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Early Access Program for WebStorm 10

Early Access Program for WebStorm 10 is now closed!

Please download WebStorm 10 stable from the website and learn about its new features.
To use WebStorm 10 you need to have an active license or you can start a 30-day trial period.

Follow product updates on Twitter or select the Early Access Program channel for updates in the IDE (Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates) to be notified when the next Early Access Program starts.

What's new in WebStorm 10

  • JavaScript support improvements
  • TypeScript 1.4 support
  • TypeScript built-in compiler
  • spy-js: source map support and advanced trace search
  • spy-js: applications dependency diagram
  • V8 CPU and heap profiling
  • synchronous HTML tag editing
  • Emmet edit points navigation
  • redesigned New project wizard
  • new distraction-free mode
  • Firefox debugging
  • and more
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