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  • TeamCity 9.1.5 (build 37377) Release Notes
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  • TW-43039 - Add distribution type into usage statistics
  • TW-43219 - Support enforced clean checkout for tcc.jar (does tcc.jar support a 'clean' option?)
  • TW-43401 - Add description to blockOpened system message

Usability Problem

  • TW-38179 - No warning about invalid credentials on create new JIRA connection dialog
  • TW-43023 - Improve "File Content Replacer" dialog to make settings more clear
  • TW-43163 - Improve File Content Replacement logging
  • TW-43255 - Improve build failure message when replacement fails in File Content Replacer
  • TW-43304 - Bugzilla: Wrong issue description after testing connection with invalid credentials
  • TW-43539 - Misleading default message for manual pausing build configuration


  • TW-23593 - Support Mono 4.5 profile
  • TW-28983 - Meta-Runner edit should be logged into audit
  • TW-38705 - VS Addin (remote run) hangs when changes match VCS root of active project which is child of archived project.
  • TW-40371 - Commit is impossible because of conflicted incoming changes
  • TW-40538 - System properties defined in build configuration aren't passed to Gradle script
  • TW-41208 - Misleading warning when creating project from URL for VS Online without Team Explorer
  • TW-41977 - "Always run a new build" snapshot dependency option can be ignored on new chain triggering (two builds with same build number)
  • TW-42215 - Teamcity does not download NuGet.exe 3.* versions from
  • TW-42300 - TeamCity Add-in 9.1 does not support Subversion client 1.9.0
  • TW-42485 - Duplicates finder fails on Gradle project.
  • TW-42644 - After update from TC 9.1 to TC 10 user occasionally sees "VCS problem" message when TeamCity tries to get TFS repository revision
  • TW-42668 - TeamCity anchor build value resetting to zero for no reason
  • TW-42810 - Hyperlinks in build log do not handle special characters
  • TW-43050 - [File Content Replacer] Unescaped '\' and '$' characters in replacement string are not handled
  • TW-43125 - Spaces in build status are removed in Microsoft Edge
  • TW-43126 - Disable autofill in password input by default
  • TW-43140 - Subversion VCS Roots with Configuration Parameters
  • TW-43154 - Integration with Bugzilla 5 issue: Bug.get_bugs no longer supported
  • TW-43186 - Incorrect "Circular reference is detected between roles" critical server error is displayed after upgrade to 9.1.4
  • TW-43188 - AutoMerge feature resolves parameters in merge message to a wrong value
  • TW-43189 - Can't assign project to agent pool because agent_pool_project table contains deleted projects
  • TW-43196 - Build can lose build log on finishing
  • TW-43200 - IDEA Project Runner includes dependencies with 'Runtime' scope to classpath for tests compilation
  • TW-43202 - Git agent-side checkout may fail in 9.1.4: Error in GnuTLS initialization: Failed to acquire random data.
  • TW-43209 - Charts are loading forever for not system admin users
  • TW-43265 - TeamCity can substitute a started build chain with another one even if the second chain has all of the builds queued
  • TW-43270 - NUnit 3.0 runner runs a processes per assembly even though the setting in TC says not to
  • TW-43290 - 'Issue tracker is not supported' instead of 'Issue not found' for Bugzilla 5.0.1 with guest connection
  • TW-43307 - Cannot run personal build when folder has been deleted from TFS
  • TW-43313 - Reassigning an investigation doesn't update 'assigned by' any longer
  • TW-43316 - TFS plugin: plugin from TC 10 is incompatible with TC9 (because of auto-checkout implementation)
  • TW-43330 - Git checkout on agent not getting entire repository after upgrade with GIT clients < 1.7.4
  • TW-43334 - Artifact Order inconsistent
  • TW-43336 - Artifact paths with "_*/*" ignoring underscore
  • TW-43351 - Rest API returns .zip file with incorrect filenames for URLs ending with slash
  • TW-43352 - TFS plugin: can't get current version for TFS root
  • TW-43354 - TeamCity does not detect vstest.console.exe
  • TW-43366 - No SNI support for git repos
  • TW-43370 - ServerStillInitializingException: Cloud client vmw is not yet initialized
  • TW-43375 - Build can lose all tests details after cleanup
  • TW-43383 - Bugzilla integration incorrectly handles login sessions / authentication
  • TW-43396 - Inconsistent results when retrying testng tests in Gradle runner
  • TW-43400 - Exception while removing a non-existing directory while updating TeamCity configuration in Perforce
  • TW-43415 - "Build configuration with id 'bt457' does not exist" message is shown
  • TW-43453 - Tons of "maximum number of Tags for a resource has been reached" in the teamcity-clouds.log
  • TW-43454 - NuGet metadata index can be not recreated properly in case of data corruption
  • TW-43486 - MSTest build runner fails to remove existing not default .trx file.
  • TW-43487 - Fix automatic comment for paused build config in an archived project
  • TW-43493 - Change link for VS add-in in the "No IDE responded" window
  • TW-43494 - Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset
  • TW-43532 - Wrong message in audit log when dearchiving the project
  • TW-43533 - REST: Searching multiple builds by build number can return 404 response when no builds found, while it used to return empty collection
  • TW-43535 - Exception while collection changes: Cannot run program "bash" in directory
  • TW-43538 - Audit log: no message about automatically activated build configurations
  • TW-43548 - [File Content Replacer] Adhere to Servlet 2.5 specification in the UI
  • TW-43554 - Old icon for TfsNativeVerifier process
  • TW-43558 - Hanging build detection does not work
  • TW-43562 - TeamCity plugin available for downloading from IDEA 15.* has old-style icon
  • TW-43567 - New icon for ProcessTerminator
  • TW-43581 - Triggering build from 'run custom build' dialog causes Chrome to suggest saving password
  • TW-43590 - Build failed notification can be sent for "Builds with my changes" rule when my changes are entirely not related to the failure (Git)
  • TW-43594 - Wrong number of running builds is displayed in the header

Performance Problem

  • TW-22709 - Long usage statistics data collection (calculating maxBuildTestCount)
  • TW-41327 - Do not collect all compatible configurations given that a buildType is already specified
  • TW-42400 - Slow UI with many "select ... from mute_test_in_proj;" queries
  • TW-43155 - Avoid blocking of all starting builds when p4 hangs during changes collecting
  • TW-43420 - Build results page can be slow if there are many tests in the build
  • TW-43483 - Long loading for web UI pages with bulds lists: DownloadedArtifactsLoggerImpl.buildArtifactsWereDownloaded


  • TW-43236 - UI Texts: Improve error messages in File Content Replacer when file list/pattern is empty
  • TW-43329 - Revision/label markup is confusing
  • TW-43432 - Revisions number font is inconsistent on Changes tab of the build


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