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  • TeamCity 2017.2.3 (build 51047) Release Notes
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  • TW-52422 - Support Azure Container Registry in Docker plugin
  • TW-53691 - Passing Katalon Studio Command Line test being marked as ignored in JUnit report within TeamCity

Usability Problem

  • TW-53263 - Confusing presentation of agent enable / disable comment and warning icon
  • TW-53630 - Layout hides "Add" button
  • TW-53493 - Text selection over branch label is not visible
  • TW-53536 - Extra new lines are copied when copying Agent name with the pool name on Agents tab.


  • TW-53850 - My Changes page is scrolled to the top by itself
  • TW-49325 - SVN agent-side checkout fails with error "E200030 There are unfinished transactions detected"
  • TW-51199 - Overlapping text on build overview page when build has build problems
  • TW-51847 - psexec tool needs to be reinstalled after each server restart
  • TW-53415 - VCS Roots with svn:// does not keep commit message when TeamCity does commit operation
  • TW-53857 - Docker wrapper: docker pull stderr is reported as error message which can fail a build

  • TW-53481 - TeamCity may not restore root permissions for a build with docker wrapper when the build is cancelled in the middle
  • TW-53513 - Log rejected patch requests in teamcity-server.log
  • TW-53539 - Code inspections section is not shown for builds which report 0 inspections
  • TW-53562 - "Invalid RSA public key" on opening step settings when Artifactory plugin is installed
  • TW-53587 - RunningBuildsManagerImpl.scheduleUpdateBuildsTask is not protected from RejectedExecutionException
  • TW-53613 - Build Config VCS: Custom Checkout directory setting lost
  • TW-53704 - Build log and artifacts of the build can be lost in two nodes setup if running builds node becomes unavailable
  • TW-53758 - No series when editing statistics charts first time
  • TW-53772 - Docker login build feature doesn't work for wrappers (docker EE client)
  • TW-53818 - Builds with artifact dependency fail to start when old Torrent plugin is installed.
  • TW-53881 - Swabra does not kill locking processes when Files cleanup option is <Do not clean up>
  • TW-53888 - Random error when getting Kotlin settings from VCS
  • TW-44515 - Build number can be lost if moving configuration via VCS
  • TW-53037 - Review build file default for Gradle runner (was: Kotlin DSL incorrectly defaults Gradle build file to build.gradle)
  • TW-53068 - Teamcity agent not using proxy settings when trying to resolve/publish artifacts
  • TW-53097 - Git fetch issue
  • TW-53127 - Multiple "DiskUsage: Cannot write build mapping ... NoSuchFileException" messages in the server log
  • TW-53162 - Improperly nested "Loading current repository state for VCS root" verbose messages in the build log
  • TW-53350 - Project disappear from all pools when UUID changes
  • TW-53421 - Using special chars in docker password fails docker login feature
  • TW-53439 - Upgrade Waffle to version which uses JNA >= 4.0
  • TW-53504 - Broken (enlarged) font size in Chrome on Android on Overview
  • TW-53528 - VCS root problem details are not shown when branch is selected
  • TW-53531 - Build cancel with Docker Wrapper does not stop container
  • TW-53537 - Links to specific failed tests do not expand the test anymore
  • TW-53541 - Auto Update breaks Server Context
  • TW-53548 - "Attempt to read TeamCity internal property "teamcity.logs.rotateOnDayMinimalFileSize" before initialization!" in agents wrapper.log
  • TW-53564 - Password fields maxlength
  • TW-53577 - While creating administrator account progress icon displayed outside button
  • TW-53595 - Suppress MySQL health report
  • TW-53666 - Changes page isn't refreshed when some sections are open on it
  • TW-53672 - Changes view: after clicking on collapse section icon, the icon is changed but the section remains expanded
  • TW-53678 - The layout is broken in Copy template dialog.
  • TW-53688 - Health report about hanging queued builds should report dependent queued builds too if they depend on builds without agents
  • TW-53696 - Old build numbers file prevent build configuration move
  • TW-53744 - Wrong DSL UI patch if DSL has parameters with default values
  • TW-53746 - Wrong DSL UI patch for compound parameters
  • TW-53748 - Automatically generated branch name exceeds 1000 characters
  • TW-53775 - Too narrow promote build dialog
  • TW-53809 - Build problem text is displayed improperly
  • TW-53833 - A build step duplicates on detach from template if it was defined (with the same id) both in that template and in a default template
  • TW-53836 - ssh variant 'simple' does not support setting port
  • TW-53861 - Two or more servers may run simultaneously after restart
  • TW-53862 - Java for runnning server/agent is not searched in '/usr/java'
  • TW-53892 - PersistFailedException when resuming/pausing build configuration
  • TW-53944 - [File Content Replacer] Improve build logging in case of I/O errors
  • TW-53953 - Vmware plugin should terminate VM if reconfigureVM_Task fails
  • TW-53957 - Vmware plugin processes reconfigure events too slow
  • TW-54010 - cleanup hanging "Failed to perform cleanup with extension" "jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.statistics.diskusage.DiskUsageSListener$PinnedBuildsCollector"


  • TW-51505 - Warn in logs about failed DSL compilation during TeamCity shutdown
  • TW-53928 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'range'

Performance Problem

  • TW-53752 - Memory leak in KeepNDaysPolicy because of static IdentifiersGenerator instance
  • TW-51937 - SBuildType.getFileContent() can cause a lot of unnecessary getCurrentState calls
  • TW-53832 - ObsoleteFilesCleaner can process directories for hours and occupy multiple threads
  • TW-53143 - Slow trigger processing (minutes) for a build configuration with many branches
  • TW-53695 - Memory leak in UserInvestigationsCounterProvider
  • TW-53729 - A lot of memory can be occupied by agent type policy if agent type belongs to a pool with all of the projects and projects are constantly created/removed on the server
  • TW-53743 - Freeze of the queued build settings can consume a lot of CPU if there are many VCS roots in projects model

Security Problem

  • TW-53978 - Possible JavaScript injection on adding VCS root
  • TW-53984 - JavaScript injection related to vmWare plugin settings
  • TW-53943 - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issue on editing build configuration


  • TW-53575 - Missing bottom border for progress on build results page (Edge)
  • TW-53620 - Star indicating that the field is mandatory can detach from the label
  • TW-53700 - Too large spacing between OS icon and OS name on build agent's page
  • TW-53753 - Unnecessary wrapping of the test name in build summary popup
  • TW-53806 - Connection icon is displayed on a new line in add/edit issue tracker dialog
  • TW-53594 - Extra dot in "TeamCity is updating" message



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