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  • TeamCity 2017.1.3 (build 46961) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2017.1 Release Notes

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TeamCity 2017.1.2 (build 46812) Release Notes

Fixed issues in the tracker


  • TW-50389 - Check if agent started as EC2 instance (start/stop) was started by another TeamCity server
  • TW-50538 - TeamCity Agent Docker image: use latest Docker CE version
  • TW-50716 - Terminate TFS Java long running app on certain conditions

Usability Problem

  • TW-50256 - Implement a global server Subversion option to trust all SSL certificates by default for SSL connections
  • TW-50548 - Test names filter on Build/Tests tab is getting cleared for the running build (probably because of page refresh)


  • TW-50487 - Wrong item is selected in projects popup and edit notification rule when a build configuration and a project have same ID
  • TW-50718 - Project pool displayed on Agents->Pools page despite having no agents and no cloud images
  • TW-25845 - TeamCity can create huge sparse files for the build log
  • TW-28102 - Numerous Unable to send patch to build agent errors in the TeamCity Logs (connection timeout, probably proxy related)
  • TW-34500 - Build duration estimate could be very inaccurate after failing build
  • TW-44479 - NuGet Credentials with %teamcity.nuget.feed.auth.server% doesn't work on the local agents
  • TW-44934 - NuGet Dependency Trigger fails if NUGET_EXTENSIONS_PATH has already been added to environment veriables
  • TW-48291 - Problem with NuGet Dependency Trigger (Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source
  • TW-49577 - TeamCity Visual Studio 2015 plugin fails to sumbit
  • TW-49914 - NuGet Trigger doesn't work with private feeds
  • TW-50039 - JavaScript errors (and following broken submit) on opening dialog while the page is still in "loading" state: Role assignment
  • TW-50209 - TeamCity 2017.1.1 Build Queue Optimization Settings for Finished Build Triggers
  • TW-50495 - Build time report doesn't apply filter by agent pool
  • TW-50580 - NPE on Backup with MySQL Database
  • TW-50646 - JS error while navigating to VCS user settings page from Changes tab.
  • TW-50758 - Lines in the build logs can be lost on seemingly graceful server restart: lots of "Incorrect length of the build log file"
  • TW-50801 - Can't use 'teamcity-server stop' command to stop TeamCity server started with 'teamcity-server run'
  • TW-50858 - Error while cleaning up (DBBuildHistory.findEntries throws java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key)
  • TW-50867 - .NET process thread dump is not available when 4.x runtime is installed instead of 4.0 runtime: Failed to get thread dump from non-java process."
  • TW-50881 - JavaScript error on opening projects popup after adding the first project on the server
  • TW-39160 - Rework git logging in build log for agent-side checkout
  • TW-46540 - NuGet Dependency Trigger fails to start if a password contains two '%' symbols
  • TW-48730 - New csproj format from VS 2017, build does not restore references
  • TW-48904 - TeamCity can assign build to a stopping instance (terminate after first build)
  • TW-49398 - NuGet Credentials not used when communicating with external TeamCity server
  • TW-49419 - Build configuration can get template steps in different order on attachment to a template
  • TW-49605 - Update documentation for Eclipse plugin.
  • TW-49669 - svn: E200015: Server SSL certificate for dodaddy sighned certificate (improve error message and show VCS Root details)
  • TW-50051 - Improve TeamCity server Docker container: make it easier to find where the TeamCity home and data directory are
  • TW-50109 - Search in "Show changes by" unexpectedly shows all users when no match is found
  • TW-50129 - Stack trace is copied without line separators in Firefox
  • TW-50225 - CSRF filter doesn't handle X-Forwarded-Host header containing a list of proxies
  • TW-50245 - Server error when specifying TFS URL in wrong format
  • TW-50249 - An invalid value on "dayOfWeek" for a Schedule Trigger might cause triggers to stop working server-wide.
  • TW-50260 - Schedule Trigger - "Watch for" does not list any build configurations?
  • TW-50297 - Wrong value of password parameters defined in project
  • TW-50303 - Clicking the "Reread Maven project data" results in HTTP 405
  • TW-50332 - "/bin/sh^M: bad interpreter" error during agent-side checkout on mac/linux
  • TW-50382 - TeamCity in Docker: javac fails to read java utf-8 files properly and fails the compilation with error: unmappable character for encoding ASCII
  • TW-50383 - Invalid argument on proxyCheck.html page in IE9
  • TW-50398 - EC2 plugin: do not terminate instances immediately if # of instances is larger than limit.
  • TW-50407 - Several exceptions in teamcity-server.log from ProxyCheckerPageExtension
  • TW-50414 - Remote Debug isn't working in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2
  • TW-50417 - Build configurations list on administration can be spoiled (paused comment and description overlay)
  • TW-50428 - XML Test Reporting ignored MsTest load tests names
  • TW-50438 - Broken (empty, broken XML is returned) build configuration lists in UI in case user does not have permission to view template of a visible build configuration
  • TW-50467 - Flaky Test Detector failing to load
  • TW-50475 - Command Line build step UI is broken after switching from "Executable with parameters" to "Custom script"
  • TW-50479 - Commit Status Publisher may fail to publish statuses to a number of systems if the API URL in its settings ends with a slash
  • TW-50483 - Not all settings committed after commit error
  • TW-50493 - Commit Status Publisher fails to publish statuses to Upsource for an SVN root that has Externals support enabled
  • TW-50591 - TeamCity server docker image: file isn't removed on server startup
  • TW-50607 - Time presentation
  • TW-50667 - Persistent "The token supplied to the function is invalid" on NTLM login for a given session after one error
  • TW-50677 - TFS Java: recover from OOM errors
  • TW-50700 - 'Cannot find a node: <modification id>' error while collecting changes for a build
  • TW-50701 - Change key for TFS server info caches
  • TW-50714 - Git-plugin with fetchAllHeads option doesn't fetch non-branch ref
  • TW-50733 - Agent-side checkout can fail if java is not in the $PATH
  • TW-50753 - TC's "sbt test" build step succeed even though it throws an exception during initialization
  • TW-50777 - DownloadBuildLog.html responses vs. Time zones
  • TW-50818 - Bundled IDEA 2017.1.2 for inspections and duplicates is listed as "IU-171.4249.39"
  • TW-50824 - RestAPI returns incorrect startEstimate time
  • TW-50825 - Run cleanup even if there are critical errors in configuration files
  • TW-50827 - Terminate Instance "after the first build" not working with one agent and repeated image use
  • TW-50848 - The /testOccurrences currentlyFailing:true REST call gives less results than the corresponding "Current Problems" tab when the same test is failing in several build configurations
  • TW-50856 - TeamCity does not recognize JUnit tests automatically if Ant JUnit task is wrapped inside jacoco:coverage
  • TW-50888 - Unexpected error on trying to create Template based build configuration in the <Root> project.
  • TW-50919 - Jabber notifier settings issue: port ignored
  • TW-50567 - Show new projects popup becomes broken if user clicks on fading element


  • TW-48636 - ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded (InspectionsMessageProcessor)
  • TW-48959 - Swabra deletes symbol files before published to symbol server

Performance Problem

  • TW-41383 - Restore in Oracle can still be slow because of a few tables using long character columns
  • TW-50387 - Memory leak in flaky test detector in case of many restarting cloud agents
  • TW-50539 - Hierarchy of projects in admin area is shown too slow
  • TW-39118 - Log reason for starting full builds reindexing
  • TW-49200 - High CPU and memory usage on persisting a large project/template (eg Root project) when there is many (20k) build configurations
  • TW-49881 - Slow copying of a project (possible reason: deadlock on copying data of muted tests)
  • TW-49947 - Slow REST builds request: seconds to get several builds
  • TW-49977 - Database pool exhausted on the server start: "Create build statistics" locks on "Loading all test names from database"
  • TW-49983 - Slow unmuting of tests: many exactly the same queries to the database to retrieve current mutes
  • TW-49984 - Slow unmuting of problems: slow deletion from mute_test_in_bt and mute_test_in_proj tables
  • TW-50224 - Allow to specify a custom command parameters for "p4 clean"
  • TW-50251 - Asynchronous triggers use normal executor and can delay builds startup
  • TW-50272 - Excessive memory usage in Gradle task execution listener
  • TW-50530 - [MAJOR ISSUE] Server has high CPU and high memory usage
  • TW-50630 - Storing of the items in build queue can take significant time if order of the queue changes
  • TW-50662 - Administration -> Users page takes a lot of time to load due to huge amount of JavaScript

Security Problem

  • TW-50846 - Cross-hierarchy templates are allowed via settings stored in VCS
  • TW-50895 - XSS in View Build Log page
  • TW-50847 - It is possible to retrieve contents of WEB-INF with help of special HTTP request


  • TW-50395 - Improve texts on Incorrect proxy server configuration server health report and Proxy Diagnostics page
  • TW-50396 - Footer is misaligned on Proxy Diagnostics page
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