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  • TeamCity 2018.2.3 (build 61544) Release Notes
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  • TW-57846 — Option to delay automatic investigation assignment to reduce false positives with flaky tests
  • TW-58161 — Provide docker images for windows 1809

Usability Problem

  • TW-51153 — Using Hide action in Server Health Items popup closes it.
  • TW-58201 — Artifacts tree: open artifact files in the new tab
  • TW-59018 — Improve commit status publisher test connection message (make repository name/URL clear)
  • TW-59026 — TeamCity throwing error banners attempting to stop an AWS ECS agent when the task doesn't exist anymore.
  • TW-59135 — Make .NET CLI more robust in finding dotnet core installation


  • TW-27665 — Secondary Mac OS agent can't upgade and restart
  • TW-50255 — Invalid username in case of gated TFS checkin
  • TW-51458 — If cache is reset/cleared on the server, uploaded agent tools are lost on the agents
  • TW-56152 — Inconsistent rounding of build duration
  • TW-56790 — Project administrator might not get "View build configuration settings" permission in the Root project after upgrade to 2018.1
  • TW-57350 — Error during build finishing build promotion is already used in build CompositeRunningBuild
  • TW-58049 — StackOverflowError in File content replacer with regex ^(.|\n)*$
  • TW-58233 — Branch selector is missing Custom Run dialog in IExplorer.
  • TW-58304 — TeamCity can't apply self-generated patch in case of disabled requirements
  • TW-58421 — Automatic merge fails with two VCS roots when only one has given branch
  • TW-58458 — Resize icon can jump out of the text area
  • TW-58501 — UI is broken if project external ID has different case in the url
  • TW-58556 — Line endings in launcher\conf\wrapper.conf make it hard to edit in Notepad on Windows
  • TW-58648 — 2018.2 Regression: Maven in Docker does not have ${maven.repo.local}
  • TW-58659 — Confusing "The last finished build has problems" red text on a build configuration Overview when there is no action
  • TW-58660 — Wrong "The last finished build has problems" when filtering by branch
  • TW-58793 — Zero-size file in Artifacts appears as a folder
  • TW-58803 — Metadata value is not escaped in [testMetadata]
  • TW-58826 — Obsolete revision can be taken by a build in case when VCS root was attached to some build configuration, then detached and then attached again via DSL
  • TW-58861 — "The last finished build has problems" after disabling Allow builds in the default branch, when all builds are successful
  • TW-58865 — Pull Requests plugin exhausts our GitHub API request rate limit
  • TW-58933 — BuildTypeNotFoundException in PromotionBuildSettingsFactoryImpl.createBuildSettings
  • TW-58956 — Custom 404 page for build results does not provide a way to open build configuration page
  • TW-58975 — Branch name is not shown for a running build on build configuration home page
  • TW-58980 — Reload one of plugins leads to reload of unneeded plugins
  • TW-58984 — Auto-assigner: Processing of canceled builds never stops
  • TW-58986 — Custom build dialog does not show branch selector if there are branches in dependencies but "Show changes from dependencies" is turned off
  • TW-59033 — NuGet Restore fails, no handler for message method 'SetCredentials'
  • TW-59038 — Requirement with parameter reference or may not be properly recalculated if changes are collected on secondary node
  • TW-59045 — Docker wrapper does not handle quotes properly with Powershell step
  • TW-59058 — Inspection errors reported as new in each run
  • TW-59068 — Docker compose cannot pass TEAMCITY_DOCKER_NETWORK to docker wrapper
  • TW-59100 — When posting an IssueTracker feature, it doesn't show in the Web UI
  • TW-59101 — Environment variables not propagated to Command Line inside Docker Wrapper on Windows
  • TW-59121 — ConcurrentModificationException on attempt to stop composite build
  • TW-59136 — Inactive agents are not shown due the 'inactive' CSS class
  • TW-59147 — teamcity-server docker image does not have LANG environment variable set
  • TW-59166 — "Copy Project" changes IDs of subprojects and build configurations to lowercase
  • TW-59167 — Build promote action triggered for a build in non default branch propagates this branch to dependent build even if it depends by artifact dependency only
  • TW-59179 — Cloud instance can be listed as running while there is no agent
  • TW-59180 — Branch filter does not work on project statistics page in 2018.2
  • TW-59181 — Build artifacts: cannot view content of the directory with % in the name
  • TW-59183 — Cannot perform projects import: Selected file is not a valid TeamCity backup.
  • TW-59193 — Build result page: there is no space between user and time for muted tests
  • TW-59198 — Broken move in build queue: build node is painted with offset
  • TW-59233 — Perfmon: support for nvme devices
  • TW-59234 — Perfmon: support Linux kernel 4.18+
  • TW-59242 — Cleanup process hangs after getting 401 from the Docker Registry
  • TW-59245 — Commit Status Publisher for Azure DevOps Git does not work with ssh
  • TW-59263 — Not the latest build can be displayed in Changes page if remote was was cancelled using REST API with readdIntoQueue=true
  • TW-59271 — docker-compose: "Internal error occurred" while performing healthcheck for a linux container on a Windows Agent
  • TW-59313 — vcs_username table is not cleaned up when user is removed
  • TW-59316 — Docker integration : "--build-arg" parameter not set on "build" when parameters are quoted
  • TW-59317 — Build failed with 'Error adding build problem ... identity mustn't be longer than 60 characters' error
  • TW-59331 — Docker Wrapper: fail build/add problem/add health item if cannot restore files ownership
  • TW-59346 — Improve "plugin update available" message in teamcity-server.log
  • TW-59376 — Duplicate entry ... while performing SQL query: insert into user_build_types_order during processing of POST visibleBuildTypes.html request
  • TW-59404 — Huge GC pauses and lots of hanging SSL connections when collecting changes
  • TW-59415 — Branch name assert can raise a build problem incorrectly in case when build is restored in the queue because it could not start on an agent
  • TW-59447 — Wrong times noted in REST logs in "Server performance can be affected by REST request" message
  • TW-59476 — `Argument for @NotNull parameter 'file2' must not be null` exception during NUnit tests
  • TW-13971 — Use more descriptive names for temporary dotCover-related files
  • TW-58955 — JBRE tests: Security & Privacy issue on Mojave agent


  • TW-58901— Getting exception while using TeamCity command line tool
  • TW-59095— AccessDeniedException in jetbrains.buildServer.investigationsAutoAssigner.FailedTestAndBuildProblemsDispatcher

Security Problem

4 security problems have been fixed


  • TW-56983 — Letters in branch selector and health items button seems to be aligned a bit lower than before


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