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WEB-2325 (Bug)

CSS incorrectly marked as invalid: "border-radius: inherit"



WEB-703 (Bug)

JS: Debugging not possible for path with certain characters

WEB-2096 (Bug)

Can't find Firefox profile.ini



WEB-746 (Bug)

JsDoc - Explicit type should override Type Union

WEB-2219 (Feature)

Google closure compiler array syntax

WEB-2123 (Bug)

jsdoc Array.<...>

WEB-638 (Bug)

Code completion for inline objects with defined complex type in function call arguments

WEB-2247 (Bug)

Access to @protected constructor prototype is marked as "Private member is not accessible"

WEB-1371 (Bug)

Copying watches to the clipboard results in java namespaces



WEB-2008 (Bug)

TypeScript: highlight 'function' and 'var' keywords in member functions/variable declarations as errors

WEB-2046 (Bug)

TypeScript: avoid 'initializer type not assignable' errors when assigning 'undefined' literal to primitive type

WEB-2277 (Bug)

TypeScript: arg type not assignable to parameter shown for rest parameters

WEB-2234 (Bug)

TypeScript: primitive types not resolved when initializing array using 'new' operator

WEB-2214 (Bug)

TypeScript: correctly parse constructor type literals

WEB-1991 (Bug)

Class members false positives

WEB-2016 (Bug)

TypeScript: function types declared using interfaces not correctly parsed

WEB-2268 (Bug)

TypeScript: parser error in case if accessor body is terminated with ';'

WEB-2054 (Bug)

TypeScript: parameter type is unknown inside callback call

WEB-2027 (Bug)

Reopened Typescript modules make code completion for older members disappear

WEB-2220 (Bug)

TypeScript: Recognize built in types correctly.

WEB-2038 (Bug)

TypeScript: false 'arg types do not match parameters' reported for function with rest parameter

WEB-2029 (Bug)

TypeScript: recognize implicit interface implementation

WEB-2060 (Exception)

TypeScript: NullPointerException on ambient module declaration

WEB-2250 (Exception)

TypeScript: NPE when typing in file with accessors

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WEB-1820 (Bug)

HTML title won't be updated

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