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For the overview of the most important new features check What's New in TeamCity 2018.1


TW-48184 — Make build re-run action use custom parameters, if they were present in the original build
TW-36383 — Add -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true into default Maven settings
TW-41191 — Support SSL certificates storage for external resources
TW-54049 — .NET CLI: Improve dotnet test performance
TW-51973 — Support AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry) in Docker plugin
TW-51276 — TeamCity server read-only mode
TW-53631 — Introduce retry policy to create database on server start ( file exists but database schema is not created yet)
TW-52905 — Suggest "NuGet Installer" step for projects with PackageReference
TW-20396 — Add an option to copy build configuration versions counter
TW-53823 — Make uuid in Kotlin DSL optional
TW-29001 — Project administrator should be able to hide/show project-related server health items
TW-55063 — Upgrade bundled .net Tools (dotCover and ReSharper CLT) to the latest released version (2018.1.1)
TW-49713 — Perform NuGet packages indexing on the agent
TW-24431 — Ability to rerun a build with all the same dependencies and revisions (with current settings)
TW-20906 — Templates should have the ability to contain 'placeholder' build steps
TW-54410 — Support internal property to change rest root for UI
TW-37900 — Add ability to trust self-signed ssl certificates in git
TW-23265 — Ability to set trusted certificates for SSL connections to LDAP
TW-54562 — .NET CLI: support custom commands
TW-51659 — Add ability to redefine server URL on a per-project basis
TW-50002 — Option to store versioned settings configuration in teamcity
TW-55245 — NuGet steps: provide magic button to provide the link for available project feeds
TW-51885 — Dedicated build step to publish docker images to registry
TW-41966 — High Availability
TW-8876 — Allow to configure proxy for issue tracker information retrieving
TW-55357 — Upgrade bundled .net Tools (dotCover and ReSharper CLT) to the latest released version (2018.1.2)
TW-49821 — Keep build configuration settings in a single file in VCS Root of the build configuration (Jenkinsfile analog)
TW-53829 — Simplified way to store settings in Kotlin DSL: single file, reusable between projects/servers
TW-53826 — Allow to reuse the same repository with TeamCity versioned settings on several servers
TW-55162 — Support per-project NuGet feeds
TW-54856 — Support custom certificates store for TFS
TW-47171 — Add GC data to the thread dumps
TW-46790 — Provide some way to transfer build-relaed events from one node to another
TW-39410 — Ability wanted to stop a build from Favorite Builds page
TW-36402 — Ability to prohibit custom checkout directory
TW-10013 — Allow to modify templates-using build configuration settings in place (without parameters references)
TW-55335 — Do not initialize server URL based on the target URL of first request to server if request was not made by browser
TW-53827 — Allow to create project from the versioned settings stored in the repository
TW-35983 — Permission to see agent pools
TW-54968 — Allow to set custom build status text for a composite build via REST
TW-52049 — Docker Build: clean docker images locally on an agent after they were successfully pushed to a registry
TW-54958 — R# InspectCode: support plugins
TW-53855 — Support specifying multiple Docker compose files
TW-52758 — Add docker support for .NET CLI
TW-50446 — Support service message to link pushed docker image with the build
TW-49528 — Extend server health report hiding to allow per-user hiding in addition to global
TW-28414 — Allow administrator which can use the template to see template settings even if the user has no edit permissions for it
TW-10322 — Show amazon cloud image prefix near image name
TW-51537 — Linkify 'https:' links in Build > Overview Tab > Failed test > Expand details
TW-28903 — Add page with used resources report
TW-54997 — UI hint card for new Artifact icon
TW-54688 — Upgrade bundled .net Tools (dotCover and ReSharper CLT) to the latest released version (2018.1)
TW-54716 — Recognize hyperlinks in build status and build step in overview
TW-54354 — Implement an admin UI for template based enforced settings
TW-54416 — Support running PowerShell inside docker container
TW-19877 — Support property resolution / references to agent parameters in agent requirements
TW-53926 — Improve react component for queued build
TW-50455 — Support PowerShell.Core on Windows agents
TW-52967 — Allow template-defined build steps to be added to the end of the build configuration steps
TW-47663 — Support for Powershell Core in Build Agent running on a docker container
TW-53250 — Support overriding build steps inherited from templates
TW-54254 — Inform user when build configurations that used deleted shared resource are going to use parent project's resource
TW-53723 — Support shared resources for the composite build
TW-54196 — REST: Add a way to get artifact changes for build (Artifact dependency changes)
TW-53602 — Additional configuration options for
TW-53819 — Add build step placeholder specific syntax to Kotlin DSL
TW-53627 — When PowerShell Edition is specified in the build step add it to the build step description
TW-24171 — Add ability to rebuild all failed dependencies in Run Custom Build dialog
TW-22340 — Option to view only downstream and upstream builds vs full chain on build chains page
TW-50766 — Docker Wrapper - add an ability to pass parameters into docker container
TW-53249 — Add possibility to edit build pin/tags/comment from build line
TW-53925 — Use react based build list on favourite builds page
TW-50681 — Add support of TFVC external changes viewer in VSTS/TFS
TW-51358 — Smart collapse into ellipsis for long project paths for builds on All Builds page
TW-52781 — Stop Build Chain: Stop All Non-Merged Builds, Do Not Destroy Other Chains

Usability Problem

TW-55238 — When there a problem when parsing/uploading an SSL certificate the error message should clearly state the reason
TW-55527 — Add SSL certificates upload/delete action to Audit
TW-55235 — Add description and link to the documentation page for the SSL Certificates tab
TW-50319 — "Could not start new instances, running instances limit reached" message shown on Agents > Cloud page is confusing
TW-55343 — Confusing message: Build configuration has problems
TW-55086 — Changes View constantly repaints and relayouts itself unnecessarily
TW-52106 — Expand artifacts in popup by click to line
TW-54640 — Confusing message in build log when docker OS type is not detected
TW-52827 — Use a colorblind-safe red/green colors pair
TW-55593 — Auto fill the certificate Name value based on the certificate file name
TW-54888 — Inconsistent downloaded artifacts information in the build log
TW-54891 — Add unit for the speed metrics
TW-55405 — Amazon ECR: unclear logic with "AWS Region"
TW-55393 — NuGet feed: change hint for all steps related to NuGet publish
TW-17703 — "We didn't find any VCS changes committed by you" message on My Changes page
TW-47449 — Zip containing Kotlin script decompresses to hidden folder on MacOS
TW-54566 — Confusing message in build log when Powershell runner is started in docker on Windows
TW-55482 — Group archived and not triggered build configurations on the build chains view
TW-54810 — Clean up files left from canceled backup processes
TW-55385 — Build Problems From Dependent Builds: Links Should Open Builds Not Build Types
TW-55280 — Erratic web page jumping with the new artifact popup
TW-53385 — Make agent.bat output more user-friendly
TW-55428 — Docker push: add asterisk for 'Image name:tag' label
TW-54764 — Hidden inherited parameters are hard to notice
TW-52856 — Provide operation name when reporting an AWS error
TW-52480 — Build time popup problems
TW-54175 — Wrong calculation of how much building time left
TW-54666 — Remove queued build from the experimental UI at once when it is canceled
TW-55058 — Remove "No builds running" text because it doesn't contain information and clutter the screen
TW-54262 — "Changes Browser" dialog doesn't get focus
TW-54862 — Disable upgrade plugin menu item when user is not logged in
TW-44307 — List cloud agent instances and running builds on agent image pages
TW-54684 — Disable Move To Top icon for the first queued build in experimental UI,
TW-33627 — It is not clear that server health items hiding is affecting other users
TW-54046 — Ability to reset overriden shared resource
TW-52256 — Inconsistent color for artifacts and pin icon
TW-53035 — Remember the state of the checkbox "All unshared builds this one depends on" between invocations in remove from queue dialog


TW-55544 — Deadlock during copy project operation
TW-55646 — Alert is shown on attempt to update AWS cloud profile in case when project feature id and cloud profile id are different
TW-55634 — DevPackage JavaDoc is empty
TW-55632 — Cannot view diff for graphics file committed in VCS
TW-54677 — Deadlock when server url is opened while administrator account is being created
TW-41486 — Confusing "Found a TeamCity internal database when no system directory or an empty system directory is expected" message on server start with non-empty database and empty config
TW-55485 — Amazon ECR: cleanup for published images doesn't work
TW-55490 — AWS ECR: StackOverflow exception in teamcity-server.log
TW-51199 — Overlapping text on build overview page when build has build problems
TW-54591 — "Database connections pool exhausted" related to getting test names
TW-55172 — Amazon ECR connection: cannot save connection with correct data
TW-55030 — Place system error on the build configuration home page back to the left side
TW-52031 — Build can be shown as having no changes when there are
TW-54714 — Cannot see VCS roots past the first page with "Show VCS roots from subprojects" option enabled
TW-55647 — New artifacts icon suggestion is always shown for guest user
TW-55627 — Removing enforced settings template from project settings is not being persisted
TW-55636 — Broken list in "Edit Configuration Settings" on the Queued build page
TW-54161 — VCS diff view might be not avaialble with "Requested change list does not exist" message
TW-15538 — Limit valid property name characters to contain only word characters
TW-55083 — Mark as successful / mark as failed comment is no longer shown on build history page
TW-27205 — REST API can generate wrong href links to API: the values might be not properly URL-encoded
TW-54725 — When downloading artifacts form the server, HTTP connection timeout is not set
TW-54720 — Test results not being reported with .NET CLI 2.1 release
TW-53844 — Maven runner with Maven 3.5 can behave differently from console invocation: can ignore global settings in %MAVEN_HOME% (maven.conf case)
TW-55530 — Allow only alphanumeric characters in the SSL certificates name
TW-54931 — Provide descriptions for the artifact download size statistic values
TW-55512 — AWS ECR: remove registry name from the connection and add "Test connection" button instead
TW-55477 — Too wide build line on current problems tab
TW-55540 — Popup opening can cause vertical scroll bar appearing and that can cause popup hiding: page jumps
TW-55503 — Absolute URL in warning icon popup
TW-54832 — Cannot find full agent name via browser search
TW-53874 — REST: filtering builds by tags is ineffective
TW-55439 — No agent names for some of the agents on the agent pool page
TW-55199 — Error '403 Forbidden: Requests from build artifacts pages are restricted' when browser is navigating back from build artifact
TW-54433 — Personal builds run by other users are always displayed in the experimental UI
TW-54741 — Disable open user self-registration for built-in auth module if the auth settings were not changed manually
TW-55442 — IE11 shows vertical scroll bar for a short period of time on attempt to open react popup
TW-40804 — TeamCity doesn't take latest revision for a build in dag-based VCS root
TW-55461 — "Recent History" section disappears on mouse hover
TW-55457 — Mouseover on personal build icon triggers an error when build has no changes
TW-50922 — Failed to store test name in TeamCity database because of special characters in the test name
TW-54827 — No tooltip on build status icon
TW-55420 — agent names with ellipses
TW-55361 — NoClassDefFoundError org/apache/commons/compress/utils/IOUtils during git fetch over https with password authentication
TW-55425 — It's possible to start new cloud instances for integrations without 2018.1 API implementation
TW-55282 — New SMB Deployer doesn't work when agent is on java 7 + and there is SMBv1 only
TW-55372 — wrong branch presentation on build overview page
TW-54947 — Flaky test detector plugin displays incorrect flaky status
TW-52738 — "Cannot calculate free space" warning in TeamCity logs with a backslash in a path to the artifacts directory
TW-55346 — Empty investigation label without actions or text if current user does not have Assign investigation permission
TW-55348 — Broken 404 page (missing image) for some artifact download links
TW-54404 — Projects popup does not filter any projects by the text occurring in the server URL
TW-49793 — External artifacts storage: custom report tab doesn't work
TW-55243 — Branch filtering does not work properly on build configuration page if branch contains parentheses
TW-54066 — Maven runner cannot use maven from the docker image using docker wrapper
TW-44094 — Visual Studio Tests console fails to launch when custom logger is installed in a localized (Russian) environment
TW-55026 — General settings page is missing for template.
TW-54727 — Async page content is confusing: not clear that something is still loading
TW-54887 — Deadlock during startup (WebLoginModelImpl.wrapIfCantChangeOwnSettings)
TW-54232 — Project visibility toggle ("Eye" icon) shows as untoggled even when the project is visible in the overview.
TW-54668 — Move to top action does not work for Queued build in Experimental UI.
TW-54717 — Docker Build step doesn't work when context folder ends with '/'
TW-54625 — Extension point works only on showing test details info
TW-48615 — Enforced settings. Overwritten build feature cannot be viewed and reset in build configuration.
TW-54478 — External Artifacts Storage: no error message is displayed if an agent cannot download artifacts (e.g. no Internet connection)
TW-54459 — No error message can be displayed when TeamCity fails to publish artifacts to S3
TW-54160 — JavaScript error on diff view in IE 11
TW-51881 — Agent installed as windows service cannot start if Java 9 is installed
TW-47064 — Agent restarts if running under JRE 9
TW-24507 — Rerun build action on build dependencies/chain does not restore snapshot dependencies without artifacts ones (misleading "auto" snapshot dependency build behavior)
TW-24116 — Custom run build dialog can use wrong change/revision on build "rerun" from the chains page (latest instead of that of the build)
TW-52021 — TeamCity fileUtil deletes files through symlinks
TW-40095 — Change in Investigation in nested project scope can affect other projects
TW-53635 — No ability to save changes in inherited build step when runner type is changed.
TW-39144 — Remove links to TeamCity Addin Help in the new VS-Addin plugin.
TW-55241 — Cannot upload SSL certificate with alias greater than 255 symbols
TW-55652 — Wrong requirement on entity id prefix when root project is in portable DSL
TW-55592 — Show number of the uploaded SSL certificates near the menu item
TW-55309 — java.lang.IllegalStateException: Nesting problem in ChartController
TW-55629 — Deadlock during roles loading
TW-54758 — Refresh the page when CSRF token is expired
TW-46029 — Default branch filter is generated for triggers in DSL
TW-55617 — Do not show pull request related health report to users who do not have view settings permission in corresponding project
TW-55605 — NPE in teamcity-server.log
TW-54919 — Process tree terminator does not recover if becomes corrupted (no disk space)
TW-55352 — Kotlin DSL: VCS settings submodule checkout ignored despite the explicit SUBMODULES_CHECKOUT option
TW-55514 — Changes for build dependencies are constantly refresh on queued build page
TW-55548 — Show in settings tab when an external Artifacts storage is configured
TW-54807 — NPE from VcsPropertiesBean.isCreateBuildTypeMode
TW-55504 — Strange looking grey color for queued build estimate icon
TW-55562 — NullPointerException on project build chains tab in case when dependency points to a non existing build type
TW-54377 — Agent name for stopped cloud agent in react builds list presentation don't include link to the cloud profile page
TW-55240 — TypeError in browser console when uploading an SSL certificate
TW-52950 — "Tag cannot be self-closing. Use an explicit closing tag" js warning on Overview page
TW-53722 — Truncate build problems text on Changes page
TW-53947 — Show number of configured connections in edit project project menu
TW-55087 — Docker push events are shown in no context on the DockerInfo tab
TW-55400 — TypeError in JS console for user without VIEW_AGENT_DETAILS permission.
TW-55479 — Strange note "paths are relative to <TeamCity data directory>"
TW-55432 — Docker Push: extensive verbose logging in case when wrong authentication was specified
TW-21096 — MaintenanceProcessAlreadyRunningException in teamcity-server.log
TW-55459 — Do not duplicate auth and quest feed URLs in NuGet feed hint
TW-55103 — Compilation failure error messages are not expanded on click
TW-54791 — UI issues in TeamCity IntelliJ plugin
TW-43830 — Incorrect revision can be used in a build producing wrong files contents on agent in case of checkout rules, DAG-based root and merge of graph-truncated branch
TW-46810 — Build of develop/integration branch does not include all merged changesets
TW-51274 — 1 build not checkout out latest changes in VCS root
TW-51941 — Two VCS Roots based on same repo with same checkout rules: one sees change, other does not
TW-54223 — Reduce timeout for git ls-remote
TW-55388 — IOException when publishing artifacts
TW-54128 — "Error while generating DSL documentation" - show full warning list only in DEBUG log
TW-55435 — Startup scripts do not output the Java path used
TW-54944 — MySQL error on updating running builds data: "Incorrect string value" related to current_path_text column
TW-55001 — Build History page: filter by agent name is case-sensitive
TW-55073 — No popup for issue mentions in investigation comment
TW-17123 — jira requests client certificate, teamcity fails
TW-55328 — Allow editing of a versioned settings VCS root in case of relative ids format
TW-55436 — ValidatorException in GitHub Issue Tracker
TW-53378 — Full name of a user can unintentionally leak through VCS usernames
TW-55384 — Obsolete horizontal scroll bar on an issue tracker test connection dialog
TW-54793 — Unauthorized agents are not displayed to project administrators with VIEW_AGENT_DETAILS_FOR_PROJECT permission.
TW-55376 — New SMB Deployer doesn't create a build problem when it fails
TW-54776 — Test mute data not cleaned from database for deleted projects
TW-54523 — Build Chain can show no nodes after chain presentations option change (scroller issue)
TW-54867 — "Actions" menu for a build is not displayed when user should have permissions to promote
TW-55409 — 'null' in a step description if additional arguments for a custom docker command aren't specified
TW-55176 — User with View project agents details permissions cannot group and sort agents on Connected Agents tab.
TW-55149 — Uncaught TypeError in JS console on project icon clicking on Overview page.
TW-55281 — "NuGet package indexer" build feature is silently removed from a build configuration when NuGet feed for a project is turned off
TW-55275 — NuGet package indexing on an agent can be unnecessary performed
TW-54385 — Zipped artifact with wrong inner folder structure
TW-54033 — VCS change with empty comment can not be modified
TW-55368 — TestNG failures in @AfterSuite do not cause build failure
TW-54294 — User with 'viewer' role doesn't see a full build problem description
TW-55265 — Confusing message in teamcity-nuget.log
TW-55174 — Corrupted artifact from dependency may end up in agent local cache
TW-55259 — NuGet package indexer: fix description for Root project
TW-51435 — Strange error on attempt to open S3 storage settings
TW-55350 — REST: Default condition for value/property matching is "contains" when "value" is specified in the locator
TW-55349 — Perform cleanup of agent_pool_project table when some time passed since project has been removed
TW-55347 — Cleanup of rows from mute_info table can lock test_muted table and cause lock wait timeout exception
TW-55266 — Project admin cannot edit NuGet Feed settings.
TW-48909Flaky test detector tests which stopped being flaky more than a week ago stay on list
TW-48173 — Confusing " Amazon EC2 integration is not active" logging on agent
TW-55191 — Error in ChartExportController
TW-53213 — Tag EC2 instances and volumes on creation
TW-53498 — Docker wrapper should not pass environment variables from agent configuration
TW-51179 — Docker Wrapper: do not add GRADLE_HOME agent requirement if docker wrapper is specified
TW-55012 — Builds may not be reused when versioned settings are enabled and builds have non DAG based VCS roots
TW-54680 — S3 Artifacts Storage: an excessive logging in teamcity-server.log
TW-55183 — Exclude NuGet feed parameters from autocompletion
TW-54411 — Non-unique selectAll id on Dependencies tab of a build configuration/template
TW-55233 — "Cannot find dotnet in Docker image" in build log
TW-55145 — Footer overlaps statistics page content
TW-54653 — 'Agent attempts to register build runner(s) DockerCommand which are not registered on the server' warning in teamcity-server.log
TW-54263 — Column widths in one line build presentation
TW-55196 — No Bitbucket icon in FF on create project page
TW-55193 — No proper styles for files popup on favorite builds page
TW-55197 — Misaligned suggestions icon
TW-53579 — Update copyright info in TFS Native Accessor
TW-55143 — Overview page content should not be moved left when What's new popup is invoked.
TW-44207 — Irrelevant Performance monitor data can be shown for the build if agent fails to delete perfmon.csv
TW-54400 — Incorrect artifact publishing when path contains ".."
TW-55155 — Gradle plugin: autodetect build.gradle.kts and enable Gradle Wrapper by default
TW-54634 — "Unknown OS icon" can be missing on build configuration overview page
TW-48552 — Unexpected error when shared resources feature is configured as enforced setting.
TW-55072 — Issues in investigation/mute comments can be not recognized on the build overview page
TW-55121 — IntelliJ Inspections & Duplicates runner fails to start under Java 9+
TW-48304 — TeamCity can't handle hprof file larger than 4GB
TW-55099 — Add / remove from favorites action does not have any visual feedback on the overview page
TW-54820 — Inconsistent grey color for the number of builds
TW-55051 — Layout needs to be fixed
TW-54934 — Too verbose build log lines in "Resolving artifact dependencies" block on artifact dependencies download
TW-54842 — Automatically publish hs_err as artifacts on JVM crash
TW-11464 — Improve service message error message
TW-35471 — Build log has no mentioning of "Destination collision while resolving artifacts" warning
TW-54858 — Calculating build metric 'percentage of line coverage' fails
TW-39346 — File transfer rate/File size transferred during resolving artifact dependencies stage?
TW-54738 — Flaky test false positive: "Test status change in build without changes" reason is reported for a build with changed artifact dependency
TW-54906 — DslExtensionParseError: Unknown type Verbosity
TW-54619 — visual studio icon not encoding correctly when url has spaces in it (%20 turns into a parameter reference)
TW-53800 — Commit Status Publisher fails for VSTS SSH Roots
TW-51759 — Database deadlock during processing of a muted test failure for a running build
TW-54853 — Permissions for moved projects are not applied until a user logs out and back in
TW-54884 — Build problem description is cut when the user doesn't have permissions to mute/assign
TW-54826 — Database connection error on startup is confusing and unclear: important cause is not visible due visibility in the message
TW-54039 — compiler error not shown as error
TW-54825 — There are no memory monitor thread dumps on the running builds node
TW-54195 — Replace 'Open in a new window' with icon
TW-54661 — Patches for kotlin dsl hasn't any changes of configurations
TW-54608 — Opening authentication module settings can take some time but no "loading" progress is dispalyed
TW-54656 — User with Project Viewer role can see 'Edit Project' link in the project popup
TW-54679 — Rename Amazon Artifacts Storage plugin
TW-54627 — Exception when try to start readonly node to using internal (hsqldb) database
TW-54585 — Database deadlock on attempt to mute tests
TW-48616 — Enforced settings. Enforced build features are copied to the extracted template.
TW-54521 — TypeError on trying to copy project with the attached template.
TW-53636 — Provide ability to move to top a placeholder when a template contains the only build step.
TW-54368 — Copying project with enforced settings represented by a template that is not accessible from the copy, causes the copy of the corresponding template to acquire an UUID name and be placed within the copy of the project
TW-53966 — Test status in editor gutter in IDEA can be shown as red, while it is not red on the server
TW-33764 — Misleading change icon
TW-54423 — TeamCity may repeatedly check for changes from non-used VCS roots
TW-54375 — User permissions are not updated when the group is deleted
TW-54328 — REST: Files of 0 size have no size attribute
TW-52065 — Order in queue is missing on new queued build presentation
TW-54135 — HttpClient authorization scheme is not applied when redirecting with code 301 between http and https on the same host
TW-54119 — REST: request for current user can clash with user with username "current"
TW-52306 — New build presentation: No way to quickly open build artifacts page
TW-53929 — Every ESLint inspection appears in report twice
TW-54034 — Link to archive in the data dir file browser uses absolute server URL instead of current request URL
TW-53839 — Editing an agent requirement or a build step that is inherited from template and overridden by the same value (as inherited) causes unexpected error
TW-53841 — Resetting inherited, overridden and disabled build settings is inconsistent among various kinds of settings
TW-44454 — Free disk space feature is run after registering agent parameters
TW-53271 — IntelliJ plugin: drop "TeamCity Test Status" gutter icons when test is renamed
TW-53308 — Build step order differs between attach to template action and loading a template-based configuration
TW-52845 — Fix agent properties window on high DPI resolution
TW-53668 — Extracting a meta-runner from a build configuration or a template includes disabled agent requirements
TW-53634 — Save button is missing in a build step inherited from template.
TW-53555 — Not aligned project description on the Overview
TW-53025 — IntelliJ IDEA run configuration for JUnit5 tests does not work on build agent
TW-52760 — Building IDEA project in TeamCity produces "invalid flag: -release" error
TW-52686 — Staging with new UI for tests


TW-55370 — Argument for @NotNull parameter 'agentPool' of jetbrains/buildServer/web/functions/auth/AuthorizationFunctions.canViewAgentDetailsInPool
TW-54804 — Unexpected error on Build Queue page when two cloud profiles with same id are defined.
TW-55329 — java.lang.InstantiationException: bean testRuns not found within scope while processing request: POST
TW-55223 — "Failed to update nuget provider metadata" in teamcity-server.log
TW-54593 — Error creating bean with name 'jetbrains.buildServer.web.plugins.agent.AgentPluginsController#0': Singleton bean creation not allowed while singletons of this factory are in destruction
TW-54474 — Premature UI initialization in RemoteDebugExecutor component

Performance Problem

TW-55480 — Run test names cleanup outside of the main cleanup process
TW-54864 — Changes view: expanding test details hangs for at least several minutes
TW-54558 — Deleted cloud profiles can cause many SQL queries to agent_type and related tables
TW-55666 — High memory usage if there are many build configurations with many branches
TW-51904 — Remote run: dialog with configurations takes long time to appear
TW-53770 — Add a composite index on (vcs_root_id, modification_id) to vcs_history table
TW-54926 — Slow ProjectImpl.getOwnVcsRoots and related ineffective code in RedundantVcsRootsReport
TW-55116 — Slow build history loading: slow artifact dependencies loading
TW-53010 — Reapplying settings of TeamCity sbt runner plugin for multi projects bulld of sbt is too slow
TW-55052 — Slow opening of a page with several build problems
TW-49764 — Long UI requests (minutes) during test names cleanup
TW-49975 — Windows domain authentication under Windows TeamCity server can be slow: one authentication attempt at a time
TW-53617 — Slow disk usage calculation (many hours)

Security Problem

20+ security problems were fixed, some of them critical


TW-54863 — broken layout at Test History tab
TW-54605 — Warning icon is detached from text for some server Health items.
TW-54582 — Lock icon is too close to Reset link.
TW-54258 — Use hyphen in platform description of a PowerShell build step
TW-55134 — Mute comment is misaligned on build overview page (when test is both investigated and muted)
TW-45982 — Change font for build type description
TW-54676 — Align icons on Current Problems tab of the Project overview page
TW-54113 — The "check" glyph near the "Dependencies" confuses
TW-55192 — New Artifact Icon UI hint is displayed higher than the icons are when test details are shown
TW-54260 — All colored backgrounds should have fill +32px on the left and right sides
TW-54407 — Build line: Font-size for all items should be 12px (except Builds Status — 13px)
TW-54651 — Small UI changes for builds list
TW-54675 — Run button height misaligns ... button when using emojis in custom Run button text
TW-54388 — Use Consolas on Windows
TW-53808 — Update bitbucket icon in UI
TW-46709 — Extra space after investigate/mute/flaky test icons
TW-54176 — "Loading process important messages..."
TW-53959 — Customize build dialog has unrelated text label if use does not have "customize build parameters" permission
TW-53625 — Build icons can be cropped in FireFox

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