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  • TeamCity 2017.1.4 (build 47070) Release Notes
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Fixed issues in the tracker


  • TW-48707 - Artifact limits support for externally stored artifacts
  • TW-49693 - Allow to enforce active artifact storage
  • TW-50911 - Support SBT 1.0 version in Simple Build Tool runner
  • TW-50996 - Provide human readable agent name instead / in addition to image name
  • TW-51082 - GitHub Integration: Do not ask for write access permissions by default.

Usability Problem

  • TW-26545 - Permission name "View available images and running instances" is confusing
  • TW-44466 - Do not detect gradlew.bat as an executable
  • TW-44638 - Make critical server health items related to a build configuration more noticeable
  • TW-50988 - Gradle step settings view should show working directory
  • TW-51155 - Display icon for Info health items in Health popup.
  • TW-51204 - User without VIEW_AGENT_CLOUDS permission (default project developer) see No Compatible Agents when first cloud agent is starting
  • TW-51215 - Show agent name prefix in images table on edit cloud profile page
  • TW-51437 - Misleading message when versioned settings are disabled after upgrade with converters


  • TW-42455 - Error during import of DupFinder xml report
  • TW-46833 - Gradle parallel execution may fail to report service messages properly
  • TW-47499 - Wrong test results when tests run via gradle in several threads
  • TW-47837 - Improve Gradle build problems reporting: unclear "Using experimental kotlin incremental compilation" compilation error
  • TW-47868 - Validation for an uploaded JetBrains dotCover/ReSharper CLT is case sensitive
  • TW-49308 - Jabber notifier stopped working after upgrade to 10.0.4
  • TW-49537 - No error is displayed in UI on error retrieving branches for drop-down
  • TW-49674 - On Mac agent launchd.out.log log file may occupy too much space
  • TW-49884 - "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: enumerable" during Personal Build scheduling via VS2015
  • TW-50100 - Build queue consumed 3 Gb of memory in Chrome
  • TW-50418 - Build Queue page open for hours crashes the browser tab
  • TW-50491 - Visual Studio remote run: build customization doesn't work
  • TW-50719 - Weird behaviour in the "Investigations" tab
  • TW-50872 - Check work with TFS proxy server in java and .net modes
  • TW-50915 - Newly introduced inspection warnings not shown for personal builds
  • TW-50944 - Build page might not be reloaded after build finishes
  • TW-50951 - Problems with viewing all registered users after the upgrade to 2017.1.x
  • TW-50961 - NuGet packages from the fresh builds might not appear in the feed for a long time after cache reset (until all the builds are re-indexed)
  • TW-50964 - Build revision changes after build with custom VCS root or checkout rules
  • TW-50984 - Normalize URL in breadcrumbs
  • TW-51022 - Commit Status Publisher generates invalid JSON
  • TW-51032 - TeamCity may create a corrupted database backup because of compatibility problems in MS SQL Server JDBC driver
  • TW-51049 - Unable to ignore a test with a non-ASCII name longer than 255 characters
  • TW-51056 - Attempt to open issue details popup from changes popup closes the changes popup
  • TW-51065 - Password parameters not obfuscated in build log when set using Build Script Interaction
  • TW-51083 - First project created after user was registered during invitation flow is not visible on Overview page
  • TW-51087 - Snapshot dependencies of a build can be lost (build start without dependencies) on specific queuing sequence with builds promotion
  • TW-51092 - REST: Wrong "href" attribute value for some versioned requests (build artifacts and others)
  • TW-51094 - Build configuration doesn't checkout the latest commit in one of repositories
  • TW-51100 - Add git to server docker image
  • TW-51115 - Failed to publish artifacts because of colon (:) in artifacts path created by TeamCity (Meta-runner with NUnit step)
  • TW-51133 - Build with the 'teamcity.buildRevisions.detectUnknownCommitMerge' option doesn't select the latest merge commit
  • TW-51151 - Do not terminate outdated cloud instances without agent
  • TW-51168 - cache folder in the server, When Datadirectory is on share
  • TW-51185 - "'2.482336912E9' in column '2' is outside valid range for the datatype INTEGER" when estimating row counts during backup
  • TW-51205 - Critical error in configuration file %PATH TO FILE% Project with name "%NAME%" already exists
  • TW-51208 - Some strange logging on TeamCity server start (Unable to locate project for cloud profile 'amazon-3')
  • TW-51210 - Set up new TeamCity server: no error message is displayed for administrator account password mismatch
  • TW-51214 - SBT 1.0 Support Sbt runner fails with NoClassDefFoundError: sbt/Plugin
  • TW-51219 - Failed to filter NuGet packages in feed via NuGet client 2.8.2
  • TW-51246 - java.lang.NullPointerException during getting compatible agents
  • TW-51250 - NPE from BranchNameGenerator.generateBranchName makes build failed with single "Failed to start build" message in the log
  • TW-51255 - Not all build log can be shown without any related notes
  • TW-51307 - Generated Kotlin configs don't handle several artifact dependencies on the same buildType
  • TW-51311 - Create build config form does not update the list of available templates when a parent project is changed, and displays an unpleasant error message if submitted
  • TW-51313 - Outdated build configuration settings on overview after settings update from VCS
  • TW-51315 - Current repository changes might be occasionally not included into a build (outdated revision is used) when there are several VCS roots and one if DAG-based
  • TW-51320 - "Versioned settings disabled" health report is not shown if versioned settings are disabled in all projects
  • TW-51340 - Provide images names/ids in Terminate Instance dialog.
  • TW-51341 - Drop down lists are still displayed after Edit Image dialog is closed in cloud profile.
  • TW-51343 - Cloud instance is considered as running by other TeamCity server if you decide to use it in another cloud profile
  • TW-51345 - No enabled compatible agents is shown to project developer without VIEW_AGENT_CLOUDS permission
  • TW-51346 - Do not show Agents -> Clouds tab to user if all projects where he/she can see cloud agents do not have cloud profiles
  • TW-51347 - Permission VIEW_AGENT_CLOUDS is checked incorrectly
  • TW-51349 - Cannot download build artifact from UI (build Dependencies tab) if there is '+' symbol in the path
  • TW-51384 - ProcessTreeTerminator does not support Windows Nano Server
  • TW-51390 - Schedule trigger DSL doesn't have API for branchFilter parameter
  • TW-51391 - Schedule trigger cron compound parameter in DSL doesn't have timezone option
  • TW-51393 - Deadlock during applying configs changes from VCS and new VCS root/project creation
  • TW-51396 - Failure with HSQL DB initialization in Windows docker container
  • TW-51416 - Improve incorrect CTest results parsing
  • TW-51432 - Project settings changes from VCS can be applied out-of-order


  • TW-51209 - cannot find or load main class during manual backup

Performance Problem

  • TW-50842 - Slow finishing of builds in case of many rows in mute_test_in_proj table
  • TW-50877 - Too long build results page load as BuildStatisticsBuilder.fillFixedIn can iterate through large number of builds executing thousands of queries
  • TW-51047 - Inefficient code in jetbrains.buildServer.clouds.server.instances.BuildStartFilter can occupy plenty of CPU
  • TW-51105 - Eliminate global lock in ExitCodeBuildProblemRenderer
  • TW-51169 - Support bulk operations in TFS personal support
  • TW-51387 - QueueStateManagerImpl.readQueueState can slow down processing of the builds in the queue

Security Problem

  • TW-50977 - Possible HTML injection in email notifications


  • TW-50972 - Filter reset 'cross' item can detach from the filter button on Audit page
  • TW-51147 - Incorrect tool-tip for <_Root> in server Health Items popup.
  • TW-51174 - Extra newlines in build problem description (gradle parallel execution)
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