8704 (Bug)

LESS: Improvements for new @import syntax support (LESS v1.4)



WEB-8769 (Bug)

Available packages: select package when navigating to it by double click

WEB-8766 (Bug)

NPM: Upgrade should work

WEB-8765 (Bug)

NPM: Installed/uninstalled packages should be updated immediately

WEB-8786 (Bug)

package.json: create new file correctly

WEB-1907 (Bug)

Node.js plugin: module.exports brokes resolving

PHP debug


WI-19584 (Bug)

Run configurations for new PHP files are broken

WI-19480 (Bug)

Can't debug using internal webserver

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-86885 (Usability Problem)

When plugin is being downloaded from repository, no corresponding indication is shown

IDEA-111128 (Bug)

IDEA should not try to update plugins when invoked with command line arguments

Plugin: Command line


WI-19265 (Usability Problem)

bad charset on comman line tool in windows 7

Product Documentation


WEB-8848 (Task)

Map help ID

Project View


IDEA-111257 (Bug)

Custom scope + Autoscroll from Source



RUBY-14020 (Bug)

Cannot rerun application on Windows

Run Configurations


RUBY-14067 (Bug)

Working directory field in External Tool is not pointing to a default project directory when left blank

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-111730 (Bug)

Updating IDEA changes XML of a run configuration



WEB-8812 (Bug)

Incorrect syntax error in SCSS extending selector sequence with interpolated variable

WEB-8819 (Bug)

SASS: Incorrect indent before include

WEB-7352 (Bug)

Implement 'unknown at-rule'-inspection and make it suppressible



IDEA-111636 (Usability Problem)

Create New Table dialog should not be modal



WEB-8846 (Bug)

Styles: Red code: conditionals are not recognized

WEB-8845 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: font family defined as a variable

WEB-8843 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: equal sign considered as unexpected element

Task Management


IDEA-111475 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Trello: Open Task shows cards from closed boards

IDEA-111470 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Trello: tasks from archived list are shown as not archived

IDEA-102144 (Usability Problem)

Time Tracking: Remove Task is disabled while indexes are being built

IDEA-111810 (Usability Problem)

Task management: JIRA: would be nice to report invalid search criteria more precisely

IDEA-111474 (Cosmetics)

Task management: Open Task dialog opens behind quick doc popup

IDEA-64402 (Cosmetics)

Adding issue tracking servers window has strange dimensions

IDEA-111299 (Bug)

Task management: JIRA: NPE at JiraIssue$Fields.access$1000() on calling code completion in Open Task

IDEA-111819 (Bug)

Task management: Trello: closed board is not erased from URL in Settings, tasks are still suggested

IDEA-111656 (Bug)

GitHub Tasks Server: Use HTTP authentication checkbox doesn't change its state on click

IDEA-111597 (Bug)

Task management: JIRA: "Cannot connect" message on Open Task

Test Runner


PY-10488 (Bug)

Doctest Test Runner: missing default run configuration for module level doctests



WEB-7645 (Bug)

Unresolved variable when "refrerence import" is used

WEB-7917 (Bug)

typescript: window.location is not resolved

WEB-8674 (Bug)

TypeScript Import statements not resolving correctly

WEB-8685 (Bug)

Typescript colorization of default Object functions

WEB-8650 (Bug)

TypeScript import module and class autocomplete does not work.

WEB-8787 (Bug)

Error when referencing a property named 'true' or 'false' in dot notation

WEB-8678 (Bug)

TypeScript: strange typo warning for declared module name

WEB-8795 (Bug)

Number.MAX_VALUE - constant is unknown

Unit Tests


WEB-8712 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: provide clickable links to the source from console test results for IE

User Interface


IDEA-111565 (Feature)

Bug reporting tool has incomplete description

IDEA-111734 (Task)

Debug tab labels are always white

IDEA-112093 (Bug)

White stripes in Status Bar

IDEA-112006 (Bug)

Impossible to click checkbox in "Find Action" dialog

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-111497 (Cosmetics)

Darcula theme lighter since the new update

Version Control


IDEA-81143 (Bug)

Changes/Repository/Create Patch action's "don't ask again" setting not saved across runs

Version Control. Git


IDEA-111654 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: Remove login field for token authentication

IDEA-111653 (Cosmetics)

GitHub: confusing successful login message for email logins

IDEA-111284 (Bug)

Project checkout from Github doesn't work

IDEA-92009 (Bug)

GitHub: do not propose to set http upstream on Rebase My Fork if there is already ssh one configured

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-68795 (Cosmetics)

Mercurial: align revisions in tag and branch lists

IDEA-108367 (Bug)

Idea hangs if try to merge with old branch from branches dialog

WI specific


WI-19483 (Usability Problem)

Internal Webserver: Necessary to restart PhpStorm to change PHP interpreter

WI-19479 (Usability Problem)

Internal webserver: improve warning/error message notification about incorrect project configuration

WI-19524 (Task)

PHP files: doesn't work 'Open in Browser'

WI-19609 (Bug)

PHP-CGI built-in web server console is needed



IDEA-111421 (Bug)

Reformat code action on spring xml config included in another config can break entire spring config

IDEA-79276 (Bug)

Valid xml element substitution highlighted

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