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  • TeamCity 8.1.3 (build 30101) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.1 Release Notes


  • TW-13794 - Adjust "new server available" message if not all current license keys are compatible with the upgraded version
  • TW-18187 - TeamCity 6.5 with the Git plugin unable to use NTLM authentication over HTTP
  • TW-23420 - Add SQL query and the time it started into thread name of the thread dump
  • TW-25043 - AssumptionViolatedException interpreted as a failure by TeamCity
  • TW-25834 - AssemblyInfo Patcher support for GlobalAssemblyInfo file and AssemblyInformationalVersion
  • TW-27930 - Shared Resources plugin - resource should be "pausable"
  • TW-34132 - IDEA runner doesn't support patterns in junit run configurations

Usability Problem

  • TW-35820 - VS Addin. Report possible Perforce conflicts before remote run
  • TW-36043 - Shared resources: references to build configurations should point to "Edit build features" page
  • TW-36044 - Build queue: show full path (hierarchy) to the build configuration which locks shared resource


  • TW-11513 - Brush up title for agent image page
  • TW-19713 - Agent usage statistic fails on improper dates
  • TW-27043 - "git clean" after pull doesn't clean submodules
  • TW-28953 - Nuget feed blank after restoring server backup on new machine
  • TW-30310 - LDAP Synchronization do not work for large AD groups (need to use range= to retrieve members of a group)
  • TW-31406 - value too large for column "TEAMCITY"."VCS_CHANGES"."CHANGE_NAME" (actual: 81, maximum: 64)
  • TW-32701 - NuGet Install does not recognize NuGet.Config in .nuget subfolders
  • TW-32940 - SQL exception: Lock wait timeout exceeded follows every daily clean-up
  • TW-33939 - Agent hangs during artifacts publishing
  • TW-34123 - Problem with stucking on "Checking for changes" state
  • TW-34567 - Global maven settings are ignored when reading maven project info
  • TW-34571 - Add description to* parameters
  • TW-34896 - Deadlock in org.apache.maven.wagon.providers.http.commons.logging.impl.WeakHashtable.put
  • TW-35023 - Exception on Builds Schedule project tab: bean bean not found within scope
  • TW-35108 - "VSTest.Console Tests" adds requirement for "teamcity.agent.jvm.os.arch" which is not OS architecture
  • TW-35130 - OutputDirectory parameter in the "restore" command
  • TW-35322 - Queue can stall when build chains get moved to top
  • TW-35508 - Teamcity runs out of Memory
  • TW-35531 - getGZippedSummary: IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract
  • TW-35700 - Error checking for changes in git: Fail to update 'refs/aaa/bbb' (LOCK_FAILURE).
  • TW-35845 - My Investigations page looks shitty with "do not group" option
  • TW-35864 - Compilation errors in Maven project are not marked in build log and are not shown on build results
  • TW-35894 - Reading maven info before build step ignores default settings.xml
  • TW-35901 - localRepository defined in settings.xml can be ignored
  • TW-35938 - Option "All Projects" should be placed in angle brackets for consistency with other pages
  • TW-35944 - Builds Schedule page ignores overridden trigger states
  • TW-35945 - 'tcc.jar -c <buildtypeid>' does not appear to function on 8.1.1
  • TW-35980 - Cannot start build runner
  • TW-35981 - Absolute paths stopped to work for XML reports when more specified
  • TW-36029 - External Make failure on android project
  • TW-36042 - Cannot obtain write lock on a shared resource with infinite quota
  • TW-36055 - TeamCity 8.1.1 doesn't escape generic parameters in coverage report
  • TW-36059 - Incorrect "Build is probably hanging" notification can be sent during cleanup
  • TW-36091 - Update LuceneIndex library
  • TW-36098 - Fail build on metric change, more than 0 warnings. Don't work if previous build has 0 warning
  • TW-36113 - Mercurial doesn't detect bookmarks when several VCS roots track the same repository
  • TW-36119 - Ruby environment configurator unable to find .ruby-version files in relative path
  • TW-36142 - Intermittent error with MSTest report watcher "File report.trx does not exist. Please check if report producer process has failed"
  • TW-36171 - Builds using Duplicates finder (.NET) are hanging after upgrade to 8.1.2
  • TW-36179 - Failed builds from archived subprojects display in collapsed projects
  • TW-36185 - Renaming a build configuration does not get reflected in the build priorties
  • TW-36188 - Non-latin symbols are not displayed correctly in parameters suggestion
  • TW-36225 - Diff view may add additional spaces at the beginning of both files
  • TW-36229 - Rake Runner: test-unit- gem
  • TW-36240 - XCode Runner thinks certain build log lines are errors
  • TW-36251 - Password can be seen unmasked in VCS error on hg pull
  • TW-36265 - TeamCity collects changes in branches matched by old branch specification
  • TW-36312 - Report tabs configured with back slash ("\") do not work under Linux server
  • TW-36342 - Failed to save build status text (value too long for type character varying(256))
  • TW-36346 - custom builds reset some configuration parameters
  • TW-36364 - A lot of memory retained by oracle.jdbc.driver.BufferCache
  • TW-36400 - VCS roots show "No usages" even though they are used in some build configuration
  • TW-36403 - Mercurial fails to resolve subrepo url during an agent-side checkout when .hgsub contains trailing whitespaces
  • TW-36409 - "Assigned by" is empty for some test investigations
  • TW-36502 - Project with invalid content in plugin-settings.xml causes incorrect registration of VCS roots
  • TW-36511 - Temp table space can be exceeded while loading vcs changes on startup or after cleanup
  • TW-36518 - ConcurrentModificationException in SearchIndexerDataCleaner.postProcessDeletedBuilds
  • TW-36523 - Search for repositorypath parameter in Nuget.Config should be case insensitive
  • TW-36548 - Root project is not found by name via REST API
  • TW-36562 - Deadlock on attempt to save test in database (probably caused by background cleanup of test_info)
  • TW-36577 - Vault Source Control - "After full qualification, each must be less than 260 characters."
  • TW-36581 - PatternSyntaxException on starting build
  • TW-36583 - remote run is unusable after I moved file to other module
  • TW-36598 - "Install agent to" field is not saved when creading/editing agent push presets
  • TW-36603 - Timeout errors when a perforce verify is running
  • TW-36609 - TeamCity Perforce auth doesn't work due to "Password invalid" message
  • TW-36653 - Git-plugin fails to collect changes in repository with branch name containing ','
  • TW-36714 - Deadlock during importing inspection results
  • TW-36766 - Restore of test_info table into MySQL and PostgreSQL is very slow

Performance Problem

  • TW-23401 - Slow server web UI response (all database connections busy logging artifacts downloads case)
  • TW-35039 - Slow VcsRoot instances calculation after fixing TW-32528
  • TW-35152 - High CPU server usage probably related to many users on the server
  • TW-35906 - Build results can be slow for compile error builds
  • TW-35988 - High CPU usage with TC server when sitting idle
  • TW-36139 - Project dependent build taking 20mins+ to resolve since 8.1 upgrade
  • TW-36537 - Server hangs while starting at "Start loading cache of build committers..."
  • TW-36560 - Server is unresponsive after clean-up
  • TW-36582 - Excessive calls to UserAgentUtil.isBrowser from AuthorizationInterceptorImpl
  • TW-36595 - Updating of user last login timestamp can be performed in several threads for the same user
  • TW-36624 - Team City Builds Stuck in "Updating Sources"
  • TW-36637 - DependencyParametersProvider invalidates build configurations compatibility caches inefficiently
  • TW-36695 - Queued builds estimator thread constantly consumes CPU


  • TW-4320 - Use "1 test", not "1 tests"
  • TW-36056 - Specify required version of JDBC driver in "Database connection setup" dialog
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