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  • TeamCity 2018.2.2 (build 61245) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2018.2.1 (build 61078) Release Notes
TeamCity 2018.2 Release Notes


  • TW-58578 - Read-only: show 'Browse Data Directory' Diagnostics tab
  • TW-58592 - Read-only: show 'Logging Presets' Diagnostics tab

Usability Problem

  • TW-35382 - Remember "Branch" selection in Project View
  • TW-55086 - Changes View constantly repaints and relayouts itself unnecessarily
  • TW-58090 - When user follows a link to a non-existing artifact message that artifact does not exist is displayed only once per session
  • TW-58428 - Unclear health report is shown in administration area (Cannot run git garbage collection using git at path)


  • TW-23147 - Default branch can be used for a build on branch while the branch exists (no branch spec configured case)
  • TW-31265 - It's possible to run a build on a branch excluded by the branch specification (and get a build on wrong revision)
  • TW-39015 - Build configuration overview doesn't show branch chooser when branches came from snapshot dependency
  • TW-51045 - Windows Tray Notifier fails to upgrade if it connects to TeamCity server with https
  • TW-51270 - Failed to start build: Failed to build patch
  • TW-52073 - "Unexpected error during build messages processing in TeamCity" while running several R# inspection build in parallel
  • TW-52513 - No indication on error when TeamCity server updates are not available or unable to parse the XML
  • TW-52529 - Brush up UI related to automatic update: labels and caption
  • TW-55595 - Cannot delete a build when server is using with MariaDB: You have an error in your SQL syntax
  • TW-55645 - Cloud log gets " Unable to move image/You do not have enough permissions" message as it tries to do the operation under the user in the scope of web request
  • TW-55881 - Free disk space doesn't write anything in the log if the desired requirement is met
  • TW-56574 - FXCOP autodetection doesn't work
  • TW-57575 - Rest API: pending changes do not consider "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" option
  • TW-57605 - TeamCity 2018.2 EAP + java 11: ClassFormatError: Nest member class_info_index has bad constant type (Maven + IntelliJ IDEA code coverage)
  • TW-57657 - Remote command line tool cannot handle large changelist from Perforce
  • TW-57943 - "N/A" in "Responsible for" field for a read-only node on Nodes Configuration page
  • TW-58051 - No way to disable regex multiline mode in File content replacer
  • TW-58052 - Build Time report adds up composite builds times
  • TW-58064 - Build chains layout breaks if there are running builds
  • TW-58132 - Docker wrapper handles multi-line environment variables badly
  • TW-58160 - Support non-ACSII character for the build configuration names in the statistics graph build popup
  • TW-58222 - TeamCity can remove build from the queue if build was assigned to a specific agent and this agent was removed
  • TW-58231 - Reload plugins dsl when a plugin is reloaded in runtime
  • TW-58368 - Auto Assigner: Investigation was automatically assigned to xxx who changed the suspicious file "build.gradle" which probably broke the build.
  • TW-58404 - Stopping a running build incorrectly claims that it's already being stopped
  • TW-58412 - EC2 agents are not terminated by "You removed the following sources" dialog
  • TW-58497 - Probable memory leak on Overview: can hang/be white/crash after some time being open
  • TW-58498 - Builds may not be reused because TeamCity always uses current revision (unreachable first revision case)
  • TW-58504 - Unexpected error while performing SQL query: insert into inspection_info.
  • TW-58524 - "Show all NN tags" link in the build's tags popup does not work: closes the popup
  • TW-58559 - Git operation degradation due to a bug on connection closing in JGit
  • TW-58570 - Empty Action menu on admin VCS root page when a user has no editing permissions
  • TW-58591 - Secondary node. This node is not allowed to execute SQL query: SQL DML: insert into build_problem
  • TW-58593 - "Build duration" failure condition calculates build time incorrectly
  • TW-58609 - After upgrading to 2018.2.1, all external plugins are marked as "deleted"
  • TW-58612 - Stop build action can stop subsequent build started on the same agent
  • TW-58615 - Use proper copyright symbol in the footer
  • TW-58667 - Force refresh of amazon-settings.js and amazon-settings.css after server update
  • TW-58683 - Selection of a branch in Run custom build dialog leads to broken dialog sometimes
  • TW-58689 - Branch column is not displayed
  • TW-58709 - docker plugin quoting causes steps to be invalid
  • TW-58712 - Getting build configuration branches via REST requires explicit option to include branches from dependencies
  • TW-58723 - Upgrade to 2018.2.1 fails with PostgreSQL database
  • TW-58727 - Cannot run simple testng IDEA run configuration for "Class" test kind
  • TW-58737 - TeamCity VCS polling thread can stop working if there were problems with database connectivity
  • TW-58741 - Building Intellij Idea project with OpenJDK 11 results in java.lang.module.FindException: Module not found
  • TW-58747 - The link to GitHub Enterprise is incorrect
  • TW-58752 - NullPointerException in GroupedTestsBean
  • TW-58774 - Slow server startup
  • TW-58809 - Don't use TeamCity credentials provider if there is no package sources with credentials
  • TW-58816 - Enforced Settings inheritance on Failure Conditions doesn't work
  • TW-58830 - If an exception occurs in an extra branch spec provider, it is not caught anywhere and could break UI
  • TW-58863 - TeamCity may pick incorrect Perforce revision/stream for a build

Performance Problem

  • TW-43589 - Build might not start with "Waiting to start checking for changes" because of long checking for changes in single VCS root
  • TW-53950 - Excessive memory usage during the settings freeze operation or loading settings from VCS
  • TW-57644 - SBuildAgent.getIdleTime() call always performs SQL query
  • TW-57690 - Git plugin slows down freeing disk space when disk space
  • TW-58457 - Server cannot shutdown properly: some non-daemon threads are still running
  • TW-58755 - BuildChangesLoaderContext.getLatestModifications execution can take minutes
  • TW-58877 - Potentially slow startup because of DeletedEntityTrackerImpl.resetOrigin

Security Problem

4 security problems have been fixed


  • TW-58123 - Hide yellow notifications when user switches to View DSL option.
  • TW-58219 - Wrap changed files descriptions on the Files tab of the Changes page
  • TW-58235 - 'Test connection' button height on the build feature dialog differs
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