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  • TeamCity 8.1.1 (build 29939) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.1 Release Notes


  • TW-27688 - Support .ruby-verson and .ruby-gemset in addition to .rvmrc
  • TW-34690 - Project from URL - detect NuGet Pack step
  • TW-34747 - Include current CPU load when dumping thread dumps

Usability Problem

  • TW-35220 - Build step failure condition is not taken into account


  • TW-22405 - Server can start more instances then there are builds in the queue
  • TW-23083 - Extra parameters in URL on user profile page
  • TW-29190 - Generate appropriate name for the issue log in csv format
  • TW-30756 - Extra URL parameters in administration web UI (currentMode, backupPath, publicKey)
  • TW-30894 - VS2012 crashes on attempt to open options->external diff viewer
  • TW-33209 - Add task starting time into thread name for periodic tasks
  • TW-33664 - Eclipse plugin: cannot connect to TC using native provider
  • TW-33789 - java.lang.RuntimeException: Build log frozen error during build start
  • TW-33812 - JavaScript injection via URL parameter on Cancel button click
  • TW-34297 - Wrong parameter resolution in the message of text in the build log failure condition
  • TW-34451 - Build failure condition "on specific text in log" works even when disabled
  • TW-34566 - Subversion error "svn: E204899: Cannot create new file 'svntmp': No such file or directory" when working directory is not writable
  • TW-34588 - IDEA runner fails to run TestNG tests if checkout directory path contains spaces
  • TW-34700 - Subversion checkouts use outdated revision on dependent build configurations
  • TW-34810 - Branch Remote Run Trigger builds are not shown on the Change page
  • TW-34835 - IDEA runner TestNG support may fail but build remains green
  • TW-34843 - Disk usage tab shows "-" for recently created build configuration
  • TW-34859 - TeamCity does not destroy ClearCase processes
  • TW-34888 - Documentation on Git/Mercurial has "Branch Name" setting description, while it is not present on the actual VCS root settings page
  • TW-34896 - Deadlock in org.apache.maven.wagon.providers.http.commons.logging.impl.WeakHashtable.put
  • TW-34960 - Hanging Upload file dialog on some inputs
  • TW-34961 - Add logging on modifying files in the data directory via web UI
  • TW-34962 - A file can be uploaded into a directory with common prefix of the allowed one
  • TW-34970 - IndexOutOfBoundsException in BuildQueuePriorityOrdering.updateMovedItemsPriorities
  • TW-34972 - Error in the log: bean targetVcsRootUsages not found within scope
  • TW-34980 - Dependent build is not marked as failed to start if dependency fails because of internal error
  • TW-34985 - 'Stopping' text is over the info triangle
  • TW-34986 - Agent is displayed as compatible while it excludes the build configuration by custom configurations set
  • TW-34991 - An exception occured during reading revision information: An error occurred while trying to deserialize AgentCheckoutDirRevisionInfo
  • TW-34995 - Page content jumps for some build configurations (related to permissions and health items)
  • TW-34998 - Incomplete exception message when wrong passphrase provided for uploaded ssh key
  • TW-35010 - uploadedKeySelected is not defined when adding new Git VCS root
  • TW-35033 - Cannot specify fields for elements with dashes in the name, like snapshot-dependencies
  • TW-35037 - Passphrase filed is missing when editing VCS root with Custom Private Key
  • TW-35063 - TeamCity 8.1 does not handle quoted strings with spaces being passed to Powershell correctly.
  • TW-35068 - PowerShell runner working directory has changed in TeamCity 8.1
  • TW-35069 - Powershell script is deleted after execution.
  • TW-35081 - Cannot run on agents that use IBM's Java
  • TW-35087 - TeamCity 8.1 "Executable with parameters" command line can process the parameters in a different way (extra quotes can be added, different % treatment)
  • TW-35095 - Update to 8.1 breaks jira integration
  • TW-35100 - Error occurred in search indexer: method ...BuildPromotionProblems.getBuild must not return null
  • TW-35104 - Server side checkout rename ".nuget" folder to "nuget"
  • TW-35107 - VSTest.Console Tests runner is erroneously bundled with 8.1
  • TW-35111 - Several "Removing associated data for removed builds from tables" activities can run at the same time
  • TW-35113 - IE8: Database connection setup screen is broken in IE8: irrelevant settings are not hidden
  • TW-35144 - Stuck loading icon in the investigation/mute dialog
  • TW-35148 - Failed to start build: Error while applying patch: Unable to update VCS revision information on agent
  • TW-35174 - Build can be canceled with comment: Build and agent have finished unexpectedly or were killed. (Disk cache is not initialized. case)
  • TW-35262 - Cannot copy a project with nesting more then 4: JavaScript "Maximum call stack size exceeded"
  • TW-35280 - MySQL DEADLOCK has encountered, causing TC to "hang" for long periods
  • TW-35281 - Changes are not detected in build configuration in the case of shared VCS root
  • TW-35286 - VCS checkout rule dialogue broken
  • TW-35296 - Unclear error: Error downloading artifacts zip: IOException: This archive contains unclosed entries.
  • TW-35301 - TeamCity can add some changes to a build post-factum
  • TW-35304 - JIRA integration broken
  • TW-35307 - Entering 150 license keys show HTTP error
  • TW-35311 - --old-import option is not recognized by maintainDB tool
  • TW-35375 - -C option works incorrectly in maintainDB tool.
  • TW-35393 - Unnecessary escaping in project and build configuration name in "created" note
  • TW-35394 - JavaScript injection via project/build configuration name in Edit Clean-up Rules dialog
  • TW-35409 - ArtifactPublishingFailedException: String index out of range: -1
  • TW-35415 - Wrong pending changes after several VCS root settings modifications


  • TW-35215 - Test History for a muted test in root project throws an exception
  • TW-35284 - TFS Error: : @NotNull method jetbrains/buildServer/buildTriggers/vcs/tfs/commands/TfsCommand_GetCurrentVersion.getCurrentVersion must not return null

Performance Problem

  • TW-35152 - High CPU server usage probably related to many users on the server
  • TW-35170 - Slow VCS root persisting if VCS root id changed
  • TW-35186 - Slow calculation of related configurations during changes persisting
  • TW-35199 - Slow binding of changes to build configurations
  • TW-35245 - REST: Slow build details request in 8.1 (related to getFullStatistics)
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