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WEB-6763 (Task)

Map help button of the Jade code style page

WEB-6818 (Bug)

TypeScript File Watcher "File Cache Conflict"

WEB-6719 (Bug)

WebStorm Filewatchers settings page features (copy, delete confirm)

WEB-6306 (Bug)

BackGround tasks: changing bgtask inspection severity not recognized

WEB-6823 (Bug)

Easy to make WebStorm Hang using CoffeeScript File watchers

WEB-6669 (Bug)

Background tasks: if both Coffee & CoffeeScript Redux compilers are in path, only one is configured for both tasks

WEB-6728 (Bug)

gjslinter: JS in HTML not checked despite --check_html option

WEB-6734 (Exception)

PsiInvalidElementAccessException after file watcher executing



WEB-51 (Bug)

Colors in the gutter very often dissapear and appear making the typing very jumpy

WEB-6730 (Bug)

Emmet(css): Incorrect replacement in non-integer values with zero after the point

WEB-6807 (Bug)

Emmet: expanding CSS property that starts with 's' with vendor prefix results in incorrect property name



WEB-6761 (Task)

Map help button of the Dart code style page

WEB-6160 (Bug)

Dart File search tests fail when when using DartUnit test runner

WEB-6426 (Exception)

Dart: Throwable on Refactor/extract variable from cascade expression



WEB-6672 (Usability Problem)

JS Debugger: Strange message

WEB-6736 (Usability Problem)

JSDebugger: provide more user-friendly message about updating the extension

WEB-6809 (Bug)

JSDebugger: TypeScript breakpoints are not hit



WEB-384 (Feature)

Microdata attributes support

WEB-6803 (Bug)

HTML microdata: properties of item are taken from the wrong scope in case of nested scopes

WEB-6688 (Bug)

HTML5 Outline: no outline i displayed if the root <html> tag is omitted

WEB-6181 (Bug)

Some HTML5 DOM members are missing



WEB-3945 (Feature)

Run JSLint for HTML, CSS and JSON

WEB-931 (Feature)

Support navigation for InlineDocs comments

WEB-1068 (Feature)

Better method creation for Crockford Module Pattern (JavaScript)

WEB-1462 (Feature)

Support refactoring for InlineDocs types

WEB-6788 (Feature)

JSDoc: provide support for @methodOf /@fieldOf

WEB-6759 (Usability Problem)

All the function body text inserted on generating JSDoc for the variable

WEB-6793 (Task)

Map help ID

WEB-6679 (Bug)

@lends does not apply to classes defined with @class

WEB-833 (Bug)

JavaScript: Refactoring code occurrences of variable inside function also refactors string occurrances in same function

WEB-6789 (Bug)

JSDoc, @memberOf: treat static and instance members differently

WEB-1477 (Bug)

JSLint "global" comment implies implementation

Live Edit


WEB-6722 (Feature)

Show special icon for JB extension in Google chrome

WEB-1788 (Usability Problem)

Chrome ext options looks ugly

WEB-6746 (Usability Problem)

Chrome ext options: we need to reload ext explicitly to apply changes

WEB-1742 (Bug)

JS Debugger: too many prompts to install browser extensions



WEB-6745 (Bug)

node.js runConfigurations xml files keep changing on disk



WEB-6748 (Bug)

WebStormdoesn't know about type "ClientRect" of TypeScript

WEB-6782 (Bug)

Node.js modules are not understood by TypeScript code checker (Webstorm build 126.309)

Unit Tests


WEB-6732 (Cosmetics)

JsTestDriver Server Tool Window: please update icons for Start/Stop Local Server buttons

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