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XML Test Reporting Plugin was bundled with TeamCity 4.5. The recent version is described in the online documentation for the latest TeamCity version.

General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open-source


Plugin Description

The plugin adds support for reporting tests in TeamCity from JUnit Ant task, Maven Surefire, NUnit-Console XML reports, MSTest TRX (Since 6.5) and Google Test (Since 6.5) reports. Plugin also supports reporting code inspections from FindBugs, PMD, Checkstyle (Since 5.1), JSLint (Since 6.5) and CTest (Since 7.0) XML reports and code duplicates from PMD Copy/Paste Detector XML reports.
To learn more about the plugin, please see the plugin page in the documentation for the latest TeamCity version.

Plugin Development Status

Production quality.

Installation instructions


TeamCity versions earlier than 4.5.

To install a custom plugin build:

  1. Put into the <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins folder.
  2. Restart the server.


If you believe you've faced a bug: Issue Tracker (project: TeamCity)
If you want to ask a question or discuss: Forum

Sources on GitHub
Builds at JetBrains public TeamCity instance.

Related Materials

Issue in the TeamCity tracker.

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  1. Hello,

    Is there a plan to add support for Apache JMeter XML reports parsing?

    Thank you,


    1. Hello, Filip,
      Currently we do not have plans to support this report type.
      You may create an issue in out public issue tracker and vote for it.
      BTW, there is also a JMeter TeamCity plugin available - can it be useful for you?

      1. Thanks for advice.

        The JMeter plugin definitely seems interesting. I'll give it a try.