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  • TeamCity 8.1.2 (build 29993) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.1.1 (build 29939) Release Notes
TeamCity 8.1 Release Notes


  • TW-17221 - List process details in swabra report for processes locking checkout directory
  • TW-22621 - Allow to limit maximum size of the build queue
  • TW-24866 - Print JVM parameters on server/agent start into the log
  • TW-25043 - AssumptionViolatedException interpreted as a failure by TeamCity

Usability Problem

  • TW-34173 - Make timeout error reporting more clear: move the message to the top
  • TW-35868 - Log agent restart reason on encountering critical error


  • TW-13120 - "Failed to start build" errors are displayed on VCS Roots administration page
  • TW-23538 - Artifact Cache is not cleaned if it's not on the same drive as "temp" and "Build Checkout" folder
  • TW-24624 - Deleting projects from disk when there are queued builds in the projects is not processed gracefully
  • TW-28914 - Update copyright year in the Windows tray notifier about screen
  • TW-29417 - Diff View: wrong line can be highlighted as changed
  • TW-31407 - .NET Inspections runner crashes for solutions containing SpecExplorer section
  • TW-32986 - Wrong (reset) launched time for cloud instances after cloud profile editing
  • TW-33812 - JavaScript injection via URL parameter on Cancel button click
  • TW-33937 - Build with Gradle with parallel-threads=4 failed
  • TW-33982 - TeamCity Inspections result in large number of invalid "errors"
  • TW-34372 - "VCS problem" error is shown on VCS roots list for unrelated VCS root
  • TW-34406 - VS Addin. Local Changes view is not updated after changes are commited into TFS 2013.
  • TW-34770 - Slow opening of edit build report tab dialog
  • TW-34917 - Incorrect handling of 0 quota in SharedResources
  • TW-34970 - IndexOutOfBoundsException in BuildQueuePriorityOrdering.updateMovedItemsPriorities
  • TW-34987 - Easy DB setup: MSSQL integrated authentification stops working after first attempt
  • TW-34997 - VCS revisions on agent use conflicting file names for checkout directories with non-latin names
  • TW-35149 - MS SQL JDBC: We recommend to use the native MS SQL JDBC driver, but the template file contains URL template for JTDS.
  • TW-35163 - teamcity is hanging after a build configuration renaming
  • TW-35223 - Team City RSpec formatter fails under RSpec 3
  • TW-35390 - REST API: You do not have enough permissions to access VCS modification
  • TW-35427 - Make server memory warnings which do not indicate actual performance degradation hidable
  • TW-35464 - Agent can hang after OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • TW-35467 - Unknown Perforce VCS roots are showing up in the VCS log
  • TW-35510 - Build with a full patch but doesn't remove old files on the agent
  • TW-35515 - Teamcity pages hanging (threads in
  • TW-35565 - NoClassDefFoundError for Eclipse 3.8 and TeamCity Eclipse plugin
  • TW-35568 - triggers save the input values despite the Cancel button was pressed
  • TW-35605 - Improve memory usage exceeded message for permgen
  • TW-35606 - Artifact resolving fails while cleanup is in progress: IOException - Failed to download ... Illegal status 503 while downloading
  • TW-35626 - Security issue - any Project Admin can grant System Admin role to any other user
  • TW-35636 - "Current TeamCity memory usage" shows only old gen memory usage
  • TW-35651 - Getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in code coverage on Maven with Java 8
  • TW-35652 - Automatic merge does not indicate if there is a problem pushing merge result to the repository
  • TW-35655 - Publishing files to artifacts cache ignores size limit
  • TW-35660 - Can not disable publishing to artifacts cache
  • TW-35661 - Maven metadata provider tries to resolve unused parameter
  • TW-35665 - Custom Run dialog is broken
  • TW-35691 - Overtime icon pointing to the wrong resource when not running TC on the domain root
  • TW-35709 - Agent java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
  • TW-35712 - Ruby Environment Configurator does not find Ruby in PATH
  • TW-35714 - No ReSharper Properties for Folders and Projects
  • TW-35717 - R# 8.* and TeamCity 8.1 VS-Plugin are incompatible
  • TW-35722 - Cloud: Terminate Instance after first build finished not working
  • TW-35724 - Error parsing MSTest trx report: IllegalArgumentException: Null blockName, at all
  • TW-35730 - Notification popups are not working in tray notifier
  • TW-35741 - A build in the queue can be listed with state="unknown"
  • TW-35767 - Eclipse plugin splits commit
  • TW-35770 - Error indexing changes for build: UnsupportedOperationException: Method getVcsRoot() cannot be called for personal build
  • TW-35808 - "Failed to decrypt data." error for password fields in custom run build dialog
  • TW-35840 - Problems & tests tab does not show neither tests nor build problems
  • TW-35856 - Different revisions of the same root in a single build chain
  • TW-35862 - REST API: Modifying user's groups is ineffective: first removes from all groups and then adds
  • TW-35871 - NoRunningBuildException in agent log
  • TW-35876 - maintainDB.cmd uses default JVM heap memory settings on first run
  • TW-35907 - Cancel button in meta runner editor is not working
  • TW-35917 - Using dotCover in NUnit or MSpec runner brings .NET 3.5 agent requirement
  • TW-35948 - Unclear errors on LDAP users synchronization: "The specified username ... is already in use by some other user." and " Assertion failed - this expression must be true"
  • TW-35954 - Absolute paths (with wildcards) stopped to work for XML reports
  • TW-35962 - Backup (from UI) of plugin data warns on missed files


  • TW-35877 - Unexpected exception on Agent Requirements page

Performance Problem

  • TW-32011 - buildAgent.runBuild: Read timed out (in case of really big build chains)
  • TW-34340 - Checking for changes degradation after upgrade to 8.0.5
  • TW-34705 - Slow Project Creation
  • TW-35566 - Slow opening of the run custom build dialog (many branches x many pending changes case)
  • TW-35602 - High memory consumption in build history cleanup (Vars$CounterValue)
  • TW-35608 - Slow BuildPromotionManagerImpl.clearCachedPreviousPromos during queue flush operation
  • TW-35685 - Builds with many tests last longer after upgrade to 8.1 (hanging for some time on finish while storing build's tests)


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