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  • TeamCity 8.0.5 (build 27692) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.0 Release Notes


  • TW-31727 - Support 'Visual Studio 2013 is installed on agent' frequently used requirement
  • TW-31728 - Ensure build agent detects VS2013 and Microsoft Build Tools 2013
  • TW-32956 - Support NUnit 2.6.3


  • TW-18829 - TeamCity can stop checking for changes for some VCS roots if total number of root instances exceeds 1000
  • TW-20427 - Perforce agent side checkout hangs on agent
  • TW-23821 - "The token supplied to the function is invalid" and other errors from NTLM authentication without clear reason (after server restart)
  • TW-24183 - Git server-side checkout with password authentication fails
  • TW-24217 - Unclear EC2 error: "Instance was not started by TeamCity"
  • TW-29369 - IDEA plugin. Disable Debug Remotely button when Remote Run Configuration is selected for debug.
  • TW-29455 - Build cannot start due to SQL exception: "data exception: string data, right truncation" in query: insert into final_artifact_dependency
  • TW-29611 - "Step processing context is null" in XmlReportPlugin
  • TW-30038 - Remote debug from Idea doesn't show list of compatible configurations
  • TW-30851 - Build Failure conditions are run against diagnostics from remote run (personal builds)
  • TW-30904 - DotCover profilier cannot initialize on Windows 8
  • TW-31036 - Can't fetch
  • TW-31330 - Display server Java version on diagnostics page
  • TW-31638 - Still getting OOM while checking for changes in Perforce (large changelist case)
  • TW-31999 - IDEA project runner requires at least Java 1.6 error on IDEA Project Runner start (probably caused by JavaDowser)
  • TW-32300 - Source code is not available in IDEA Coverage report
  • TW-32308 - "Pause / activate build configuration" permission works incorrect without "Edit project" permission
  • TW-32311 - Some nodes in change detail panel do not show full path
  • TW-32410 - Unexpected error when navigating to ~/agents.html
  • TW-32493 - Significant memory leaks on My Changes page.
  • TW-32505 - Deleted folder with all contained files being checked out to the agent (UTF-16 support case)
  • TW-32508 - Build with Git snapshot dependency builds wrong revision
  • TW-32533 - Check for pending changes does not accept "Build configuration ID"
  • TW-32540 - Invalid directory name when pull/clone from mercurial
  • TW-32724 - Artefact Dependencies - Artefacts Paths Treat Multiple Blank Lines as Duplicate Paths
  • TW-32733 - Correct misprint in common.ftp.dist template.
  • TW-32741 - Settings tab in configuration page not updated for "JDK home" (Gradle runner)
  • TW-32756 - Cannot convert IdeaJdk of type class jetbrains.buildServer.ideaSettings.IdeaJdk to class jetbrains.buildServer.ideaSettings.JavaSdk
  • TW-32794 - Branch label on a change log starts pointing to a wrong revision once branch is removed from repository
  • TW-32800 - "The changes are not yet saved" stripe is always shown on build configuration general settings page if artifacts paths field consists of several lines
  • TW-32807 - VCS Trigger runs builds in old branches after cleanup
  • TW-32815 - 'Show files' checkobox doesn't work on 'Changes' tab of queued build page.
  • TW-32845 - There is a problem with cmake plugin for TeamCity 8.0
  • TW-32874 - Ruby Environment Configurator failed to create rvm gemset
  • TW-32936 - bean bean not found within scope on issue log view
  • TW-32959 - Artifacts publishing does not work if path contains ..
  • TW-32969 - REST debug request for database query reports: ServiceNotFoundException: The service of type jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.db.SQLRunnerEx
  • TW-32989 - Xml report plugin doesn't parse single report
  • TW-33014 - MS SQL: in some unusual DB configurations, function getTableColumnsMetadata() can see other schemas of the current database
  • TW-33022 - Backup from UI with Java 1.6 produces a zip file that is incompatible with some zip tools
  • TW-33028 - Link "This build is used by other builds" leads to Dependencies\Downloaded artifacts, instead of Dependencies\Delivered artifacts
  • TW-33046 - TeamCity opens too many connections to TFS server from tfs-native.exe processes (Team Foundation services are not available exception)
  • TW-33058 - Exception when attempting to edit any Run configuration in Intellij IDEA 12.1 (caused by TeamCity plugin 8.1.x)
  • TW-33094 - TestNG runner does not start from IDEA runner on Java 1.5 and UnsupportedClassVersionError is not reported as error in build log
  • TW-33126 - FxCop installation cannot be defined by the user via system.FxCopRoot
  • TW-33153 - Add cleanup start/finish messages into the teamcity-server.log
  • TW-33166 - Failed to perform checkout on agent: Timeout exception
  • TW-33198 - "all builds finished" is shown while there is a running build among dependencies
  • TW-33295 - [VS Addin] Delayed commit error reported as exception
  • TW-33320 - Hanging p4 processes on server (inaccessible perforce server)
  • TW-33330 - Extra (old) files under dotNetPackagesSupport\bin


  • TW-27760 - at ThrowWhatYouCanLogger.JetBrains.Util.ILogger.LogOrThrowException : This action cannot be executed on the DelayedCommitExecutor:96 thread. It's only
  • TW-32771 - in IDEA Code Coverage
  • TW-32998 - NPE in Amazon EC2 support
  • TW-33350 - Log in fails with "Error accessing server" while running on Jetty

Performance Problem

  • TW-25037 - Hanging while sending huge (several Gb's) Remote run patch from Vs Addin
  • TW-29561 - Do not retrieve non-needed SVN properties during changes collecting to avoid memory problems
  • TW-32422 - Slow groups listing in case of many projects
  • TW-32543 - Complex Ant script can slow down a build
  • TW-32616 - Lots of calls DummyBuildPromotion.isValidBranch
  • TW-33115 - Slow calculation of Agent's status comment
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