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  • TeamCity 5.1.1 Release Notes
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  • TW-7954 - MSBuild build may not rebuild assembly after personal build if no rebuild option is set.
  • TW-10741 - Agent-side checkout for Git
  • TW-11815 - Support NUnit 2.5.5


  • TW-4581 - For tests' failures Teamcity ignores Exception message and consider only Exception Stacktrace.
  • TW-11272 - xUnit Tests within MSBuild are reported twice
  • TW-11304 - "git.executable.path" agent property does not support references
  • TW-11629 - Unable to run unit tests on agent with MSBuild 4.0 when mixed mode assembly is built against version 'v2.0.50727'
  • TW-11666 - Failure message is not shown for JUnit-style test result files (from JSTestDriver)
  • TW-11680 - NCover3 coverage (on .NET 4) leads to crash
  • TW-11740 - User without role "System administrator" can reset "JavaScript/CSS cache"
  • TW-11757 - ClearCase: file removed and re-added with the same name doesn't appear in checkout directory
  • TW-11794 - Change log's "Show builds" option is shared between Project and Build configuration change log
  • TW-11799 - Document Maven Code Coverage
  • TW-11804 - TC: 5.1 - It appears the .TRX Import is miscounting the number of failed/succeeded tests.
  • TW-11810 - Exception in IDEA plugin: RemoteBuildServer2.getLastFinished: org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: null values not supported by XML-RPC
  • TW-11817 - Having NCover enabled causes NullRef Exception
  • TW-11828 - stack trace when navigating to issue log
  • TW-11830 - Update Upgrade instructions to use new lib/jdbc directory for database drivers
  • TW-11835 - Watching paths: <no paths> message in the build log
  • TW-11839 - NAnt runner error on LINUX after upgrade
  • TW-11840 - Command Line Runner working directory has changed
  • TW-11844 - IDEA 10 - remote run for git is broken
  • TW-11854 - MSBuild and Solution runners resolved paths from the working directory but used to be from checkout directory
  • TW-11879 - Test can be mistakenly reported as failing since a more recent build then it actually fails from (builds with not all tests case)
  • TW-11900 - Upgrading to Teamcity 5.1 breaks build using NCover console with Teamcity dotnet nunitlauncher


  • TW-11782 - NPE when checkout on agent with SVN and file externals
  • TW-11811 - There was an error generating the XML document. Solution wasn't setted to Delayedcommit cookie for change id=127688
  • TW-11813 - Upgrading from 3.1 results in errors when viewing portal (parsing email-config.dtd case)
  • TW-11826 - There is no Application Shell running.
  • TW-11861 - Exception in IDEA plugin


  • TW-10826 - Duplicating "show stacktrace" link-button on the build details page when there is no test failure stacktrace to display
  • TW-11849 - Typo on "Properties and Environment Variables" page.
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