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  • TeamCity 2017.1.5 (build 47175) Release Notes
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Fixed issues in the tracker


  • TW-51635 - Support proxy with authentication in VersionChecker

Usability Problem

  • TW-40767 - Provide better validation for artifact paths patterns in cleanup rules dialog
  • TW-51763 - Confusing error message when creating project from URL using GitHub integration and empty repository
  • TW-51571 - Provide more user friendly error messages on attempt to setup empty GitHub/Bitbucket repository via create from URL form


  • TW-51777 - After teamcity upgrade gradle mute not working
  • TW-37563 - Ignored test is displayed as failed on test statistics chart
  • TW-42297 - Agent push fails when JAVA is already installed on agent
  • TW-51905 - Update Tomcat version to 7.0.82 or later, to address CVE-2017-12615/12616/12617
  • TW-51854 - Statistics charts are editable in read-only projects
  • TW-51772 - UnsupportedOperationException in MavenSettingsManagerImpl
  • TW-50057 - sbt build fails if an agent is installed in a directory with spaces in a path
  • TW-51448 - SBT runner: the wrong listener is used when SBT project has no file (SBT version specified as -Dsbt.version parameter)
  • TW-51713 - Incorrect behavior on edit notification rule.
  • TW-51849 - Duplicate id error after extId case change
  • TW-51874 - Duplicate uuid is not detected in when its case changed
  • TW-51647 - Error during loading project settings from VCS can erase critical errors in unrelated project
  • TW-51858 - Project copy doesn't remap settings root id
  • TW-51703 - Check artifact dependencies fails on disabled dependencies
  • TW-46111 - Agents Statistics: build popup on mouse over does not display sometimes
  • TW-51729 - Enforced execution timeout value is ignored
  • TW-51804 - RejectedExecutionException in DiskUsageTaskExecutor$UpdateWorker.schedule (does not handle server shutdown properly)
  • TW-51564 - "Could not fix location of build artifacts directory" error on case-insensitive file system
  • TW-51765 - Authorization for a bitbucket repository does not work when repository url is inserted using bitbucket icon popup
  • TW-51771 - Wrong link can be inserted when clicking on a bitbucket repository link in a configured connection
  • TW-51796 - NuGet Publish: use upload directory within data directory
  • TW-51680 - Visual Studio Addin installation fails on Windows 10
  • TW-51645 - Duplicate build configuration name is not detected
  • TW-51801 - Impossible to add Snapshot dependency to the build configuration.
  • TW-51677 - Versioned settings in new project is not shown in health report
  • TW-51339 - VersionChecker does not use configured proxy
  • TW-51735 - NPE from HistoryChangesResult.getModIds
  • TW-51749 - Powershell runner doesn't report execution errors
  • TW-51131 - Main page expand works only the second time
  • TW-51733 - IllegalArgumentExceptionon server startup: ParameterFactoryImpl.deserializeDBParameter must not be null
  • TW-51681 - Confusing versioned settings status when settings on TeamCity server are up-to-date
  • TW-51556 - Broken conf\ in distributoin: strange JVM system properties
  • TW-51682 - Project with settings in Kotlin format erases versioned settings error in unrelated project
  • TW-51547 - Auto discovery can show build steps with unknown runner if some runners are disabled in the project
  • TW-51596 - Build with specified build number artifact dependency fails after 2017.1 upgrade
  • TW-51572 - Project admin does not see link to View parent project of the project where this user is admin
  • TW-51618 - Secure parameters defined in build configuration / template or VCS root are not decrypted properly in case of versioned settings and enabled tokens
  • TW-51531 - Race condition during updating cloud profile
  • TW-51355 - "Failed to instantiate" under Java 9
  • TW-51506 - Vmware plugin unable to read guestInfo properties on macOS.
  • TW-51416 - Improve incorrect CTest results parsing
  • TW-35043 - Excessive wrapping on chain view: build's status and triangle can be wrapped
  • TW-51452 - Perfmon artifacts are not published properly in case of S3 artifacts storage

Performance Problem

  • TW-51499 - Filter of projects / build configurations on notification rules page freezes browser
  • TW-51767 - BackgroundArtifactsUpdater can have large number of tasks during the cleanup
  • TW-51385 - TeamCity agent downloading artifacts is extraordinarily slow between New York and Dublin
  • TW-51598 - Many identical SQL queries during changes collection for a large build chain

Security Problem

  • TW-51625 - Upgrade Tomcat to version 7.0.81 to ensure CVE-2017-12615 is not actual
  • TW-51859 - It is possible to configure cross-hierarchy settings VCS root
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