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  • TeamCity 9.0.5 (build 32523) Release Notes
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Usability Problem

  • TW-40899 - Click on chain icon opens a page where neither snapshot nor artifact dependencies are selected
  • TW-40868 - Make projects import progress / still working state more noticeable
  • TW-3252 - IDEA Plugin :: Login Dialog :: "Remember Me" Checkbox Behavior


  • TW-41509 - Error during VCS changes migration: ORA-12899: value too large for column "TEAMCITY"."VCS_CHANGE"."CHANGE_NAME" (actual: 65, maximum: 64)
  • TW-41188 - Build log fails to update
  • TW-41052 - Failed to start build runner 'Maven2': OutOfMemoryError in 9.0.4
  • TW-41432 - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 when collecting changes from VCS Root with no include rules
  • TW-41342 - svn: E210004: Malformed network data again
  • TW-41352 - buildStatus WARNING make failed build GREEN
  • TW-41370 - Unstable changes collecting errors if VCS root references dep. parameter
  • TW-41257 - AbstractIssueProvider#compileDisjunction is erroneous
  • TW-41234 - Build Chains page is empty
  • TW-41326 - Invalid Perforce root with bad IP results in broken remote runs
  • TW-40975 - TeamCity is getting slow after 3 weeks (builds removed by cleanup are removed from the cache by GC, while they could be removed immediately)
  • TW-41314 - Can't login in TeamCity plugin: NoClassDefFoundError with IDEA 142.2308
  • TW-41095 - OS upgrade, now build queue hangs
  • TW-41167 - Memory leak when broken project configs are loaded from disk
  • TW-40926 - NPE in Maven runner when working directory is out of checkout directory
  • TW-41133 - Not available EC2 c4 instance types in Agent Cloud
  • TW-40821 - Build loops in Publishing artifacts if artifact size exceeds server limit
  • TW-41083 - MSBuildRunnerDiscoverer can return properties with null values and does not fill default values
  • TW-40876 - report tab's iframe is too small
  • TW-40897 - Failed to start build (private root git repo with private submodule repos)
  • TW-40660 - After upgrading to 9.0.3 SVN Externals are no longer being checked out
  • TW-40925 - ConcurrentModificationException in RegExpTextTransformer.format
  • TW-41030 - Revision info is removed on agent start if custom working directory is used
  • TW-40957 - PostgresSQL SQL Exception after upgrade from 9.0.3 to 9.0.4
  • TW-40891 - Package load failure in VS-addin (legacy version) installed in Visual Studio 2005, 2008.
  • TW-40907 - IDEA Runner builds are slow and incremental make does not work
  • TW-40973 - Unspecified branch is selected in custom build dialog if no change was selected and build configuration has more than one branch
  • TW-40895 - teamcity-xmlrpc.log gets created on each server start: WARN: "Build agent cannot be registered because TeamCity server is still initializing"
  • TW-40837 - Dead Link in LDAP Settings Popup
  • TW-40878 - Relogin after disconnect by network reasons may fail with AuthenticationFailedException
  • TW-37451 - permission denied exception and not able to see anything on Overview Tab


  • TW-36939 - STOFL in IDEA pluign
  • TW-40067 - Exception when tool with teamcity-plugin.xml placed into TC_Data/plugins/.tools

Performance Problem

  • TW-41469 - JSON chart data renderer is slow and consumes memory
  • TW-41480 - Slow build results page due to inefficient check if build has related issues
  • TW-41479 - Slow build results page due to build users calculation
  • TW-41110 - Double calculation of suggested items and health reports in administration area
  • TW-41081 - Lots of unnecessary SQL requests are executed for each finished build if agent where build was executed has been cleaned up
  • TW-41042 - Lots of event listeners registered in event dispatcher can cause performance problems especially when new listeners are added / removed
  • TW-40231 - Slow 'cleaning build history from the database' on MS SQL
  • TW-40999 - Inefficient finished builds status update when builds are removed or new builds are finished
  • TW-40933 - Server web UI stalled (all threads in UserModelImpl.hasAdministratorAccount)
  • TW-40533 - Slow user roles tab in case of many projects
  • TW-40927 - Slow Queued build and compatible agents pages when there are many cloud agents on the server
  • TW-40885 - Lots of unnecessary SQL requests on agents page

Security Problem

  • TW-40877 - IDEA plugin: Scrambled password still stored in .idea/workspace.xml after logout
  • TW-40954 - XXE is possible on edit chart action
  • TW-40953 - "Add Custom Chart" dialog spoils display of statistic values with special symbols in the key name
  • TW-40947 - XSS on create project from URL page
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