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  • TeamCity 2018.2.4 (build 61678) Release Notes
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  • TW-50731 — Check free disk space before running auto-upgrade

  • TW-59845 — Update the integration package in dotnet cli plugin to 1.0.7

Usability Problem

  • TW-23286 — Test names should not be shortened if there is enough browser window size


  • TW-52863 — Swabra throws StackOverflowError and ignores it

  • TW-57420 — Enforced settings. Overridden build steps should be marked in UI.

  • TW-57422 — Incorrect build step status when the same template is used as default and enforced.

  • TW-57793 — Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'computeOrder' of undefined on trying to reorder Charts in Experimental UI.

  • TW-57794 — Duplicated Add New Chart buttons in Experimental UI.

  • TW-57823 — Error While Applying Patch starting build

  • TW-57918 — Build log issues while "Resolving artifact dependency"

  • TW-59273 — Corrupted builds when collecting changes is performed on VCS node

  • TW-59477 — Docker images cleanup doesn't work for docker hub

  • TW-59509 — Umlauts in Project Statistics are not encoded properly

  • TW-59527 — Corrupted "Configure Build Agent Properties" Java window layout during agent installation under Windows 10 (bad bundled Java)

  • TW-59529 — Running builds aren't shown on the build configuration page if there are no finished builds displayed on the page

  • TW-59555 — Nodes information page produces errors with than one running builds node

  • TW-59563 — Branch filter is reset on the Statistics page and all branches are displayed when Range is changed on Project/Build configuration Statistics page.

  • TW-59566 — On Changes page, personal builds with empty commit message do not show "personal build" icon

  • TW-59570 — Permissions are not checked in BuildCustomizer when a new build promotion is created

  • TW-59600 — Incorrect warning is shown to users of IE 11

  • TW-59615 — The calculated statistic value 'serverSideBuildFinishing' is less than 0

  • TW-59644 — dotnet build step hangs

  • TW-59646 — Branches tab: VCS problem/system problem is not displayed for non-default branch when "<All branches>" is selected

  • TW-59648 — Internal REST request to embed build data into page can fail calling method isCommitted: UnsupportedOperationException: Not implemented in jetbrains.buildServer.controllers.fakes.FakeHttpServletResponse

  • TW-59661 — TFS Braches: partial merge commits aren't shown on the graph (with checkout rules)

  • TW-59662 — Build can be redirected to the main node from the running builds node without due reason

  • TW-59666 — TFS plugin does not use proxy settings if nonProxyHosts contains wildcards

  • TW-59676 — "Cannot find a node" error on many UI requests (VCS node is in use)

  • TW-59698 — Error regarding "" parameter when running custom builds

  • TW-59703 — java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find a node <num> can occur on attempt to create a history build with a non DAG based VCS root (setup with VCS node)

  • TW-59716 — Deadlock on finished build eviction from builds cache

  • TW-59720 — Git LFS checkout fails on agent with error "StrictHostKeyChecking=no not accessible: No such file or directory"

  • TW-59741 — Nunit-Console 3.10 tool is not supported.

  • TW-59751 — Project expand is not working in Edge

  • TW-59793 — TeamCity NuGet credential provider causing FileNotFoundException when executing dotnet publish step

  • TW-59805 — Race condition in git-plugin JSchClient

  • TW-59813 — EC2 instance can be left on unauthorized page in case of spot instance request and short idle timeout

  • TW-59815 — Prefer agent start timeout to idle timeout

  • TW-59820 — Deadlock on build finish if build failure condition has option to stop build on failed check enabled

  • TW-59871 — NCover Code Coverage fails with error `The system cannot find the path specified The system cannot find the path specified`

Performance Problem

  • TW-59202 — Unauthorized agents page is slow if there are many such agents

  • TW-59590 — 'Build messages queue is full' error caused by SSH key 'View usages' UI action

Security Problem

3 security problems have been fixed.


  • TW-55106 — Don't show filters if there are no builds in history
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