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WEB-2312 (Bug)

Some pictures in "Tip of the Day" window are broken

WEB-2303 (Bug)

Tips of the day: remove irrelevant items



WEB-2325 (Bug)

CSS incorrectly marked as invalid: "border-radius: inherit"



WEB-1410 (Usability Problem)

Local file to remote HTTP mappings should be at the project level like in PHPStorm

WEB-2247 (Bug)

Access to @protected constructor prototype is marked as "Private member is not accessible"

WEB-2291 (Bug)

Type casting expression with ":" is marked as syntax error.

WEB-2306 (Bug)

Add Javascript inspection support for module pattern

WEB-1371 (Bug)

Copying watches to the clipboard results in java namespaces

WEB-2351 (Bug)

Type mismatch problems on "typed" Array.

Live Edit


WEB-2321 (Bug)

"Reload in Browser" doesn't work from JS files



WEB-2218 (Bug)

TypeScript: avoid type mismatch errors when asserting interface for identital object literal

WEB-2054 (Bug)

TypeScript: parameter type is unknown inside callback call

WEB-2234 (Bug)

TypeScript: primitive types not resolved when initializing array using 'new' operator

WEB-2281 (Bug)

TypeScript: completion should suggest 'bool' keyword for Boolean type

WEB-2286 (Bug)

Show respective icon for TypeScript

WEB-2345 (Exception)

TypeScript: ClassCastException on opening a file with interface + class implementing it

WEB-2301 (Exception)

TypeScript: NPE at JSTypeImpl.isDirectlyAssignableType() when typing new operator in call signature

WEB-2055 (Exception)

TypeScript: ClassCastException when typing class extends/implements clause

WEB-2060 (Exception)

TypeScript: NullPointerException on ambient module declaration

Unit Tests


WEB-2403 (Bug)

JsTestRunner: error message about malformed configuration file in debug mode

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