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  • TeamCity 2019.1.4 (build 66526) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.1 Release Notes

Security Problem

3 security problems have been fixed:

  • 1 major problem with Java RMI, which could potentially lead to remote code execution if there is no firewall configured on the server machine (thanks to Aleksei "GreenDog" Tiurin for reporting it).
  • 2 problems concerned the possibility of a reverse tabnabbing in several TeamCity plugins.


  • TW-53734 — Use specified command as '--entrypoint' value for command line step instead of /bin/sh

Usability Problem

  • TW-62314 — "Copy message link" does not include build configuration


  • TW-40979 — You cannot override a hidden parameter, but you also do not get any error message.
  • TW-46567 — "Removing data of XXX stale build promotions not used by any builds" on every server start
  • TW-59723 — Pull Request plugin may not obey GitHub's abuse rate limit guidelines
  • TW-60115 — "A plugin was not found at path plugins\nuget-agent\bin\credential-plugin\netcoreapp3.0\CredentialProvider.TeamCity.dll" if only dotnet version 3.0 is installed on an agent
  • TW-61370 — Problem starting the plugin 'CredentialProvider.TeamCity.dll'. A task was canceled.
  • TW-61443 — List of branches is empty in FF if the branch from bottom of the list was chosen
  • TW-61489 — S3 Artifacts Storage with pre-signed URL fails to publish many artifacts
  • TW-61550 — Changes in a build configuration may be temporary reverted if versioned settings are enabled
  • TW-61571 — Build on disconnected agent does not stop and is running in the "Canceled" state (secondary node with removed responsibility)
  • TW-61608 — Confusing artifacts size build metric calculation if artifacts were cleaned up
  • TW-61652 — Switching build from main node to secondary one may result in InvalidRunningBuildException and build hang/interruption
  • TW-61706 — Changes are not displayed for a recently finished build in build configuration home until the page is refreshed.
  • TW-61729 — Git error on using some SSL server certificates: List remote refs failed: java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to java.lang.String
  • TW-61756 — docker login fails if a username contains special characters
  • TW-61798 — Running build step in Docker removes (at least) JAVA_HOME
  • TW-61801 — Jacoco tool is not downloaded to the agent if the service message is used for reporting the coverage.
  • TW-61839 — NullPointerException in VcsModificationsStorageImpl.convertToRelationTuple on server startup
  • TW-61840 — Server hung due to numerous requests to viewModification.html
  • TW-61880 — Artifacts tab isn't shown for composite builds when .teamcity was removed by clean-up
  • TW-61918 — AWS ECS agent image falls into error state if cluster runs out of CPU resources.
  • TW-61957 — Long "Removing expired modifications" after-cleanup stage preventing builds from starting (case of many changes by a single user)
  • TW-62055 — Credentials are not being cleared in Pull Request build feature when authentication type is changed
  • TW-62072 — Credentials are not being cleared in Commit Status Publisher for GitHub when authentication type is changed
  • TW-62073 — Credential fields are marked as required but not validated accordingly for Bitbucket Server and GitLab in Pull Requests plugin
  • TW-62076 — Remove "Number of retries on error" option from UI in S3 plugin
  • TW-62078 — Reused builds on the build chain page can be calculated incorrectly
  • TW-62106 — Build configuration history can be lost if versioned settings are re-imported from VCS
  • TW-62118 — Wrong option is displayed in UI for JDK 13
  • TW-62136 — "Failed to load resource" JS error on a build page in Safari
  • TW-62154 — jetbrains.buildServer.configs.kotlin.v2018_2.BuildSteps#dockerBuild should be marked as deprecated
  • TW-62203 — MSBuild runner should overwrite existing temp files like xxx.proj.teamcity.msbuild.tcargs or xxx.proj.teamcity these files were already exist in some checkout directory
  • TW-62254 — Team Foundation Server VCS Checkout broken after upgrade to VS2019 16.3.0
  • TW-62268 — Infinite loop in shared resources LocksStorageImpl.locksStored
  • TW-62292 — Unicode symbols were not escaped within TeamCity service messages during unit tests
  • TW-62313 — Referencing agent tool in the does not result in the tool downloading on agent and the reference stays unresolved
  • TW-62382 — VCS trigger option "Queued build can be replaced..." does not uncheck all per-checkin related options
  • TW-62384 — Exception on the secondary node after build configuration id change
  • TW-62437 — S3 Artifacts Storage: rename internal properties related to retry logic


  • TW-60845 — "java.lang.IllegalStateException: The pullRequests Cache is not alive." in teamcity-server.log on server shutdown

Performance Problem

  • TW-61881 — Improve performance of project page
  • TW-61890 — Inefficient search for maven settings usages
  • TW-61895 — Slow RedundantVcsRootsReport health report
  • TW-62195 — Unnecessary, potentially expensive computations are performed during when revisions of a build chain are calculated (BuildChangesLoaderContext.checkingForChangesFinished)


  • TW-59155 — Add server startup time to usage statistics
  • TW-61991 — Make GitLab and Bitbucket Server providers of the Pull Requests plugin to support REST request pagination, filtering by last updated timestamp and retrieving open pull requests only if that is requested
  • TW-62352 — Update OpenJDK in linux-based docker images to 1.8.0_222


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