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  • TeamCity 9.0.2 (build 32195) Release Notes
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  • TW-37211 - Convenient API to filter file trees by TeamCity file include/exclude rules
  • TW-38596 - Expose used seed in RSpec formatter
  • TW-39186 - Action to enforce project sync with VCS

Usability Problem

  • TW-5486 - DB re-initialization step on cleanup is not logged in the logs
  • TW-20167 - No double scrollers in report tabs please
  • TW-39436 - coverage view is scrolled down
  • TW-39520 - Snapshot Dependency Filter Loses Grouping
  • TW-39579 - Misplaced "in progress" icon placement on LDAP Synchronization Administration tab
  • TW-39598 - In bulk investigations dialog, set 'investigated by: me' if all selected tests either have no responsible or have the same one
  • TW-39672 - Test runs counter message does not look nicely for Ignored tests on build overview page
  • TW-39770 - Search by statistics value name does not work when creating/editing chart


  • TW-9980 - Do not dump stacktrace in the console on non-internal errors
  • TW-10077 - Empty tables are not dumped in backup in HSQLDB, but are dumped in MySQL
  • TW-12295 - Add logging on reloading file
  • TW-24144 - Agent free disk space cleaning before the build may fail to function (no space left to create temp directories case)
  • TW-24197 - Improve jps/jstack tools lookup on agent
  • TW-25441 - Error on the home Overview page results in redirect loop
  • TW-29324 - Agent can register with "someAnonymousAgent" name
  • TW-32809 - Investigation/Mute dialog is always displayed with default project scope.
  • TW-32829 - Investigate/Mute dialog. Changing of project scope should be considered as change.
  • TW-32984 - Symbol Server plugin cannot find tools home in case debugging tools were installed separatly from Windows SDK
  • TW-35318 - TeamCity bundles not signed Windows executables
  • TW-36134 - Free disk space requirement confused with mapped drives on windows
  • TW-37779 - Git SSH connection to Gerrit crashes under jsch 0.1.50
  • TW-38190 - Side by side diff has incorrect central stripe
  • TW-38460 - Perforce VCS roots cannot use parameters properly for the stream name
  • TW-38478 - Show user friendly error message on invalid certificate and subscription ID in Azure plugin
  • TW-38481 - Git SSH Authentication fails: List remote refs failed: com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Algorithm negotiation fail
  • TW-38677 - Browser memory leak on serve's diagnostics page
  • TW-38815 - Rename "Location" into "Region" in Amazon EC2 configuraiton
  • TW-38924 - TeamCity could not ping agent by IPv4-mapped IPv6 address
  • TW-38936 - Agent load not shown
  • TW-39054 - Backup with all options uses more memory and includes more data than in 8.1.x
  • TW-39139 - free disk space cleaner doesn't clean checkout for other builds
  • TW-39165 - Can get "UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot access deleted VCS root" on REST API request for a build of a deleted build configuration
  • TW-39179 - Hide action does not work for Shared Resources in Health Items.
  • TW-39188 - "Critical error in configuration file" can be raised by incorrect state of the versioned settings but not indicated as such
  • TW-39295 - Pages opened in browser continue to query server by old URLs after upgrade to 9.0
  • TW-39383 - Custom statistic values from other build configurations can be shown in edit project chart dialog
  • TW-39393 - Some parts of UI are not updated automatically
  • TW-39432 - Users can see project custom chart stub for chart with data from build configuration they cannot view
  • TW-39478 - VCS trigger with quiet period can run build on wrong revision if it runs during changes collecting
  • TW-39482 - To recover from 'abandoned transaction' error during agent-side checkout
  • TW-39487 - Failed to start error stripe can be shown for some old build if this build failed to collect changes
  • TW-39490 - Wrong agents counter when there are no authorized agents (related to WebSocket updates)
  • TW-39491 - JavaScript error on favorite builds page
  • TW-39493 - Improve logging of "Unable to process service message" into the server log
  • TW-39497 - Make the no permission note in Investigate / Mute dialog more prominent
  • TW-39500 - Add 9.0 Command Line Run Tool download links
  • TW-39519 - Meta-runners lost during migration from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1
  • TW-39524 - "Error accessing server" on editing notification rules after projects import (caused by Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'user_notification_events_pk'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'user_notification_events'. )
  • TW-39526 - UnexpectedDBException in .NET Duplicate runner
  • TW-39527 - Automatic threadDumps are not cleaned up
  • TW-39549 - TeamCity Unresponsive: Some pages hanging forever after daily cleanup when using MSSQL database (deadlock in tests.BuildOrderSupport between cleanup and UI threads)
  • TW-39551 - Agent count incorrect when a cloud agent is running
  • TW-39553 - Versioned settings: Changing project's plugin-settings.xml file on disk does not commit it into VCS
  • TW-39562 - Incorrect checkout on agent with 2 VCS Roots with different client mapping and same checkout rules
  • TW-39563 - A current state of vcs root is outdated, skip a changes collecting
  • TW-39564 - Several concurrent /app/rest/builds REST API requests can lead to pool exhausted error
  • TW-39566 - Project create via versioned settings commit doesn't work if it detected before commits modifying existing projects
  • TW-39567 - Project creation via commit to VCS doesn't work when new project uses externalId which was used by some other project
  • TW-39580 - Unique constraint exception on .net duplicates finder (fragments table)
  • TW-39581 - Missing "" LDAP property definition is not reported as error and finds no users
  • TW-39589 - LDAP integration can delete users on saving with errors (using inconsistently updated properties case)
  • TW-39602 - “Recent Historyâ€? block is missed in “Overviewâ€? tab of build configuration
  • TW-39609 - VSTest.Console Tests fails when there is a space in the path name
  • TW-39661 - Teamcity creates corrupted artifact zip files
  • TW-39663 - Mercurial VCS root passwords are substituted in the branch names
  • TW-39695 - maintainDB.cmd needs defining JAVA_HOME while the server is not
  • TW-39714 - Build does not start if one of two "select" parameters has value not from predefined range
  • TW-39717 - Build chain can never start if checking for changes is long and new chains are constantly triggering
  • TW-39730 - TeamCity does not recognize TFS urls if project name contains spaces
  • TW-39731 - Empty <dependencies/> tag can be stored in build configuration if all dependencies are broken
  • TW-39732 - Confusing "is not listed in" message
  • TW-39733 - Unnecessary logging from ConfigFilesUpdaterImpl in the server log
  • TW-39734 - Meta runner change on disk can be overriden from settings VCS
  • TW-39737 - New build can get tests from previously cleaned build
  • TW-39738 - Importing PMD CPD reports may cause unique constrains violation expection
  • TW-39740 - Clicking the run button for a project doesn't refresh the browser screen
  • TW-39748 - Swabra can enforce extra clean checkout for external custom checkout directory after agent restart
  • TW-39750 - Excessive "Indexing NuGet package from artifact" logging in the server log
  • TW-39752 - Run 'p4 clean' for cleanup does not work
  • TW-39755 - Health item hiding doesn't work in on overview page with branch selectors
  • TW-39765 - Global health status items shown in the header of all of the pages continue to be visible even after clicking Hide link
  • TW-39771 - Error in Gradle exceptions handling
  • TW-39777 - NPE in BuildTypeTestsCache
  • TW-39778 - Finish build trigger generates incorrect set of builds to be substituted in the chain
  • TW-39793 - Xcode runner does not close test suite blocks with Xcode 6.1
  • TW-39794 - Users can lose all the settings (users can be deleted by LDAP integration when there is an error communicating with LDAP server)
  • TW-39835 - UnknownUpgradeError from 8.1.6 to 9.0.1 - insert into user_property: String or binary data would be truncated
  • TW-39837 - Target project is ignored if chart is added from build reported statistics page
  • TW-39856 - TeamCity settings changes from VCS are not applied when some project config are broken on the server
  • TW-39863 - Access denied error when opening Overview page (filtering problems by branch)
  • TW-39877 - Broken html when critical error about missing VCS root in Versioned settings appears


  • TW-39700 - Artifacts directories renaming is not completed: 1 directories are not renamed.

Performance Problem

  • TW-27619 - Filter for configurations on notification rule page is very slow and completely unusable
  • TW-35154 - High CPU usage while running a build with many failed tests (related to jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.BuildTests.createDiff)
  • TW-39523 - Archiving a project with many build configurations is too slow
  • TW-39612 - Inefficient backup of build log files in 9.0
  • TW-39753 - Project page can be slower in 9.0 comparing to 8.1.x
  • TW-39834 - Bad plan of query that selects build history of one build configuration.

Security Problem

  • TW-27492 - Critical error loading project can expose full data directory path to non admin user
  • TW-38604 - JavaScript injection via "VCS root xxx is not accessible from the build configuration" critical configuration error message
  • TW-39489 - JavaSript injection via agent enabling details
  • TW-39745 - Register user account action is still available even if user account registration is disabled in authentication settings (thank you OJ Reeves for reporting this problem to us)


  • TW-39338 - Time to start comment icon can appear wrapped in queue popup
  • TW-39538 - Improve optimization message on the Backup page
  • TW-39552 - Inappropriate "loading" icon placement in "Add Custom Chart" dialog
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