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  • TeamCity 8.0.4 (build 27616) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.0 Release Notes


  • TW-26315 - Support external project and build configuration identifiers in command line remote run tool
  • TW-24246 - Support teamcity.perforce.workspace.cleanup option in file

Usability Problem

  • TW-32256 - Support filtering in "Add configuration for" chooser on command line remote run tool UI
  • TW-32220 - Would like test history over parent project
  • TW-31905 - Destination directory might not be cleaned during artifact dependencies resolution
  • TW-31589 - Queued build page: display content of the queued build popup over time to start without popups
  • TW-31311 - Build cannot run on any agent
  • TW-30999 - full rescan in progress prevents expansion of projects
  • TW-12645 - Possible 'Command Line Tool Settings' page improvements


  • TW-32381 - Assign Build Configurations to Priority Class Filter only searches the first parent project of a build configuration
  • TW-32296 - No way to undo changes to "Show canceled and failed to start builds" option
  • TW-32287 - Strange exception on server start: Duplicate entry 'project366' for key 'PRIMARY' in table project
  • TW-32285 - java.lang.NullPointerException at com.turn.ttorrent.client.Client.setAnnounceInterval(
  • TW-32272 - Wrong pending changes in branch for which no matching VCS branch is found
  • TW-32261 - VCS username is not escaped in changes view: injection
  • TW-32191 - Cleanup doesn't accept path without patterns for artifacts cleanup
  • TW-32189 - Wrong (unescaped) URL in prevHref/nextHref links in REST responses
  • TW-32098 - Cleanup: Too slow query in BackgroundBuildDataCleanerImpl.calculateRemovedBuildsIds()
  • TW-32070 - Occasionally wrong pending changes (from another branch) can be displayed for a build configuration (+ builds triggering on branches without changes)
  • TW-32057 - ImproveUI texts: NuGet Pack and Publish pages
  • TW-32056 - Search indexes are not up to date
  • TW-32017 - Support external VCS root IDs in
  • TW-32006 - Project scope can be incorrect on My Investigations page
  • TW-31990 - Unexpected error while trying to configure Command Line Remote Run tool.
  • TW-31985 - Upgrade 7.1.x to 8.0.x on windows server
  • TW-31982 - Build configurations navigation stops working after editing VCS root settings
  • TW-31981 - After tag rename build configuration overview might stop showing builds
  • TW-31951 - Failed Tests are not grouped by package
  • TW-31916 - NPE in TeamCityJpsLoggerFactory.logException
  • TW-31872 - Upgrade from 7.1.4 to 8.0.3 failed: VcsRootNotFoundException: VCS root does not exist
  • TW-31868 - UI and REST API calls blocked
  • TW-31836 - Changes page doesn't show builds for personal change of another person
  • TW-31832 - Cannot trigger custom build via HTTP with TC8 Password fields
  • TW-31828 - Warning when authentication module is changed by Super User
  • TW-31827 - OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space (Git + HTTPS)
  • TW-31821 - Build using custom build meta-runner fails when custom parameter has type Password.
  • TW-31813 - Run button layout broken in promote dialog
  • TW-31809 - Different buildtype id is returned in system property
  • TW-31799 - Browse dependency artifacts link does not take branch into account
  • TW-31758 - git Agent checks out wrong revision
  • TW-31718 - if the rake runner's bundle exec option is checked, bundle exec is not executed from the working directory specified
  • TW-31687 - Triggered builds with snapshot dependency and git vcs root immediately treated as 'History'
  • TW-31674 - Successful IDEA project runner exit code on error in Application-type run configuration
  • TW-31661 - Artifacts with spaces in the name are saved with plus signs by the browsers
  • TW-31594 - Annoying messages Failed to process MSBuild event
  • TW-31574 - Settings page for XCode build crashes with Unexpected Error (bean appleData not found within scope)
  • TW-31564 - One build configuration always shows "This build is outdated (more recent build is already finished)"
  • TW-31549 - Error loading source names map from file
  • TW-31547 - 'Users' link from user's notification rules editing leads to the user's General tab
  • TW-31544 - Improve texts in UI: NuGet Installer page, Settings and NuGet packages tab
  • TW-31519 - Remote debug fails with NoSuchMethodException
  • TW-31507 - Blocker: VCS Externals issue with TeamCity 8 and SVN
  • TW-31477 - RVM does not work when specifiying default for an interpreter
  • TW-31310 - BUILD SUCCESSFUL in build log in case of compilation error in IntelliJ IDEA project runner
  • TW-31305 - Build Queue page doesn't refresh
  • TW-31227 - Extracted RakeRunner MetaRunner fails with missing gemfile error
  • TW-30978 - Project administration popups opened via 'more' are not closed automatically
  • TW-30843 - All builds in Teamcity stuck in "Checking for changes"
  • TW-30398 - No warning for invalid build parameter value after value reset
  • TW-30271 - Do not retry git agent-side fetch on timeout (timeout happens on twice the set time)
  • TW-30263 - Red "failed to start" build error box is not displayed on new snapshot dependency failures
  • TW-30178 - Problem with the MagicConstant inspection on TeamCity 8.0.1
  • TW-29770 - After upgrade to version 8, can't run builds from Gerrit: Object ... is not a commit
  • TW-29611 - "Step processing context is null" in XmlReportPlugin
  • TW-28482 - TeamCity ocassionally does not detect new large changelists in Perforce workspace
  • TW-28371 - JDK_* can reference older Java then present on agent
  • TW-25035 - Branch specification change to include new branches, triggers builds in those, potentially resulting in lots of builds
  • TW-23418 - Do not respond with HTML page content on 401 (Unauthorized) error for automated clients (agent, IDE)
  • TW-23313 - A change may be not detected occasionally in Perforce VCS root
  • TW-17412 - No test for investigation entry messages in the server log
  • TW-9205 - On old SVN tool detection suggest to check settings in TeamCity options


  • TW-32096 - Unexpected error in jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.db.DatabaseDeadlockException:

Performance Problem

  • TW-32339 - Speedup build artifacts cleanup for the case when there are many builds in history (more than 150k)
  • TW-32015 - Build configuration page loading slow post 8.0.3 upgrade (because of FrequentCleanCheckoutReport)
  • TW-32002 - Artifacts take very long to open the first time a configuration is used
  • TW-31978 - TFS Agent side checkout 'updating sources' takes far longer that expected
  • TW-31902 - TC 8.0.3 seems to be slower than 7.1.4 (very high CPU)
  • TW-31852 - TeamCity freezes after server configuration loaded
  • TW-31819 - RemoteRunBranchSpecProvider can be too slow calculating additional branch specifications
  • TW-31703 - Slow graph optimization for big chains causes 30 seconds delay before build starts
  • TW-31536 - Scheduling trigger can take a lot of CPU if there are many pending changes but all of them are filtered out by trigger rules
  • TW-30888 - Slow project copy (related to UserModelImpl.refreshCachedUsersRoles)


  • TW-32307 - Authentication, Add Module button, fix capitalization
  • TW-30180 - Improve texts on the General Settings of the build configuration page
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