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  • TeamCity 9.0.4 (build 32407) Release Notes
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  • TW-24004 - Support referencing the users in group's "member" attribute via custom attribute, not full DN
  • TW-24319 - Hide branches for personal builds
  • TW-40521 - Support Maven 3.3.1


  • TW-22757 - Mac agent update fails; unable to load Wrapper's native library
  • TW-24809 - Git agent-side checkout doesn't work for repositories with submodules which require authentication (even the same as main repository)
  • TW-37609 - Monitoring for changes in refs/changes/*, Gerrit integration
  • TW-38954 - Agent started automatically on Yosemite could not launch iOS simulator
  • TW-39485 - Teamcity queries all amazon instances instead of pulling only configured ones
  • TW-39862 - Promote build remember last "promoted" build even if i try to promote another build.
  • TW-39877 - Broken html when critical error about missing VCS root in Versioned settings appears
  • TW-40213 - Corruption of HSQLDB of build statistics storage can prevent server from starting
  • TW-40390 - Error publishing artifacts for some patterns: Failed to publish artifacts: fromIndex(1) > toIndex(0)
  • TW-40391 - Clean checkout is not enforced, if swabra didn't delete all files inside checkout dir
  • TW-40421 - OutOfMemoryError in case of many duplicate git VCS roots tracking the same big repository
  • TW-40436 - xcodebuild: error: The workspace 'x' does not contain a scheme named '"x Beta-release"'.
  • TW-40448 - AssumptionViolatedException treated as test failure if junit 4.12 is used
  • TW-40474 - .net Code analysis crash and slow down the build
  • TW-40498 - Updating to 9.0.3 breaks Git VCS Root: List remote refs failed:
  • TW-40504 - Deleted user should be logged out automatically.
  • TW-40511 - Wrong file content on duplicates tab of gradle project
  • TW-40513 - Wrong project link in new Custom Chart dialog
  • TW-40516 - Versioned Settings warning doesn't disappear after fixing issue
  • TW-40526 - Error while running IntelliJ Idea inspections in maven project on Mac OS X
  • TW-40532 - Server restart causes login screen to be displayed on all user's browser tabs for users with "remember me" turned off
  • TW-40536 - Pages on Tests tab generates wrong links: internal build configuration id is used
  • TW-40537 - Deadlock in MySQL on attempt to store projects hierarchy for build
  • TW-40541 - "Promotion returns null queued date" messages in the log
  • TW-40558 - Problem with UTF8 Characters in Personal build file.
  • TW-40562 - TeamCity fails to upgrade build logs from TeamCity 4
  • TW-40570 - LDAP synchronization for only TeamCity users requires teamcity.users.filter property set
  • TW-40591 - TeamCity doesn't roll back new project with errors created via commit to VCS
  • TW-40592 - "Move Project" dialog is missing current project from the hierarchy
  • TW-40615 - Gradle integration does not work with Gradle 2.4
  • TW-40626 - Searching builds by tag doesn't work if tag is added after build finish
  • TW-40638 - Add New Snapshot Dependency dialog adds extra configs after filtering
  • TW-40648 - Disk usage computation exhausts low priority executor
  • TW-40656 - NUnit test assigned to wrong group
  • TW-40688 - Git agent-side checkout with password authentication fails when password contains '$' symbol
  • TW-40726 - Warning in catalina.out on server start: "A context path must either be an empty string or start with a '/'"
  • TW-40727 - Error in IDE plugin: Failed to load summary: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • TW-40738 - Warning in the build log about "not found" artifact files when publishing hidden artifacts
  • TW-40753 - Symbol Server should be case insensitive when asking for pdb file via its GUID.
  • TW-40755 - NullPointerException when building Idea project


  • TW-39277 - Exception in server log on finishing build with duplicates found in .net project (fragments table)
  • TW-40425 - Server not restarting, java.lang.OutOfMemoryError (HSQLDB metadata storage is corrupted)

Performance Problem

  • TW-38094 - Server shutdown is hanging because of InvestigationTestRunsHolderImpl.updateTestRuns
  • TW-38362 - Builds don't leave queue for minutes to hours despite many compatible agents being available and idle
  • TW-40533 - Slow user roles tab in case of many projects
  • TW-40746 - Slow /vcs-roots/id:XXX REST request

Security Problem

  • TW-30476 - A deleted user is able to access TeamCity
  • TW-40714 - JavaScript injection on projects import project selection screen


  • TW-40768 - I18n: verb missing in 'build removed' message
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