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JsTestDriver IntelliJ plugin bundles patched version of JsTestDriver-1.3.5.

Why do I need this patched version?

The patched version of JsTestDriver.jar v1.3.5 contains:

What should I do to start using the patched version?

Just install JsTestDriver IntelliJ plugin in your IDE, if it wasn't installed before. If you'd like to use it in console, download JsTestDriver-1.3.5-patched.jar.

For developers

IntelliJ plugin uses a repackaged version of JsTestDriver.jar to be able to use its own versions of gson and guava libraries without conflicts with the other versions of these libraries bundled into JsTestDriver.jar.
Repackaging is implemented using jarjar utility:


If you've found a bug, a glitch or anything that doesn't work well, please file an issue in the WebStorm / IntelliJ Web project issue tracker (select "Unit Tests" subsystem).

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