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  • TeamCity 2019.1.3 (build 66439) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.1.2 (build 66342) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.1 Release Notes

Usability Problem

  • TW-60888 — Do not scroll sidebar after selecting item, which belongs to favourites
  • TW-61182 — Trends and builds list show different last build


  • TW-18524 — Extremely long service message does not catch failed test
  • TW-35315 — Lock wait timeout in MySQL while updating last login timestamp
  • TW-55495 — Docker Compose: run chown to restore file permssions on Linux after the build
  • TW-58635 — After upgrading, TeamCity is not finding changes for branches and pull requests built before upgrading to 2018.2
  • TW-59024 — "The build was triggered in the branch which does not correspond to any branch monitored by the build VCS roots" can be displayed for some pull requests
  • TW-59031 — Build can be started on the default branch instead of a PR head when re-running build for some pull requests
  • TW-59182 — MySQL LockWaitTimeoutException from VcsModificationsStorageImpl.persistModification
  • TW-59524 — Many redundant builds on old branches can be triggered (schedule trigger with only build on pending changes, yet there are no changes in the builds)
  • TW-59603 — Pull-request plugin doesn't work for PR when the build feature was added after the PR was created
  • TW-59979 — Configured custom server context is ignored when NuGet Feed is created
  • TW-60532 — Provide a way to disable Experimental UI for all users
  • TW-60987 — Incorrect link in build log
  • TW-61017 — Show GitLab v3 related stacktrace only in DEBUG mode
  • TW-61067 — Build in GitLab merge-requests fails to start
  • TW-61143 — YouTrack integration can produce 401/Unauthorized errors for long permanent tokens.
  • TW-61201 — Cloud profile falls into an error state when looking for a task that doesn't exist anymore. ECS Plugin
  • TW-61227 — Requirement for teamcity.tool.* parameter makes agents incompatible until the tool is downloaded
  • TW-61231 — Change's related builds finding can be broken: shows unrelated builds, does not show the proper ones
  • TW-61269 — Pull request build feature sometimes fails to provide branch specs for old pull requests with new commits
  • TW-61337 — Docker Wrapper scripts have to escape '|' character (at least in Project Name)
  • TW-61372 — Subsequent builds are cancelled with comment "Agent runs unknown build we're not aware of" (pending commands related to execution timeout are in the messages queue)
  • TW-61395 — List of builds for all build configuration will be empty after switching from favorites builds
  • TW-61413 — dotnet test failed to run test after update to 2019.1.2: .NET SDK was not found
  • TW-61418 — Builds showing as hanging server-side but agent has finished
  • TW-61437 — Collapsed parent of a selected favourite item doesn't get selected
  • TW-61442 — Incorrect failed NUnit tests count (tests print to standard output and the output doesn't end with a new line)
  • TW-61448 — TeamCity reversed the order of Perforce client name generation
  • TW-61451 — "Old Java version" health item refers to 1 agent when there are more than 1
  • TW-61455 — Server may not start if catalina.out file becomes large
  • TW-61468 — Assertion error in ConfigChangesCommitterImpl.onProjectRemove
  • TW-61481 — "Build is running" indicator is frozen on tiles in Experimental UI
  • TW-61494 — "Couldn't initialize a SAX driver to create an XMLReader" exception when TeamCity tries to clean up artifacts in S3 with temp credentials
  • TW-61495 — View DSL doesn't work for build step when UI editing is disabled
  • TW-61506 — Verify email fails with log message "Attempt to use email sender before server is initialized."
  • TW-61563 — Build list always is filtered by a specific branch name if branch in classic UI was chosen
  • TW-61605 — View DSL action changes settings on disk (stores inherited build steps as overridden) when step editing is disabled
  • TW-61638 — File Content Replacer doesn't allow multiple lines in the UI, and "\n" doesn't introduce a new line, but it works if using parameters or versioned settings
  • TW-61650 — PullRequestBranchFullInfoExtension adds blank 'page fragment' to every build overview page
  • TW-61704 — Unexpected error while access token creation

Performance Problem

  • TW-61432— Excessive memory usage inside XML RPC request processor
  • TW-61467— Method ModificationDAGInt.getNodesWithoutChildren can consume a lot of memory
  • TW-61599— Lots of threads blocked on handling '/app/agents/protocols' after restart
  • TW-61603— REST: Slow change finding by version
  • TW-61623— Slow health report SwabraCleanCheckoutWatcherImpl.getRecentCleanCheckoutCauses because of inefficient storage of health report related data
  • TW-61627— Slow calculation of health status item visibility because of many SQL queries on a server where many health items are detected


  • TW-61434 — Get rid of ZeroClipboard.swf
  • TW-61764 — Update bundled ReSharper CLT to 2019.2.1


  • TW-61527 — GitLab Connection button on create project/VCS root form has a duplicated label

Security Problem

3 security problems have been fixed.


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