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WEB-2091 (Bug)

Problem with page preview in Safari with Webstorm 2.0

WEB-2392 (Bug)

Tips of the day: some screenshots need updating

WEB-2097 (Bug)

Chrome path invalid if Documents folder not on C drive



WEB-200 (Bug)

false 'Unused selector' warning reported for selectors in external CSS

WEB-6127 (Bug)

The value "padding-box" for CSS parameter "background-origin" is marked as "Invalid CSS property value".

WEB-6107 (Bug)

Ctrl+B doesn't work for CSS selectors in PHP



WEB-6172 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: can't debug JSTestDriver tests, Linkage error

WEB-6175 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: can't debug tests

WEB-2381 (Bug)

Sourcemap with multiple file references are not parsed by debugger, resulting in 'unknown location'

WEB-2313 (Bug)

Node.js debug: breakpoint in the first line does not work

WEB-2445 (Bug)

JSDebugger: MalformedJsonException when debugging TS unit tests

WEB-2094 (Bug)

JS Debugger: can't register Chrome extension on WinXP SP3

WEB-2440 (Exception)

JavaScript Debugger throws exceptions while debug CoffeeScript



WEB-2437 (Performance Problem)

WebStorm hangs when editing large JSON document

WEB-6129 (Bug)

JSDoc type expressions not evaluated for object literals

WEB-3829 (Bug)

IntelliJ is not considering methods from a Javascript singleton as belonging only to that singleton

WEB-2478 (Bug)

Extract function refactoring in js misses parameter sometimes

WEB-1046 (Bug)

Check signature of JSDoc-defined functions from other files

WEB-6102 (Bug)

Unaccurate JSDoc tags parsing

WEB-2113 (Bug)

@lends and @constructs JSDoc problems

WEB-2106 (Exception)

JSDoc: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on updating JSDoc comment



WEB-5651 (Bug)

LESS CSS: 'and' and 'not' keywords are not colored according to specified color scheme

WEB-6032 (Bug)

LESS CSS: mixin name is colored incorrectly if there is no white space between its name and '('

WEB-6054 (Bug)

LESS CSS: mixins with rest parameters not accepted by parser

WEB-2350 (Bug)

Red code on variables in media-selectors

WEB-2447 (Bug)

LESS Editor autocomletes wrongly

Live Edit


WEB-2322 (Feature)

LiveEdit doesn't support https



WEB-2399 (Bug)

Can't create Node.js Boilerplate project from the first attempt: OK button is disabled

WEB-1945 (Bug)

Node.js debug configuration should update JS File path if file is moved/renamed



WEB-5977 (Feature)

Implement sass-stubs function in IDEA



WEB-2285 (Bug)

TypeScript: Editor will not highlight a function call in a class when the function exists in another class.

WEB-6137 (Bug)

TypeScript coding assistance & debugging does not report an error type

WEB-2065 (Bug)

TypeScript: formatter shifts interface/module declaration to the right if it's preceded with block comment

WEB-2256 (Bug)

TypeScript, Extract Parameters refactoring: function call not updated on clearing 'Optional parameter' checkbox

WEB-2031 (Bug)

TypeScript: module names with dots not correctly parsed in import declarations

WEB-2480 (Bug)

Function overloading in typescript interface definition incorrectly reports error when overload is used

WEB-6167 (Bug)

TypeScript: functions with rest parameters shown incorrecly in completion

WEB-2015 (Bug)

Please remove 'make property internal' quickfix

WEB-2064 (Exception)

TypeScript: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on running 'convert params to object' for parameter of arrow function type

Unit Tests


WEB-6073 (Bug)

Link layout

WEB-6027 (Bug)

JsTestRunner: testsuite is frozen when running second time

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