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  • TeamCity 2018.1.3 (build 58658) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2018.1.2 (build 58537) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2018.1 Release Notes



  • TW-50694 - React based branch selector (improve performance of branch drop-down with thousands of branches)
  • TW-57010 - Provide Show Usages functionality for JaCoCo coverage tools.
  • TW-57052 - Set default JVM -Xmx option for agent launcher

Usability Problem

  • TW-19276 - Restore from backup: use JDBC drivers from backup archive
  • TW-48441 - Cloud profiles. Brush up UI in Terminate conditions section.
  • TW-53453 - Tooltips what do numbers mean
  • TW-55909 - No security groups listed in Agent Cloud Configuration
  • TW-55976 - Raw docker events are visible on build overview page
  • TW-56614 - External database setup: obsolete tooltip for MSSQL database and integrated security authentication
  • TW-56759 - Docker Step: unnecessary double quotes in docker "other" command
  • TW-56766 - Usages Report for VCS root should be sorted
  • TW-56792 - Display agents count in pool if all agents are busy or idle


  • TW-49292 - REST-based branches chooser becomes available after (many) seconds on page loading
  • TW-49989 - Upgrade Jacoco to latest version (0.8.2)
  • TW-51936 - Incorrect test suite hierarchy when suites are reported via services messages in nested flows
  • TW-52850 - AWS KeyPair should not be required when creating a cloud agent
  • TW-54089 - Services messages: Test name is truncated when its first characters are same as test suite name
  • TW-54289 - NUnit tests fails if an agent is installed in a directory with spaces in a path
  • TW-54695 - "Resolving artifact dependencies" section can have duplicating lines in case of recoverable error downloading artifacts
  • TW-54696 - Unnecessary change to build step name
  • TW-55387 - Build on agents page can be displayed without build configuration
  • TW-55436 - ValidatorException in GitHub Issue Tracker
  • TW-55458 - Project hierarchy is not fully replicated on RO node
  • TW-55900 - vstest does not send test output to stdOut/stdErr for verbosity level quiet, minimal
  • TW-55938 - VMware integration logs warn into agent log on each agent start
  • TW-55959 - Idea project runner can't find configuration while it exists and even suggested by TeamCity
  • TW-55986 - TFVC: builds check out incorrect versions of source files with experimental branching support
  • TW-56113 - Notify properly in dev mode that bundle.js is absent or corrupted
  • TW-56164 - Message 'ReactUI is not loaded' shown in IE 11 even if React UI static server is loaded
  • TW-56172 - Wrong DSL UI patch generated when committing project with custom buildTypes order
  • TW-56308 - Cleanup is hanging trying to compact metadata HSQLDB
  • TW-56350 - RVM doesn't always switch to correct gemset
  • TW-56353 - 'Generate token for a secure value' decodes escaped characters
  • TW-56381 - Weird behavior collecting changes in P4 VCS root
  • TW-56395 - Commit Status Publisher cannot parse repository URL from VCS root for Bitbucket Server (Stash) Smart Mirror using SSH
  • TW-56540 - Kotlin test names with parenthesis in the name are trimmed
  • TW-56598 - Kotlin DSL: Wrong project is shown in "Existing project detected" window
  • TW-56599 - Kotlin DSL: "Override existing versioned settings in VCS" action does not override 'patches' and 'pluginData' directories
  • TW-56610 - teamcity-agent:2018.1.2 images (nanoserver-sac2016 and windowsservercore-ltsc2016) are 1 GB bigger then 2018.1.1
  • TW-56613 - externalStatus.html page is giving javascript errors
  • TW-56632 - Vmware plugin doesn't delete VM if it doesn't stop gracefully within timeout
  • TW-56646 - Memory leak on R/O server (instances of BuildFailurePeriodicalCheckerImpl$1)
  • TW-56651 - Agent side git repository checkout fails via ssh when git protocol.version=2
  • TW-56677 - Octopus Deploy can no longer see packages with . in the pre-release label
  • TW-56709 - Regression: compilation warnings are shown as error (Ant build step)
  • TW-56747 - StuckQueuedBuildsRemover should not try to remove builds on R/O server
  • TW-56755 - Docker Registry Connection: cannot save a valid connection due to the validation
  • TW-56765 - NUnit 3 runner cannot detect required extensions
  • TW-56779 - REST API can fail to load because of initialization error in one of the REST extension plugins
  • TW-56781 - Changing of artifacts storage locations can cause many simultaneous upload requests
  • TW-56807 - It's possible to add new build configuration statistics chart in read-only project
  • TW-56833 - Canceled with comment: Agent runs unknown build we're not aware of, case of race conditions with docker monitor events
  • TW-56854 - Remote maven server memory leak
  • TW-56855 - PostgreSQL DB error during cleanup: "out of shared memory Hint: You might need to increase max_locks_per_transaction"
  • TW-56862 - NullPointerException in PatternBuilds.sortBuildIds
  • TW-56870 - TC upgrade failed from 2017.2.2 to 2018.1.2 (AddVcsHistoryRootIdModificationIdIndexConverter)
  • TW-56884 - Editing notification rule: clicking on "Edit" does not scroll the page to the edit form
  • TW-56955 - Pin build dialog doesn't pick up existing tags, clearing all tags when pinning a build via the UI.
  • TW-56960 - Changes popup causes disappearing build attributes in build list
  • TW-56962 - Missing priority field in the issue popup
  • TW-56974 - "Failed to load build settings from VCS" after upgrade to 2018.1.2
  • TW-56984 - Build number is not displayed on main page
  • TW-56994 - JGit can fail on 301 Moved Permanently respones from GitHub.
  • TW-56999 - JS error on trying to make bundled JaCoCo coverage version default in Tools.
  • TW-57022 - Build agent should always reset upload URL if it failed to connect to the running builds node for some reason
  • TW-57032 - Agents.html: builds missing build type names in Chrome
  • TW-57069 - If the build configuration name contains an ampersand (&), the Run Custom Build ... dialog will show '&'
  • TW-57104 - BuildAgent unable to connect to Server after upgrade to 2018.1 (https connection requires a client certificate)
  • TW-57114 - DSL patch generated for a command line build step can fail to apply later if script content starts or ends with spaces
  • TW-57142 - Branch link does not work on search results page (there is no build type id)
  • TW-57148 - Agent pool related audit-entries are broken


Performance Problem

  • TW-56401 - High CPU load and slow limitedPendingChangesLink.html requests (caused by BuildTypeImpl.getLastUsedBranchSpec and lock in CustomDataStorageManagerImpl.markAsUsed)
  • TW-56659 - TeamCity service became slow and unstable after updating to 2018.1.2
  • TW-56809 - Too frequent requests for system problems from the browser (ajax page refresh causes duplicating requests)
  • TW-56956 - Memory leak on BuildTypeSettingsImpl$AddTemplateListener

Security Problems

3 security problems were fixed


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