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  • TeamCity 7.1.4 (build 24331) Release Notes
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  • TW-20141 - Support mercurial mirrors on agent for subrepositories
  • TW-20909 - login
  • TW-24766 - Display description attribute for mstest test reports
  • TW-25025 - Support file system path in log4j.configuration

Usability Problem

  • TW-24225 - Building an invalid branch causes a persistent error in UI
  • TW-24849 - TeamCity + IDEA 12. Custom build parameters in Customize build dialog are difficult to read with Dark Theme.


  • TW-11196 - Pre-tested commit from Vs Addin loses perforce job attached to changelist
  • TW-19480 - TeamCity can incorrectly detect new problems with "Ignore failures not caused by my changes" is on
  • TW-20274 - Gradle runner reports failure messages with status 'warning' which aren't visible in the build overview
  • TW-20343 - Queue page probable JavaScript memory leak
  • TW-22126 - .NET Inspections runner should not execute solution wide analysis in case it was disabled via R#'s settings profile
  • TW-22656 - Run build on revision from Change Log page redirects to Overview
  • TW-23159 - IE10 (win8): "Create Account" and "Login" pages content jumps to the top of the page
  • TW-24214 - Mercurial plugin parses some dates incorrectly
  • TW-24357 - Set EnableNuGetPackageRestore to avoid NuGet issues for build configurations with NuGet
  • TW-24401 - Probably memory leak on home/Overview page
  • TW-24677 - Opera: unable to edit a custom script in the Command line runner configuration
  • TW-24707 - TC Agents all hanging on "Checking for changes" after SVN Server outage
  • TW-24847 - eclipse plugin exception on pre tested commit
  • TW-24863 - SVN checkout on agent doesn't use specified working copy format
  • TW-24864 - MercurialXmlLogParser.parseDate throws exception: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "144E.144E22"
  • TW-24873 - Possible JavaScript injection on edit VCS root page
  • TW-24879 - text boxes scroll themselves upon keyboard input (firefox only)
  • TW-24889 - TC 7.1.3. Confusing msg in UI when user types wrong password.
  • TW-24906 - All builds may "hang" on start or finish (hanging VCS operations blocked all VCS executor threads)
  • TW-24909 - All VCS operations and builds starting can hang (all VCS executors in SshSessionPool.openSession case)
  • TW-24922 - Maven build extension are not loaded during the build
  • TW-24935 - Artifact dependencies and copy to network drive
  • TW-24950 - Unexpected error on the Current problems page
  • TW-24978 - GIT http authentication does not work if the password contains & symbol
  • TW-24991 - Single VCS triggering "plus" rule with comment matching does not prevent builds without matching comment from triggering
  • TW-25018 - Failed to build patch for build # {build id=1940}, VCS root:, due to error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • TW-25024 - Log4j configuration errors are not reported
  • TW-25027 - Clean checkout can be caused by unnecessary Perforce client/workspace deletion
  • TW-25070 - Can't run any Java-based runners by Java 1.7.0_10 and Java1.7.0_11 (incorrect file.separator property value)
  • TW-25087 - Git: URI not supported
  • TW-25144 - Too wide dialog after logon fail
  • TW-25181 - Eclipse plugin doesnt work with perforce 2012.3
  • TW-25185 - Cannot list files from Perforce VCS root which have spaces or other symbols in the path (e.g. in Xcode runner schemes selector)
  • TW-25192 - Perforce server side checkout fails probably because directory name contains # or + characters
  • TW-25198 - Subsequent builds started with the Finish Build Trigger can generate a new chain if there are several heads/top builds in the chain
  • TW-25224 - Problems with NuGet dependency Triggers in Teamcity
  • TW-25258 - JavaScript error on Edit Artifact Dependency: Cannot set property 'InnerHTML' of null
  • TW-25262 - 'Invalid option: -u' error in Vs Addin when using old p4 client (2008 or older)
  • TW-25273 - Browser leaking memory
  • TW-25296 - TeamCity can build a wrong patch for build configuration with custom checkout directory
  • TW-25308 - Can't insert test into 'Artifact paths' text box in Edit configuration screen on IE9.
  • TW-25313 - Git hangs in getCurrentState operation for more than 10 hours
  • TW-25315 - MSBuild disable wrapping script ignores targets
  • TW-25321 - Unable to determine the workspace TFS
  • TW-25379 - Cannot add new VCS username
  • TW-25411 - Popup layers are misplaced in Opera
  • TW-25416 - NPE on attempt to save build failure condition
  • TW-25472 - Eclipse plugin License Agreement has incorrect Parties section
  • TW-25474 - Parties section of End-User License Agreement in TeamCity Tray notifier setup is incorrect:
  • TW-25513 - Copying and Pasting into text box clears the text box in IE
  • TW-25602 - TeamCity fails to collect changes when type of VCS root changed
  • TW-25761 - Notification emails ignore line breaks in compilation error messages


  • TW-25190 - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 17 on User list in administration area
  • TW-25361 - TeamCity not picking up changes for one VCS root after upgrade to 7.1.3 - and sporadic UnsupportedOperationException errors for same VCS root
  • TW-25485 - Comparison method violates its general contract!
  • TW-25767 - The given key was not present in the dictionary.

Performance Problem

  • TW-24447 - Slow performance in Teamcity 7.1.2 (VcsRootInstancesManagerImpl.findVcsRootInstancesInDatabase is called too often)
  • TW-25060 - High CPU usage on test search
  • TW-25096 - TeamCity performing cleanup for two days now (HSQLDB)
  • TW-25245 - Web UI: memory leaks in FF 18
  • TW-25619 - Build server cpu and memory usage spike when build with large number of changed files in it's commits starts


  • TW-21786 - Project file type "IntelliJ IDEA (ipr)" should probably be generalized to "IntelliJ IDEA"
  • TW-25097 - Cancel button text of the proposal to restart IDE after plugin update download should be "Postpone" instead of "Cancel"
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