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  • TeamCity 2020.1.2 (build 78726) Release Notes
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  • TW-66527 — Agent Push: provide full agent
  • TW-65357 — Option to show files for all commits in changes view of a build in experimental ui

Usability Problem

  • TW-66512 — agent view now no longer shows branch or configuration information
  • TW-66585 — Superfluous logging from docker plugin when agent is idle
  • TW-65899 — Agents sidebar: selecting an agent or pool scroll the sidebar to the top
  • TW-64743 — Clarify labels on perfmon tab to make it clear that Disk % means Disk I/O, not disk space
  • TW-64957 — Edit cloud profile page: sort cloud images by name
  • TW-62162 — Make it easier to select builds for comparison
  • TW-63238 — Missing 'Show diff between expected and actual values' for the test
  • TW-65390 — Build configuration page, compatible agents tab: some users are missing "Run" button


  • TW-62793 — Muted tests are displayed with status "Investigation was assigned to you" and are present in list of failed tests
  • TW-65497 — Do not spam teamcity-server.log with information about different time on a database
  • TW-66524 — Builds passing default -Dmaven.repo.local=/home/teamcity/.m2/repository and ignoring configured maven settings
  • TW-66586 — Endless versioned settings freezing in a build because of assertion error
  • TW-64461 — IllegalArgumentException Agent type with id (61626) not found on agent pools page after some agent was removed
  • TW-65820 — Stop cloud agent (Kubernetes). Idle time is wrong (too big) just before agent is stopped.
  • TW-48327 — Fail build if is not writable
  • TW-65790 — Kubernetes plugin failed to create Pod because of wrong settings (prefix/deployment name/pod template). No any information in TeamCity UI.
  • TW-66670 — "java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException" in teamcity-agent.log for an agent installed through Agent Push
  • TW-65772 — Agents -> Agent Push tab. "Loading. Please wait" progress message is displayed with unfriendly header "object MouseEvent"
  • TW-66587 — Changing investigation scope from test history page doesn't work properly
  • TW-65946 — Run build from cloud image on demand does not start a new agent, if there is a disabled agent for this image
  • TW-66594 — Error showing test metadata when artifacts served via S3 due to content-security-policy directive
  • TW-65139 — Expandable text area in Add New Parameter dialog is allowed to be expanded out of the dialog box
  • TW-66577 — Missed expand button aside the Project link in the Header
  • TW-66629 — Inapplicable settings finder may not detect changes in snapshot dependency options.
  • TW-65825 — DirectoryScanner.normalizePatterns is not happy though it should be
  • TW-65919 — Kube plugin: add validation for an agent prefix
  • TW-65918 — Create new Kubernetes cloud profile. Some authentication fields are mandatory, but it is possible to submit the form without values
  • TW-65917 — Kube plugin: disable "Test connection" button before all required fields are filled
  • TW-66567 — A build log of a build started via the custom run dialog may falsely contain warnings about inapplicable snapshot dependencies in versioned settings
  • TW-66602 — TeamCity UI doesn't work in IE11
  • TW-66632 — False-positive Swabra health item
  • TW-66635 — TeamCity does not disable commit hook mode for a VCS Root when a new change is detected by polling
  • TW-66518 — Settings digest can be different for a regular build and a build which was re-run from it
  • TW-61380 — Rerun option of a build selects the wrong build dependency from the build chain (dependency builds have the same build number)
  • TW-66643 — VcsManagerImpl.getFileContent throws exception on the secondary node
  • TW-60343 — Caches cleanup plugin: cleaning of log files can take a lot of time (hours)
  • TW-66500 — Correct the behavior for "Maximum number of changes" field in Slack Notifier.
  • TW-65928 — Create Kubernetes cloud Profile. Select Authentication strategy = "Amazon EKS". Check "Assume an IAM Role:" checkbox. Select another Authentication strategy:. "IAM Role ARN:" field is still shown
  • TW-65165 — 'Spot Fleet Config' field shows config from another cloud image
  • TW-55608 — Unclear disabled "Save" button in the Investigate / Mute dialog
  • TW-65398 — Custom run ignores "All enabled compatible agents" selection when diff patch is used
  • TW-65585 — Secondary node does not display the information that the cloud agent will be stopped soon.
  • TW-66519 — Slack notifier. Verbose message format parameters are stored in .xml if user switches from Verbose to Simple message format.
  • TW-66631 — Lots of "Address already in use: connect" errors from S3 plugin in teamcity-server.log

Performance Problem

  • TW-64936 — TeamCity Tab hangs or freezes
  • TW-66486 — Slow ChangePersister$VcsRootChangePersister.getBuildTypesAffectedByEdges
  • TW-66329 — "Finalize build settings" and "Publishing internal artifacts" take a lot of time.
  • TW-51113 — My Changes page hangs sometimes


  • TW-65816 — Correcting UI labels for Kubernetes plugin
  • TW-65916 — Align namespace chooser icon

Security Problem

2 security-related issues have been fixed.


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