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WEB-6309 (Feature)

Background tasks: open console if the compiler error occurs

WEB-6377 (Feature)

Background tasks: add -sourcepath to TypeScript bgtask arguments

WEB-6415 (Usability Problem)

Background tasks: disabling the task should remove 'bgtask problems' error marks

WEB-6412 (Usability Problem)

Background tasks: when 'show console' is on ('error' or 'always') focus is moved to console when typing

WEB-6382 (Bug)

Background tasks: 'bgtask problems' errors are still shown after fixing the code

WEB-6354 (Bug)

hangup when editing SASS

WEB-6302 (Bug)

WebStorm puts machine-specific path to application directory to misc.xml



WEB-5568 (Feature)

Expand CoffeeScript Formatter Options to Match Other Languages

WEB-6378 (Bug)

Coffeescript: if "this" used as method parameter then in cose inspection error

WEB-6189 (Bug)

Coffescript class methods cause bad syntax highlights



WEB-6419 (Bug)

Reformat code not working for Dart code



WEB-6317 (Bug)

Invalid default path



WEB-3628 (Feature)

Provide a way to use external JSLint/JSHint installations for easier updates

WEB-6364 (Bug)

unexpected instance method call highlighting

WEB-6333 (Bug)

Method expression is not of Function type



WEB-5196 (Feature)

LESS CSS: provide completion for keywords

WEB-6363 (Bug)

Crash during indexing project



WEB-1887 (Bug)

Error run node from command window



WEB-6369 (Bug)

Sass/SCSS: Nested ID selectors are highlighted as hex colors



WEB-2315 (Feature)

TypeScript; Navigate to Symbol doesn't include TypeScript classes/interfaces

WEB-6367 (Bug)

Refactor rename

WEB-2336 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'unresolved varioable' reported for parameter name in index signature

WEB-6384 (Exception)

ClassCastException at JSResolveUtil.isReferenceTo() on opening TS file

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