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  • TeamCity 6.0.3 Release Notes
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  • TW-14520 - FlexUnit tests ran by flexmojos-maven-plugin are not listed in TeamCity's tests tab.

Usability Problem

  • TW-14827 - Turn "filter by solution" local changes filter off by default
  • TW-11750 - Make "Path to Subversion" option more clear


  • TW-15221 - Eclipse plugin doesn't set properties
  • TW-15296 - Cleanup after some archived-build deletions takes 6.5hr and counting on MS-SQL hosted on VM
  • TW-15335 - Xml report plugin eats too much CPU
  • TW-15517 - Message logged inside a test makes test failed
  • TW-15657 - TeamCity 6.0.2 died - Cloud integration - NullReferenceException when retrieving list of instances
  • TW-15256 - Invalid backup can be created when backing up configurations only (missing metadata-version.dat file)
  • TW-15305 - Changes might be not detected (exclude checkout rule from one of build configurations is considered global for some reason)
  • TW-15320 - Cannot see personal change details via REST API
  • TW-15514 - Editing the VCS root name might not change available build.vcs.number.* properties
  • TW-15546 - Incorrect artifact publishing path is used by the build (checkout directory is a substring case)
  • TW-15554 - Two independent servers and agents only sharing the perforce user id can affect each other
  • TW-15700 - Perforce checkout on agent error: Cannot start process, the working directory does not exist
  • TW-15755 - PostgreSQL - TeamCity could not work with database when their tables are placed in user-defined schema
  • TW-14943 - Allow to change agent compatible build configuration before agent authorization
  • TW-15337 - Include SVNKit version 1.3.5 or later
  • TW-15385 - Attempt to clean old team city Perforce workspaces results in build failure on unrelated agent
  • TW-15425 - Out of memory exception on many configurations and no database data (complex checkout rules case)


  • TW-14614 - TF248021: You have specified a query string that is not valid when you use the query method for a flat list of work items. You cannot specify a parame
  • TW-15237 - Login is processing
  • TW-15560 - View node is no longer valid:
  • TW-15561 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Performance Problem

  • TW-12039 - LDAP Synchronisation queries for all LDAP Users


  • TW-15338 - Incorrect Grammer on Error Message
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