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  • TeamCity 9.1.7 (build 37573) Release Notes
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Usability Problem

  • TW-38407 - Make branch label on build overview a link
  • TW-41595 - Correct warning in build log when incorrect path to NUnit 3.0 is defined in build step.
  • TW-44343 - Newly added or activated schedule trigger with option to trigger on changes may not trigger a build even if there are pending changes


  • TW-29816 - Error in agent logs: "Failed to start Performance monitor, error:"
  • TW-30210 - SSL problems when connecting to HTTPS from TeamCity
  • TW-30237 - Recursive configurations of the SVN externals can make TC server non-functional due to OOM errors
  • TW-33458 - Performance monitor tab is not showing after this build feature is enabled
  • TW-39499 - Agent loses pool on TC restart
  • TW-40773 - Build duration text overlaps build agent name when there is no build duration estimate
  • TW-41301 - IntelliJ coverage fails in team city on Java 8 - INVOKESPECIAL/STATIC on interfaces require ASM 5.
  • TW-41578 - Incorrect issue link for Visual Studio Work Items
  • TW-41633 - Improve PerfMon logging
  • TW-41999 - Failed to update nuget provider metadata: IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'key' of HSQLMetadataStorage$1.addParameters must not be null
  • TW-42542 - Bug with non english characters
  • TW-42562 - Add support for VMs created from Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • TW-42565 - Help URLs generated by a TeamCity server have incorrect anchors
  • TW-42860 - Password not hidden when git push error with url is printed to log
  • TW-42951 - Subversion 1.9 FS-based repository doesn't work with TeamCity
  • TW-43510 - svn: E210004: Handshake failed, data stream ended unexpectedly
  • TW-43675 - dotCover in unit test build step causes System.OverflowException
  • TW-43731 - [JetBrains dotCover] Coverage session finished with errors: Can't start profiling. See below for more details: PDB server was finished before ready signal..
  • TW-43745 - Bundled dotCover support for NUnit 3
  • TW-43836 - Unable to run unit tests from multiple assemblies with NUnit runner.
  • TW-43933 - Free disk space feature problems
  • TW-43960 - Cannot change meta-runner variable if it is not empty by default
  • TW-43963 - PerfMon tab might be not available for a build with configured "Performance Monitor": non-admin user when agent run as a Windows service
  • TW-44019 - Password displayed in error message
  • TW-44024 - Collecting changes appears to be stuck collecting for versioned settings
  • TW-44046 - Agent must detect the installed Windows SDK v10
  • TW-44052 - Server VCS operstions can stall: many threads locking to perform fetch
  • TW-44111 - IDEA Inspections may not work on Windows agents
  • TW-44113 - Errors during plugin-settings.xml loading results in inconsistent project model state.
  • TW-44122 - Mercurial merge commits are not excluded by checkout rules
  • TW-44131 - Could not initialize class org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.dsl.GroovyDslExecutor
  • TW-44133 - TeamCity does not detect a change when a directory is moved to outside of the VCS Root
  • TW-44142 - TeamCity strips character sequence "[m" from output in build log (ANSI color processing bug?)
  • TW-44143 - Error while loading settings after certain changes
  • TW-44173 - Inspections/Duplicates runner may crash on Windows
  • TW-44198 - tcc.jar throws errors with unmodified buildtypes during precheckin
  • TW-44200 - IDEA runner may fail with UnknownFormatConversionException under FreeBSD
  • TW-44206 - Finish build trigger does not allow to edit dependent configuration
  • TW-44211 - Slow changes persisting, builds starting and server CPU load: many threads in DAGs.createReachabilityIndexExt
  • TW-44221 - Browser hangs when trying to view diffs of a failed test output
  • TW-44248 - Invalid pluralisation of "suites"
  • TW-44298 - Wrong mandatory fields marking in Nunit/NUnit3 step settings
  • TW-44301 - Remote Run sometimes may not work
  • TW-44308 - Agent-side svn checkout adds "Cannot find uploaded key property in VCS root" into the agent log
  • TW-44314 - Teamcity Build queue gets stuck when Java threads are hung due to a edit request or multiple agents attempting to register with the same name
  • TW-44315 - Teamcity perforce VCS root does "sync -f" every time for the builds even if the build is an incremental build
  • TW-44345 - Finish build trigger can set wrong change id into the promoted build
  • TW-44347 - TeamCity fails to show project if it is moved to a project which already contains a subproject with similar name
  • TW-44354 - Teamcity Perforce VCS root issues (workspace deletion case)
  • TW-44366 - IllegalArgumentException during perforce CommitPatchBuilder.dispose()
  • TW-44368 - Unable to determine the workspace TFS
  • TW-44370 - Symbol Server plugin compatible with TeamCity 9.1.x doesn't work with Debugging Tools for Windows 10
  • TW-44430 - Run Promote dependencies tab always stores last manually selected build
  • TW-44453 - os_name value too long.
  • TW-44456 - Swabra should consider exclude rules during taking snapshot
  • TW-44470 - Git agent-side checkout fails when username contains escaped '@' symbol
  • TW-44478 - Deadlock during concurrent externalId modification and changing project settings
  • TW-44509 - Error message from Versioned Settings stored in Perforce
  • TW-44512 - Agent waiting for reboot message is inconsistent
  • TW-44538 - In web page http://teamcity/agents.html, rendering overlap when Project/builds have long names
  • TW-44554 - NUnit: wrong warning in the build log for NUnit 3.2.0
  • TW-44559 - Parameter of type 'password' not masked in build log (tests result section)
  • TW-44600 - xbuild fails under TC with FileNotFoundException Microsoft.Build.Utilities, Version=
  • TW-44617 - Visual Studio Online Work Items: Project filter doesn't work
  • TW-44643 - Rake runner reports exceptions for failed tests if rake 11.0.x and newer used
  • TW-44645 - Custom buildtype-graphs from root display data from buildtype-graphs defined in sub-project
  • TW-44737 - Some VCS roots can be not checked for a long time if there are "Unable to put task to queue because maximum capacity exceeded" errors in the VCS log
  • TW-44859 - Windows build agents start slow due to ildServer.util.EventDispatcher - Error in event handler: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  • TW-44929 - Shared Resource read lock fails to populate 'teamcity.locks.readLock.*' parameter
  • TW-44930 - Cannot compute free disk space using commandline utilities in teamcity-server.log
  • TW-44968 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'dependentBuildType' of jetbrains/buildServer/util/ContextProjectInfo.getDependentBuildTypeName must not be null
  • TW-44981 - Multiple similar inspections on same line may be reported only once
  • TW-45007 - NuGet installer runner fails in 9.1.6 (worked fine in 9.1.4)
  • TW-45078 - Optimize isDir usage when analyzing Subversion change details
  • TW-45079 - Config errors can alter project model
  • TW-45092 - File content replaces publishes modified files as internal artifacts
  • TW-45132 - Copied projects are not saved to disk, which result in configuration loss when stopping the TeamCity service
  • TW-45153 - Unmute may not work if two projects with the same name exist somewhere in projects hierarchy
  • TW-45154 - Enable EBS-optimization for m4.* and c4.* instances


Performance Problem

  • TW-44398 - Persist only affected projects when editing shared resource
  • TW-44474 - Slow load of Build Queue page
  • TW-44523 - Per-build type custom data storage can grow up unconditionally

Security Problem

  • TW-44842 - Any registered user can list all user's usernames via REST
  • TW-44876 - Reflected XSS vulnerability in BS.ChangePageFilter.setProjectId() on /changes.html


  • TW-45113 - Rename}Delete agent pools actions wrap in Chrome

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