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  • TeamCity 2020.1.4 (build 78906) Release Notes
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Usability Problem

  • TW-63996 — Can't edit settings on Versioned Settings tab when context parameters are used
  • TW-67129 — Prompt parameter value is remembered in session after the run button is clicked
  • TW-62917 — Sakura UI: Assign investigation dialog reloads the page and doesn't expand build that was expanded


  • TW-67351 — Re-run dialog hangs if build has no snapshot dependencies
  • TW-62793 — Muted tests are displayed with status "Investigation was assigned to you" and are present in list of failed tests
  • TW-67205 — IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown during cleanup because of BuildPromotionEx#getProjectPathIds returns empty list
  • TW-65627 — Cannot pass a multiline value into a PowerShell parameter
  • TW-67291 — Incorrect links to documentation in UI
  • TW-67574 — Failed to apply changes from VCS to project settings: BuildType with empty uuid.
  • TW-67475 — [Gradle runner] jetbrains/buildServer/gradle/GradleRunnerConstants : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0
  • TW-67214 — Incorrect "isNewFailure" status calculation for composite builds on Tests page
  • TW-63685 — Broken quick links when using experimental UI, a custom server context, and a reverse proxy
  • TW-66495 — New failing tests in left pane shows tests from personal build
  • TW-67567 — TeamCity does not always build Pull Requests from Bitbucket Server
  • TW-64064 — Missing paused build type indicator on project overview (Builds view)
  • TW-67099 — NuGet search may create a bunch of concurrent requests which will hang server
  • TW-67126 — Git mirrors marked as invalid may consume tens of gigabytes of agent disk space
  • TW-67363 — First commit into non-existing Perforce path is not detected
  • TW-66116 — Perforce Client name should not be used to ready Client mapping
  • TW-67389 — Perforce. Checkout and Test connection fail with client, that is configured with view mapping like //depot/client name/
  • TW-58463 — "choose from VCS" icon is in a wrong place for NuGet steps
  • TW-67392 — Artifacts of composite builds dependencies are never cleaned up
  • TW-66981 — "Choose from VCS" icon has wrong location for Command Line, Inspections (IntelliJ IDEA) runners
  • TW-67220 — Promote build modal no longer closes after clicking run button
  • TW-67593 — Build can be wrongly marked as history if build chain is removed from the queue while checking for changes was still in progress
  • TW-67470 — No way to close popups until page is loaded
  • TW-67397 — Use x86 msbuild by default in .NET runner
  • TW-67225 — .NET Runner (vstest) and cumulative code coverage report from dotCover
  • TW-67390 — Inconsistent behavior of titles of favorite builds on Favorites page
  • TW-67461 — .NET dotCover failed on docker linux/linux
  • TW-67554 — Incorrect data in Grafana for some metrics (build configurations number, projects number affected)
  • TW-67553 — Mercurial missing in 2020.1.2 images
  • TW-67233 — ErrorPage retry button doesn't work
  • TW-67467 — HTTP 403 when saving changes in Cross-Server Project Popup
  • TW-67447 — StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in CustomKeyEncryptionStrategy.isEncrypted (after attempt to enable custom encryption key)
  • TW-67418 — <localRepository> tag (Maven local system repository specified in Maven settings.xml) doesn't evaluate refered environment variables
  • TW-60340 — TeamCity detects only first commit in Bitbucket PRs

Performance Problem

  • TW-67236 — High CPU usage because of many parallel artifact upload requests
  • TW-67385 — Git plugin on the agent keeps reference to a previous build instance when agent attempts to start a new build

Security Problem

1 security-related issue has been fixed.


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