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  • TeamCity 9.1.6 (build 37459) Release Notes
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  • TW-43484 - Add.NET runtime agent requirement based on NuGet.exe version in use

Usability Problem

  • TW-42756 - Visual Studio Tests runner settings are unclear in 9.1.3
  • TW-43431 - Failure conditions for code coverage metrics don't include "Branch Coverage" for jacoco pugin


  • TW-10090 - Build may be not stopped on disconnected agent (build runs until manually stopped)
  • TW-41442 - I have builds in the build queue that are not processing
  • TW-42664 - ArtifactPublishingFailedException: String index out of range: -8
  • TW-43113 - NuGet Feed Credentials: Feed URI should be normalized when forming list of credentials to pass to nuget.exe
  • TW-43449 - NuGet: Publish step doesn't work with NuGet 3.3 and NuGet Feed Credentials build feature
  • TW-43546 - Exception while connecting to TFS server: Unexpected end of file
  • TW-43563 - NuGet Runner targets .NET 4.0 but requires .NET 4.5 to be installed
  • TW-43582 - IntelliJ plugin: TeamCity actions leak project
  • TW-43595 - Custom run build dialog: Cannot Shift-select text in parameter name
  • TW-43636 - NUnit 3.0 x86 blows up
  • TW-43659 - Wrong text field lengths in copy project dialog on main administration page
  • TW-43661 - NPE on add build step in REST api
  • TW-43714 - HTML is not well -formed XHTML: not closed link "tag"
  • TW-43726 - VCS error is not cleared if VCS root has changed in build configuration due to external change (on disk or by commit in versioned settings)
  • TW-43760 - VSTest.console execution failed (VSTest 2015)
  • TW-43764 - If email verification action is initiated, log it with normal level instead of debug
  • TW-43766 - Strange logging on the agent (Number of vcsRootEntries)
  • TW-43786 - Confusing documentation on using NUnit from MSBuild (Nunit 3 case)
  • TW-43789 - Build can be cancelled if runBuild XML RPC call is slow for some reason
  • TW-43802 - "-StreamCopy" threads can be left after errors communicating with Git repository (timeout stopping server)
  • TW-43813 - No way to see verbose lines in the build log of a queued build
  • TW-43839 - Improve logging on Perforce workspace deletion during agent-side checkout
  • TW-43866 - Build can fail with "Failed to perform checkout on agent: You don't have permission for this operation." on clean checkout with Perforce agent-side checkout
  • TW-43867 - Make remember me cookie expiration time configurable
  • TW-43875 - Bundled IDEA does not have Guice plugin (wrong inspections related to Guice)
  • TW-43891 - Commit is not shown in Changes popup of running build.
  • TW-43921 - Visual Studio Tests step fails with NullPointerException
  • TW-43953 - The duplication of tests' output in the TC buil log for NUnit 3 tests
  • TW-43954 - Remove "binpath" attribute from NUnit 3 project files
  • TW-43956 - Remove "Run a process per assembly" checkbox from NUnit 3 runner settings
  • TW-43961 - NuGet plugin size increased significantly (from 6Mb to almost 20Mb)
  • TW-43970 - Documentation for predefined keys not working
  • TW-43972 - VS2015 cannot read my feed
  • TW-43983 - Registered agent can be displayed on Disconnected tab with the 'Ping failed, check firewall on agent machine' reason
  • TW-43986 - The 'compared to' option is not selected for new failure condition on metric change
  • TW-43992 - EC2 agent can register twice (consuming 2 licenses)
  • TW-43998 - Server startup can be slow because of temporary tables listing in SQL server
  • TW-44011 - Number of files not reported on build Changes tab


  • TW-21954 - Errors in catalina.out after Shutdown Server Complete

Performance Problem

  • TW-43958 - Database connections can occupy significant amount of memory
  • TW-44043 - Disk usage (re)scan should not load disk subsystem too much


  • TW-43877 - Message for "Build configuration has been moved successfully." is unclear
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