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  • TeamCity 2018.1.5 (build 58744) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2018.1 Release Notes


  • TW-58053 - Build status links on agents page don't work
  • TW-58064 - Build chains layout breaks if there are running builds
  • TW-58285 - Builds are stuck in queue waiting for read shared resource to become free
  • TW-57913 - UI is corrupted for VCS trigger after Branch filter is edited.
  • TW-57315 - Custom JaCoCo coverage import fails with NPE
  • TW-58266 - Build running during upgrade to 2018.1.4 or 2018.2 can abruptly stop with incomplete build log and artifacts
  • TW-58344 - Build revision drops after merge commit when using perforce stream support
  • TW-58237 - Adding a Trusted Certificate Breaks LDAP Authentication which starts to report "Connection reset"
  • TW-57985 - Invoking of run custom build dialog causes build list blinks (or refresh) on build configuration overview
  • TW-58019 - Artifacts are displayed behind Search popup
  • TW-58056 - Empty popup on fist click in the breadcrumb icon
  • TW-58281 - Not able to add build failure condition for ReSharper inspection runner in template
  • TW-49776 - OSX Agent isn't starting after OS reboot
  • TW-57971 - Docker Registry connection to a host with self-signed HTTPS certificate
  • TW-58114 - Projects popup does not load in IE11

Performance Problem

  • TW-58347 - Processing of a VCS trigger in a build configuration with lots of branches can be slow even though there are no pending changes in these branches
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