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General Info


Victory Bedrosova


Apache 2.0


free, open-source


Plugin Description

Adds a build to the build queue when the content returned by a specified URL changes.

HTTP response processing

To improve performance, the trigger first tries to detect if the resource has changed by sending a HEAD request and reading the ETag header attribute.
Only if the server provides no ETag, the trigger sends a GET request and reads the returned content.
The returned content is ignored and the build is not triggered in case of error response status code (>= 300).

FTP and FILE response processing

For these resources the trigger normally performs comparison by matching the type (file or directory), size and last modification.
A build is not triggered if the FTP server returns the code which is not a positive intermediate response (300 <= reply < 400)

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

TeamCity 6.0 and above


Sources from Subversion
Builds from TeamCity


See the generic plugin installation instructions.

Plugin usage

Add a new trigger, specify a URL to be monitored for changes.
The supported URL format is


Related Materials

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