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The plugin is bundled with TeamCity 8.0 and later.
If you installed the plugin manually, please remove it from .BuildServer/plugins when using TeamCity 8.0 and later.

General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open source


This plugin allows users with administrative privileges to disable build queue on-demand

Plugin Development Status

Production quality. If you encounter any issues, use the forum or the issue tracker.


New installation

Install the plugin as usual under TeamCity 7.1.x. The plugin is bundled since TeamCity version 8.

7.1.x to 8.0 update

If you have used the plugin with TeamCity v 7.1.x, you need to remove installed plugin manually. After shutting down your TeamCity 7.1.x please do the following actions:

  1. Navigate to TeamCity Data Directory/plugins
  2. Delete file
  3. Navigate to TeamCity Data Directory/.unpacked
  4. Delete folder TeamCity.QueueManager and all of its contents


Install the plugin as usual.

Managing build queue

After installation, users with administrative privileges will have the ability to disable build queue on demand.
To do so, head to build queue page. A button that allows build queue state manipulation will appear in top right corner:

When queue has been disabled, every page in TeamCity will contain a warning message, similar to that on screenshot below:

Build queue can be re-enabled with the same button.
Note, that state ob build queue is persistent, i.e. it is saved across server restart.

Server health report (TeamCity 8.0+)

Since version 8.0 of TeamCity, plugin provides an item in server health report when build queue is paused

Integration with disk space watcher (TeamCity 8.0+)

Plugin has a functionality to disable build queue automatically if there is not enough disk space available.
You can set property teamcity.queuePauser.pauseOnNoDiskSpace=false to disable it (TW-10787)

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

TeamCity 7.1+


Last stable build

Sources on GitHub

Last build on public TeamCity server:

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  1. Why is this called "manager" if it only allows for queue pausing? Would you mind renaming the plugin?