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  • TeamCity 2020.1.3 (build 78866) Release Notes
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  • TW-60728 — Gradle tests: use "classDisplayName" and "displayName" instead of "className" and "name"
  • TW-66764 — Agents sidebar keyboard support improvements
  • TW-66088 — Add the ability to filter failed tests that don't have an investigator in them
  • TW-66881 — Agents sidebar: expand the sidebar on search
  • TW-66966 — Report disk usage metric on per-project basis, for top-level projects
  • TW-66932 — Support VS 2010, VS 2012 and MSBuild 4 in .NET runner
  • TW-56743 — Support DisplayName for Junit 5 tests run with Gradle

Usability Problem

  • TW-17056 — Provide an easy way to reset all parameters in run custom build dialog
  • TW-66714 — Do not show newly created secure tokens as used
  • TW-64743 — Clarify labels on perfmon tab to make it clear that Disk % means Disk I/O, not disk space
  • TW-66905 — Extra builds are diplayed on the Queued Builds page when all visible builds are removed from the queue after using "Show more" button.
  • TW-65655 — Add no changes text label for builds with no changes
  • TW-61831 — There are no hints for icons in the new build page
  • TW-59032 — Actions should not reload page in Sakura UI
  • TW-55031 — Do not remove artifacts of the pinned composite build on cleanup
  • TW-66658 — Dependency settings when rerunning a composite build
  • TW-66762 — Make PowerShell runner working directory property behave similarly to the Command Line runner


  • TW-67142 — Cloud image page does not update when navigating to another one
  • TW-66151 — Wrong assignment shown on build failure
  • TW-66255 — Update Agent Java dialog: unclear text
  • TW-37524 — Branch age should be based on Commit Date, not Author Date
  • TW-66164 — [SDK] SBuildType in BuildServerListener.buildTypeRegistered has wrong value for build configuration type
  • TW-32892 — Rebased git branch considered inactive
  • TW-67093 — Popup "Welcome to Experimental UI" is shown twice for a new user
  • TW-67161 — git config "remote" is lost during cleanup in copy which can cause subsequent mirror invalidation
  • TW-66090 — Build log: 'Build log is empty' error when 'Errors' mode is selected
  • TW-66789 — GitHub webhooks plugin reacts incorrectly on the 'unused' status in last_response when checking hooks
  • TW-66969 — Keep specific tag rule can not work if a build is tagged with multiple tags
  • TW-39967 — Argument for @NotNull parameter 'runTypeInfoKey' of BuildRunnerBean.getOrCreateRunTypeInfoByKey must not be null
  • TW-65731 — Pending changes link should include branch
  • TW-65402 — Build is shown as running in the chart for switching between builds
  • TW-67001 — Sakura UI is enabled for a user doesn't select switching to it
  • TW-63799 — New UI: there seems to be no way to determine when investigation was assigned
  • TW-67097 — [S3 Storage] Signed upload fails for artifacts with 2 spaces
  • TW-63923 — Specific failed tests are impossible to link
  • TW-67002 — Filtering by branch *and* tag does not work any more in the new UI
  • TW-63628 — Update IntelliJ IDEA versions available in Tools
  • TW-67048 — TeamCity prefers older revision in case when build has multiple VCS roots and new changes were detected in more than one VCS root (some reachable from the build branch and some are not)
  • TW-67160 — Build chain optimizer may not work properly in case of a long build chain and enabled versioned settingsTW-65387 — Not all build problems are displayed in the Build Overview page for dependent builds
  • TW-66674 — No builds are shown on agent history page
  • TW-67127 — Error message from different build config in build log
  • TW-66956 — Build queue page is not refreshed after some builds are removed from the queue manually.
  • TW-66931 — Incorrect revision used when specifying a change using Run Custom Build (same repository, two VCS roots, duplicate changes in DB)
  • TW-66593 — No revisions are saved into the database for a build occasionally (multi-node setup)
  • TW-66610 — Running build parameters are not compared properly with a finished build
  • TW-67015 — Invalid "Can't find channel" server health messages.
  • TW-62077 — No redirect to external storage when downloading artifacts of the composite build
  • TW-66952 — Improve builds metadata storage performance for queries with specified metadata key
  • TW-67063 — Maven reports "Option ignored: -Dmaven.repo.local" but actually uses the passed value
  • TW-66664 — Consider a presence of possible navigation items on a page when positioning the Action Menu
  • TW-66647 — "Build added to compare" navigation item doesn't disappear when a second build is added with "Add second build" button
  • TW-66663 — Correct texts related to "Compare builds" functionality
  • TW-66803 — Service message output appears in the wrong place (earlier) in the build log
  • TW-66834 — Trends view is corrupted if there are builds in queue
  • TW-66835 — Projects sidebar: don't focus item on hover
  • TW-66804 — Builds are triggered on unexpected branches after the change of VCS root parameters (multi node setup)
  • TW-66913 — VCS roots can be still edited in a project with a read-only admin UI
  • TW-66934 — NullPointerException in ProcessTreeTerminator.getCurrentPid
  • TW-66904 — "Build queue is empty" message is displayed incorrectly when all visible queued builds are removed.
  • TW-66841 — git plugin is overridden by the same version in the teamcity-server.log
  • TW-66684 — Wrong "unused token"
  • TW-66933 — MysqlDataTruncation on attempt to store data in final_artifact_dependency table (data truncation in source_build_type_id)
  • TW-67041 — Impossible to add a tag or a comment, which contains a letter "q"

Performance Problem

  • TW-67128 — Excessive memory usage in REST API call for branches with locator buildType:(affectedProject:(id:<project id>)),policy:ALL_BRANCHES,includeGroups:true
  • TW-34142 — Slow Flush queue (running for hours)
  • TW-66819 — Thread finishing a build in one project can be locked by a thread computing failed tests for a build in completely unrelated project
  • TW-66914 — Slow start of builds if they have a requirement referencing dep. parameter value from a dependency
  • TW-37827 — Slow build queue page when queue has a lot of builds
  • TW-63970 — Slow project page because of lots of SQL queries: select state from user_blocks where user_id = ? and block_type = ?
  • TW-66304 — Poor page opening time of build overview page in new UI comparing to the classical one.
  • TW-63555 — Slow UI requests because of interlocking in ProblemMutingServiceImpl.getTestsMuteInfoMap

Security Problem

1 security-related issue has been fixed.


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