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WI-17365 (Feature)

internal web server should serve PHP files

IDEA-108586 (Usability Problem)

Launcher: can't open a project by relative path

IDEA-111028 (Usability Problem)

Inconsistent accelerators in "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs

IDEA-107074 (Bug)

[Project View] Recursive notification in case of removed Include template with an empty name

IDEA-111165 (Bug)

Cardea: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host:

IDEA-111177 (Bug)

PhpStorm can be run twice on Linux

IDEA-110638 (Bug)

"Recent Projects" pane does not handle relative project paths correctly.



WEB-8534 (Feature)

Add file size next to other image info to image preview (when Shift+Hover over image URLs)

WEB-8597 (Bug)

CSS formatter doesn't normalize space in CSS selector

WEB-8496 (Bug)

Border optimizations disabled for simple scenario

WEB-8635 (Bug)

PhpStorm freeze upon source files indexing?

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-110920 (Bug)

Batch inspection stops if an inspection tool throws SOE.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-110960 (Bug)

Reformat action with virtual space disabled should preserve caret position

Code Navigation


IDEA-111135 (Bug)

critical: NPE when invoking Go To Class (Ctrl+N)

IDEA-111312 (Exception)

Go to File: certain characters cause NPE at PsiElementListCellRenderer.getBackgroundColor()



WEB-8072 (Bug)

syntax error on legal coffeescript switch/when/if/else

WEB-2435 (Bug)

coffeescipt "do" with arguments and incorrect hint about unused variable

WEB-8489 (Bug)

CoffeeScript formatter doesn't format block strings correctly

WEB-8120 (Bug)

Coffeescript variable destructuring into arrays not working in parameter lists

WEB-8638 (Bug)

Incorrect variable scope

WEB-6963 (Bug)

Extract variable bugs



WEB-8440 (Bug)

Debugger: Variables view: incorrect folding of variables

WEB-2313 (Bug)

Node.js debug: breakpoint in the first line does not work

WEB-8689 (Bug)

Debugger: Variables view: do not fold array length

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-104759 (Feature)

The character " is not escaped in soutv live template

IDEA-111275 (Bug)

emacs kill appends when it shouldn't

IDEA-111272 (Bug)

"Save to kill ring" keyboard action requires a file modification

File Watchers


WEB-8499 (Bug)

Run File Watchers: Only one (first) file gets processed if multiple files selected

WEB-8526 (Bug)

Sniper icon does not work on CSS files which are created by FileWatchers

WEB-8643 (Bug)

File Watchers: avoid exception on deleting original file together with generated files

IDE Configuration


IDEA-110995 (Bug)

Custom variables dialog does not appear for included templates.



IDEA-109688 (Bug)

language injection seems to be broken



IDEA-108130 (Bug)

Cannot package file IO Error

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-8636 (Bug)

EJS - Expecting new line or semi-colon in <% include x >



WEB-8688 (Feature)

LESS v1.4: Add support for new @import syntax

WEB-7679 (Feature)

LESS: completion should suggest parameter name when typing named argument

WEB-8648 (Feature)

LESS: Add resource validation (file is present) for strings in standard data-uri() function

WEB-8502 (Feature)

LESS: Add @import and variables into Structure tool window

WEB-8510 (Usability Problem)

LESS: Add standard function names to the spellchecker dictionary

WEB-8511 (Bug)

LESS: Standard function pi(); shown an error: "a term expected"

WEB-7678 (Bug)

LESS: refactor/rename for mixin parameter should update named argument

WEB-8500 (Bug)

LESS: Wrong position of @media elements in Structure toolwindow when no sorting applied

WEB-8501 (Bug)

LESS: No "Cannot resolve file..." errors in LESS (while showing them in CSS)

WEB-8584 (Bug)

"&" combinator in LESS doesn't recognized.



PY-10448 (Bug)

Chameleon: closing tag and attributes quotes autocompletion doesn't work after tal namespace attribute

Rails. Code Insight


RUBY-3056 (Feature)

Local variable named as partial view should be understood and have correspong type. Can extract from partial call :collection attribute



PY-9637 (Bug)

Extract Method: Replace Duplicates: remove highlighting after skip



WEB-8601 (Bug)

SASS: end of line expected

WEB-8586 (Bug)

Sass/Compass within @each marks hash (id) selector as invalid

Task Management


IDEA-111029 (Bug)

Task management: branch is always created, changelist is not

User Interface


IDEA-110999 (Bug)

Project window provides inconstistent selection if module group is mixed with other nodes

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-111205 (Bug)

Block scope indicator missing from gutter in Darcula theme

Version Control


IDEA-110976 (Bug)

Strange numbers in revert window

Version Control. Git


IDEA-111256 (Bug)

Cannot log into github with email, user name is required

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-95569 (Bug)

Mercurial Repository view: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when file name has ")" in it

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-109662 (Usability Problem)

Tooltip should be added to changes=>repository=>integrate

IDEA-110855 (Bug)

Incorrect text in dialog "Convert working copy format"

IDEA-91190 (Bug)

"Create patch" from a subversion commit generate an incomplete patch file

IDEA-110016 (Bug)

More link not clickable in SVN history view

IDEA-110144 (Bug)

Popup for failed commits should be red instead of green



IDEA-108183 (Feature)

XML: auto-popup completion for attribute values with enum

IDEA-107817 (Bug)

XML inspection shows error for an allowed attribute when schema uses xsd:anyAttribute + namespace="##any"

IDEA-111176 (Bug)

Invalid Inspection - Element PUBLIC/PROTECTED/STATIC is not allowed here

IDEA-107979 (Bug)

Quick Doc for XML attribute defined in XSD shows doc for HTML attribute

IDEA-72077 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup window is NOT always displayed for spring namespace tags



IDEA-98765 (Bug)

Quick documentation in XML completion popup uses element at cursor, not completion selection

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