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  • TeamCity 8.0.6 (build 27767) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.0 Release Notes


  • TW-31731 - VS Addin: Support Visual Studio 2013

Usability Problem

  • TW-29699 - Note what Authentication token is on Log in as Super user page
  • TW-33880 - VCS trigger runs build in every feature branch on change in default branch


  • TW-24478 - A user subscribed for failing build notification has received email when a build was cancelled
  • TW-26164 - Server test status should detect all failed tests on icon
  • TW-30843 - All builds in Teamcity stuck in "Checking for changes"
  • TW-31077 - Chrome/Chromium will not display artifacts file with comma
  • TW-31168 - Cryptic VCS error: "Low-level patch stream is closed" (actual error message concealed)
  • TW-31280 - No builds are starting on EC2 agents: "Build startup blocked for an unknown reason"
  • TW-31338 - Redundant fetch operations in the git submodules when main repository refers to non-existing commit
  • TW-32949 - Visual Studio 2013 solution file format breaks .NET inspections runner
  • TW-33057 - Edit configuration pages load slow - VCS loads very slow
  • TW-33078 - 'PlatformInfo must be found' error while running R# inspections in TeamCity
  • TW-33166 - Failed to perform checkout on agent: Timeout exception
  • TW-33290 - TeamCity Inspections fail after upgrading projects to .NET 4.5.1
  • TW-33323 - Sample plugin doesn't work
  • TW-33343 - Idea plugin: Remote run Git changes doesn't work
  • TW-33444 - TeamCity Tray Notifier fails to install in Windows 8.1
  • TW-33479 - Duplicate changes cause Vcs Trigger to run redundant builds
  • TW-33501 - "Disk Usage" page shows wrong numbers
  • TW-33526 - Do not assign new builds for the cloud agent if its status is not RUNNING.
  • TW-33548 - NullPointerException in WaffleBasedNTLMHttpAuthenticationStrategy
  • TW-33564 - Cannot run MSBuild under Mono after upgrade to 8.0.5
  • TW-33581 - TeamCity seems to hang or slow for a while with Perforce when a large branch is created.
  • TW-33594 - Code Coverage, Inspections and Duplicates are not available in TeamCity 8.0 integration with Idea 13
  • TW-33665 - Not all and duplicated build configurations are displayed in "Available Inspections Data" chooser
  • TW-33700 - Relative subrepo ssh urls resolved incorrectly
  • TW-33813 - Cases of JavaScript injection via crafted URL
  • TW-33815 - Stored JavaScript injection in build triggers
  • TW-33847 - Local cloud plugin example bug in image details page
  • TW-33905 - Agent can`t find tfs assembly if Team Explorer 2013 is used
  • TW-33906 - null pointer exception during cleanup
  • TW-33937 - Build with Gradle with parallel-threads=4 failed
  • TW-33959 - Live lock during locking VCS roots for changes collecting
  • TW-33986 - No pending change can be displayed for a git branch which was pushed with "force"
  • TW-33989 - Agent Side Checkout: Incomplete working copy
  • TW-34014 - Builds failing when checking git submodules
  • TW-34128 - Perforce agent-side checkout can fail with P4 2013.3 and p4 build farm (no client exists case)
  • TW-34194 - Error while applying patch - due to failed perforce clean-up
  • TW-34197 - MS SQL: Possible deadlock in build start
  • TW-34292 - Due to limited number of threads processing agent messages and the way how threads are distributed among builds some build with a lot of messages can affect other builds
  • TW-34304 - Problem with Perforce checking for changes
  • TW-34378 - User with view project permissions can get VCS root settings


  • TW-33755 - An exception has occurred during action 'TeamCity.TestsView.RunTests' execution. ReSharper facade wasn't initialized
  • TW-33765 - Collection was of a fixed size.

Performance Problem

  • TW-26836 - Slow pages loading (related to ArtifactDependencyChangesProvider.getDownloadedArtifacts)
  • TW-32015 - Build configuration page loading slow post 8.0.3 upgrade (because of FrequentCleanCheckoutReport)
  • TW-33088 - Slow build configuration copying (many users case)
  • TW-33544 - Speed up notification rules processor for the case with big number of users and groups
  • TW-33624 - Changes collecting is slow in Perforce (changes are collected for the whole repository by default)
  • TW-33790 - Shared resources locks checker works too slow


  • TW-34100 - Bundle dotCover 2.6
  • TW-33990 - Support .NET 4.5.1 as a Target Framework in .NET Inspections runner
  • TW-32905 - Support TFS 2013
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