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  • TeamCity 2019.1.2 (build 66342) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.1.1 (build 66192) Release Notes
TeamCity 2019.1 Release Notes



  • TW-52266 — Allow using sudo in docker plugin for running docker commands
  • TW-60539 — Move Configuration not available when synchronized settings of format "Kotlin" are used.

Usability Problem

  • TW-60888 — Do not scroll sidebar after selecting item, which belongs to favourites
  • TW-61090 — "401 You are logged out" Message in experimental UI


  • TW-48319 — Build configuration parameter change causes all branches to build
  • TW-53133 — Confusing "Unexpected messages processing node response" logging
  • TW-55734 — VCS trigger can trigger builds on old branches in the build configuration on trigger branch filter expanding
  • TW-56797 — TeamCity Connection Fails (Unable to find token in docker auth server response)
  • TW-56923 — is resolved to "n/a" for queued builds
  • TW-57178 — Collecting changes for Git VCS fetch doesn't use proxy defined in "" file
  • TW-57379 — Enforced settings, Inherited agent requirement should be disabled.
  • TW-57515 — Two builds can occasionally take the same resource from shared resource with values
  • TW-57705 — External artifact storage: HTML files opened from build artifacts have broken relative links
  • TW-57850 — Rebuilds can be triggered on all (incl. very old) branches after critical errors on the server
  • TW-58892 — TeamCity doesn't generate patch when a VCS root is moved outside of a project under versioned settings
  • TW-59129 — If custom steps order is the same as default then it is removed on persist
  • TW-59133 — The items in side bar are jumping on mouse over in FireFox.
  • TW-59204 — The names of archives with special characters are corrupted when Download all (.zip) option is used to download build artifacts.
  • TW-59344 — Cleanup does not remove artifact dependency build despite "do not prevent cleanup" option in the using build configuration, if the using one has any snapshot dependency
  • TW-59802 — Gradle build step - file chooser alignment
  • TW-60451 — A token is lost during a creation of project using GitHub connection in the tab "from repository URL"
  • TW-60495 — "Parameter is not fully resolved" in build log when using a specific dotCover tool
  • TW-60577 — Still problems with dynamic plugin reload
  • TW-60580 — No "Move" action for a project where versioned settings with portable DSL format are enabled
  • TW-60726 — "Automatic merge" failure is not flagged in TeamCity 2019.1 (65998) "classic" view build listing
  • TW-60737 — TeamCity agents do not download tools (tool is used as %teamcity.tool.XXX% parameter on the project level)
  • TW-60769 — BuildLogClosedException on secondary node from BuildFailureOnMetricCondition
  • TW-60804 — When expanding a node in the build log child messages are shown in verbose mode regardless of the current chosen option
  • TW-60861 — VCS checkout failing on this one agent - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/jcraft/jzlib/ZStream
  • TW-60899 — Cloud Profiles: EC2: mime-multipart user script ignored
  • TW-60919 — Show relative dates on project overview in the "Builds list" mode
  • TW-60943 — Reordering build steps does not work if custom build step order is present in a build configuration that is not based on any templates
  • TW-60964 — Secondary node can't process removal of a template and two sub projects using this template
  • TW-60966 — Unable to set up a new Azure Classic cloud profile in TeamCity 2019.1
  • TW-60967 — Build project path constantly changes on agent details page for the running build
  • TW-60974 — Wrong 'star' overlaying
  • TW-60978 — Creating a project from a GitHub repository via GitHub Connection fails if there is no "master" branch in the repo
  • TW-60979 — Auto update corrupts TeamCity installation if there are permissions issues with writing files under TeamCity installation directory
  • TW-60980 — Slow changes persisting (0 changes persisted, persisting time: 2h:13m:07s,687ms), thread waiting in MultiNodesEventsDbImpl.publish
  • TW-60998 — Cannot read build configuration settings because of dependency on "__unresolved_external_id..."
  • TW-61001 — Build counter reset to 1 after upgrading to 2019.1.1 from 2019.1
  • TW-61010 — Exception when special symbols in branch names are used
  • TW-61029 — msbuild.tcargs are generated in utf-8 encoding but without BOM sign
  • TW-61033 — NullPointerException in CompositeEnforcedSettingsContainerFactory$2.getParameterType after enabling enforced settings
  • TW-61035 — Persist VCS change operation can hang if ids_group_id sequence is not yet initialized
  • TW-61036 — Stop instances launched from spot fleet when fleet config changes
  • TW-61039 — Don't scroll branch select popup to selected branch
  • TW-61040 — Branch selector's behavior is broken in the Experimental UI
  • TW-61066 — Manual label sources doesn't expand TC parameter
  • TW-61080 — Deadlock in DependentBuildsStopper.stopUnsharedDependentBuilds
  • TW-61083 — Tune xmx settings in agent docker images
  • TW-61084 — Error on viewing statics StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -10
  • TW-61088 — Illegal group reference; while processing request: GET ... if debug-auth is enabled and the nuget feed is used
  • TW-61091 — Treat empty branch filter as the default value (+:*)
  • TW-61094 — Build type overview / branches. Update data after 'move to top' action
  • TW-61099 — Composite build with auto-restarted dependency points to previous dependency after server restart
  • TW-61100 — Build problems of a composite build with auto-restarted dependency are not recalculated
  • TW-61171 — "Inherited from" duplicated in the title of the edit build feature dialog
  • TW-61179 — Experimental UI: _More_ menu does not disappear after selection an item
  • TW-61180 — FindBugs xml parser uses the wrong error source line.
  • TW-61193 — Versioned settings confirmation dialog does not list all projects
  • TW-61225 — Each token-based authentication creates a session which can result in excessive server resources consumption
  • TW-61228 — Some changes in DSL may not be picked up with reason: Detected changes don't affect project settings, skip updating to revision <rev> (multi-node setup)
  • TW-61235 — Docker compose step may not fail build step correctly when cannot start
  • TW-61236 — REST commitHookNotification request can fail with error 500 because of IllegalArgumentException
  • TW-61271 — Build list always is filtered by a specific branch name after removing of build
  • TW-61312 — Some POST request on edit build step page marks build configuration/template as edited and prevents synchronization of versioned settings
  • TW-61314 — Agent is disconnected after reboot: 'another agent with the same authorization token and name is registered on the server' error

Performance Problem

  • TW-16839— Make CPU benchmark not delaying agent start
  • TW-60596— Fetching/parsing EC2 instance types takes too much memory
  • TW-60727— Weird idle interval between two build steps
  • TW-60889— Project overview performance lacks
  • TW-60924— Inefficient implementation of CommittedBuildsHolderImpl.removeBuild causes lots of SQL queries loading many finished builds from the database
  • TW-60928— Build which is failed to start because it could not collect changes causes status text recalculation of all builds in the history of its build configuration
  • TW-60929— Build status text recalculation should be performed in a separate queue to avoid many concurrent SQL queries in case when many builds are finishing simultaneously
  • TW-60958— Project overview / builds list. Disable changes loading for invisible components
  • TW-60999— Slow collecting changes spending time in PatternBranchSpec.apply
  • TW-61059— Project overview / builds list. Freeze loaders if they are not visible
  • TW-61111— Limit for a maximum number of equivalent build promotions is not applied causing performance issues in some cases
  • TW-61254— Inefficient calculation of available agents in RunOnTheSameAgentFilter (causes slow build queue page opening)
  • TW-61262— Build configuration pending changes are calculated 3 times on build configuration overview page
  • TW-61272— Slow reloading of projects if there are many build configurations in them
  • TW-61286— Slow DSL execution on a large project with many build configurations
  • TW-61293— Slow calculation of affected build configurations for the case of a build chain which has several instances of a single parent VCS root

Security Problem

4 security problems have been fixed, one of of them critical.


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