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  • TeamCity 2019.2.4 (build 72059) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.2 Release Notes


  • TW-59412 — Warn on changing trigger in the way which can cause triggering of many builds
  • TW-62075 — Add links to tests history on Compare Builds page
  • TW-65415 — Provide docker images for Windows 1903


  • TW-65857 — "Unexpected error during Ajax request processing:" if ** or () was set in branch filter in schedule trigger
  • TW-62789 — "First failed in" shown in personal build when test actually succeeded
  • TW-65824 — Right warning about triggering of many builds is displayed only after saving schedule trigger (when magic wand for choosing branches was used)
  • TW-62420 — .NET runner ignore "/clp:NoSummary;NoItemAndPropertyList;ErrorsOnly" command-line parameter
  • TW-65695 — Disabling and then enabling of versioned settings can remove project configuration files from the repository (Subversion)
  • TW-65700 — Subversion commit support incorrectly handles commits where the same file is deleted and then added back
  • TW-65240 — Warning messages are not displayed in the build problem reason
  • TW-65151 — Uncaught TypeError on trying to edit Branches pattern in the Keep cleanup rules.
  • TW-62189 — Missing popup in coverage area on build page in Experimental UI.
  • TW-65784 — Broken link link in SBT runner
  • TW-65566 — Handshake error can be seen when trying to connect to some HTTPS URLs (caused by broken sunec.dll in bundled JRE)
  • TW-65662 — Report tab with # shows "404 - Artifact does not exist"
  • TW-65641 — Disable jgit internal auto git gc
  • TW-65702 — Cannot enable versioned settings in XML format in some project which has a sub project with own versioned settings configuration in the same repository
  • TW-60757 — Kotlin DSL: TeamCity fails to apply generated non-portable DSL settings (override existing settings in VCS case)
  • TW-65606 — Invalid warning message for clean checkout: Clean checkout due to: null
  • TW-64670 — Inconsistent behaviour in AWS S3 artifacts storage default AWS environment
  • TW-65581 — NuGet credentials do not work for .NET runner for external repos
  • TW-45233 — msbuild runner ignores /clp:PerformanceSummary parameter
  • TW-65596 — Maven Artifact Dependency trigger does not pass the environment from the project params to the trigger
  • TW-65557 — Build step script content can't be copied if a user hasn't edit rights for build type
  • TW-65612 — Cannot locate Maven: %teamcity.tool.maven.DEFAULT% doesn't exist or not a directory
  • TW-62871 — NPE in MavenEmbedderSession on a secondary node
  • TW-65529 — Invalid help link for Command in .NET runner
  • TW-65444 — Wrong directory is mention in logs for .NET Cleaner

Performance Problem

  • TW-65649 — Slow changes collecting in case of broken and then fixed submodule
  • TW-65474 — Slower server startup because of constant interlocking between VcsModificationChecker and VcsModificationsStorageImpl


  • TW-65116 — Hovered item overlaps with hide button in the sidebar
  • TW-63128 — Branch in repositories section on changes tab doesn't aligned properly
  • TW-65725 — Remove extra space in the health report "SVN VCS root usage has too broad include rule".
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