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JsTestDriver IntelliJ plugin brings JavaScript unit testing support by the means of JsTestDriver integration.

It is the open-source project under the terms of Apache License 2.0.


It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of JsTestDriver right from the comfort of your IDE. This includes the following features:

  • starting and stopping the server;
  • capturing local browsers;
  • running and rerunning tests;
  • filtering and viewing test results, navigation from results to source code;
  • jumping from JavaScript exception stacktrace to source code;
  • support for JsTestDriver configuration file: syntax and error highlighting, basic completion, navigation to referenced files;
  • code coverage support;
  • capturing messages sent to console.log();
  • support for Jasmine, QUnit and JsTestDriver built-in assertion frameworks:
    • quick-fixes for enabling global symbol reference resolving for each assertion framework (if you have QUnit or Jasmine tests in a project, you will be prompted to install the corresponding adapter);
    • contextual code generation actions (Alt+Insert) for creating new tests, setup and teardown methods for each assertion framework;
    • declarative HTML injection support for JsTestDriver built-in assertion framework.


Please visit Installation page.

Getting started

Please visit Getting Started page.

Releases & Changelog

You can check out the plugin page for more information about the releases.
Current bundled JsTestDriver version: patched version of JsTestDriver-1.3.5.

Issue tracker

If you've found a bug, a glitch or anything that doesn't work well, please file an issue in the WebStorm project issue tracker (select "Unit Tests" subsystem).

Please don't file an issue in the Those bugs are handled normally, but it's an old way.

For developers

If you are considering participation in the development of the plugin, or just going to build it yourself, please visit Development page.

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