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  • TeamCity 2019.1.5 (build 66605) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.1 Release Notes

Security Problem

3 security problems have been fixed:

  • 1 major problem with potential exposure of some server-stored passwords to users without due permissions.
  • 2 problems concerned the possibility of a reverse tabnabbing in several TeamCity plugins.


  • TW-61510 — Use uploaded trusted SSL certificated for email notifications sending

Usability Problem

  • TW-61488 — Experimental UI shows time since the build started instead of finished


  • TW-52924 — [S3] Retry uploading to S3
  • TW-55003 — ProjectManagerImpl.getProjectIds: Comparison method violates its general contract!
  • TW-59527 — Corrupted "Configure Build Agent Properties" Java window layout during agent installation under Windows 10 (bad bundled Java)
  • TW-60258 — More cloud agents can be started than there are available agent licenses
  • TW-61317 — Performing a POST request using Bearer token returns 403 error of missing Origin header, same request with user+pass works fine.
  • TW-61883 — Infinite loop (and CPU load) calculating build committers for a notification
  • TW-61893 — Filter by branches does not work in all Project tabs except for Overview tab
  • TW-62306 — Chrome tab crashes with "Not enough memory to open this page" when leaved open on build step's page with many running builds
  • TW-62444 — Can no longer use default credential chain in ECS plugin
  • TW-62489 — Broken path to build.gradle file for autodetected build steps
  • TW-62519 — Secondary nodes stops processing events after error 'Error while processing multi-node event: buildStarted'
  • TW-62545 — Certain package doesn't get published to the nuget feed since version 2019.1.4
  • TW-62546 — Server can get slow on build metrics retrieval (many different statistic values caused by custom build start precondition)
  • TW-62595 — Amazon ECR Connection: "Default Credential Provider Chain" option is no longer available after update to 2019.1.4
  • TW-62609 — Build doesn't stop: "Data too long for column 'task_identity' at row 1" error
  • TW-62611 — dotnet CLI agents part is not loading under Java 1.6
  • TW-62668 — Browser auto-fill can suggest previously used passwords in "password" field for a certain setting
  • TW-62669 — Build ends up in the top of the queue when stopped with "re-add to the queue" option
  • TW-62704 — Empty password for run agent is displayed as not empty in Agent Push preset window
  • TW-62710 — cloud instances stuck in "will be stopped soon" status
  • TW-62765 — Unnecessary build configuration ids group can be created in database if there is a hash collision of this group with another one

Performance Problem

  • TW-62483 — Speedup agent pool expanding in case when there are many projects in the pool (17k active, 12k archived)
  • TW-62568 — Investigations auto assigner long running background threads


  • TW-62466 — Need to upgrade docker in teamcity-agent image to fix issue with unexpected docker stop


  • TW-62604 — Ambiguous message when waiting for to ‘Run build on the same agent’

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