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  • TeamCity 8.0.1 (build 27435) Release Notes
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Usability Problem

  • TW-11919 - Windows installer: Clarify <TeamCity Data Directory>


  • TW-19911 - File diff for an old change is not displayed if change has several duplicates in different VCS roots
  • TW-24621 - Missing main-config.xml file is not reported in UI
  • TW-25142 - Wrong main-config.xml file content - duplicating entries
  • TW-27491 - Wrong personal patch created by Eclipse plugin if there are whitespaces in paths (escaped paths (with %20) are used)
  • TW-28210 - Add project id in configuration parameters
  • TW-28558 - Error in UI on running build: bean dependenciesBean not found within scope
  • TW-28601 - Send the total licensed number of agents in usage statistics
  • TW-28654 - Eclipse Teamcity plugin v7.1.0.24400 could not find suitable files for remote run with GIT VCS
  • TW-28939 - Compile errors from several compilers are mixed
  • TW-29352 - Executed JavaScript code in user input on saving server Authentication settings
  • TW-29438 - No proper escaping in error message in copy project dialog
  • TW-29448 - JavaScript injection in run custom build dialog via artifacts dependencies tag and branch fields
  • TW-29612 - Extra scroll bar for windows try notifier out of its main content
  • TW-29722 - Project can be incorrect in investigation/mute dialog after recent build configuration move
  • TW-29723 - Server installer appears in long "Not responding" state before starting to copy files
  • TW-29730 - Selecting the "modified in template" takes you to incorrect place
  • TW-29737 - Some classes are not included into open API JavaDoc in 8.0
  • TW-29745 - Build Problems block on build results is collapsed
  • TW-29756 - Files are left in the temp directory after normal server shut down (hg templates)
  • TW-29773 - Can't save TC settings while enable "Guest user login" option
  • TW-29775 - E-mail notifications still do not show full project name
  • TW-29778 - TeamCity doesn't show changes in build configuration with git VCS root and annotated tag as a default branch
  • TW-29790 - No active branches grouping in branches drop-down
  • TW-29792 - Custom charts do not work for newly created build configurations
  • TW-29793 - Parameter list (Agent Requirements) not updated after deleting parameter from parent project.
  • TW-29797 - Getting Multiple "Unable to Collect Changes" Errors Since TeamCity 8.0 Upgrade
  • TW-29803 - PowerShell Runner Build Step incorrectly Redirects temporary ps file.
  • TW-29806 - Compilation error: "Eclipse Batch Compiler was not found in classpath" ()
  • TW-29815 - List of projects associated with an agent pool is not due ordered
  • TW-29823 - Full project hierarchy should be shown for test investigations on my investigations page
  • TW-29837 - Usage statistics blocks can be shown not aligned
  • TW-29838 - Popup for a pending change is shown only once
  • TW-29863 - NPE on agent shutdown in jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.BuildAgentImpl$8.addHandler
  • TW-29873 - Build problem can duplicate in build status text
  • TW-29876 - Nuget Dependency Trigger failing to find Teamcity feed
  • TW-29879 - MaintainDB: Exception handling: sometimes it hides meaningful exceptions with meaningless wrappers
  • TW-29885 - Backup: OOM when exporting tables with large string fields or CLOBs
  • TW-29888 - JSP Error: Cannot read property: graph (NPE from DAGLayoutImpl.init)
  • TW-29894 - Scrolling in diff view becomes slower and slower with time
  • TW-29905 - Popups shown on icon mouseover do not hide
  • TW-29922 - Test Duration Graph is not shown in popup on Tests page
  • TW-29936 - Project change log changes graph can have rendering issues (lines over build circles)
  • TW-29954 - alone % may be removed while reference resolution
  • TW-29955 - Stop cleanup button can be shown to users without necessary permissions
  • TW-29998 - Error "Cannot find a vertex for value: <commit hash here>" during collecting changes in mercurial VCS root

Performance Problem

  • TW-14598 - Git clone through ssh on agents is slow
  • TW-15508 - Checkout on agent is slower that from command line
  • TW-26034 - Long Overview page loading after server restart (current running build stage restoring)
  • TW-26924 - Client side git checkout hangs on submodule step (agent side checkout is slow)
  • TW-29694 - Large CPU load by DiskUsage (build configuration with lots of builds case)
  • TW-29789 - Very slow project configuration files loading after modifying main-config.xml
  • TW-29798 - Building custom branch of forked repo takes huge amount of time after upgrade to 8.0


  • TW-28092 - Bad icons on Mac with Retina display after auto-refresh
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